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Southwestern Railroad - Shattuck Branch

Southwestern Railroad - Shattuck Branch

Southwestern Railroad - Shattuck Branch

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Southwestern Railroad's Shattuck branch is based in the small town of Perryton, located in the northeast corner of the Texas panhandle. This branch of the Southwestern is operated separately from the copper-hauling shortline of the same name based in Hurley, New Mexico.

The Shattuck Branch diverges from the BNSF Panhandle Subdivision a few miles east of the Texas-Oklahoma border at Shattuck, OK, heading northwest through Darrouzett and Perryton to the line's western terminus at Spearman. Santa Fe sold this line, its former Shattuck Subdivision, to the Southwestern in 1990. Principal traffic on the Shattuck branch is grain.

In August 2000, when I passed through the area, Southwestern's locomotive roster on the Shattuck Branch consisted of just two locomotives: an ex-ATSF GP7 and an ex-Southern Pacific GP35.

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  Southwestern Railroad - Perryton, Texas Southwestern RR GP7 2163 idles near Southwestern's depot at Perryton, Texas on the blazing hot afternoon of August 11, 2000.
  Southwestern GP7 2163 - Perryton, TX Two things at once: The peeling, fading paint job on Southwestern GP7 2163 reveals the locomotive's former coat of paint, the blue and yellow "warbonnet" scheme of the Santa Fe -- the engine's former owner. Photographed at Perryton, TX on August 11, 2000.
  Southwestern GP35 - 
Darrouzett, TX An ex-Southern Pacific GP35 idles at Darrouzett, Texas on the Southwestern Railroad on August 11, 2000.

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