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Newsletter #7 Jan. 2001 | Susquehanna S Gaugers

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Newsletter No. 7-- January 4, 2001

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Contents This Issue

1. Upcoming Meetings - (below) . | Feb 4 | April 1 | July 24 |
2. Notes From The Previous 9/10/00 Meeting (below)
3. Other Club Business (below)
4. S-Gauge Public Displays We Participated In (below)

1. Upcoming Meetings

Next Meeting: No. 5 -- Sunday Feb 4, 2001 at 2 pm, Williamsport, PA

  • This will be a mini seminar on DCC (Digital Command Control), that includes a hands-on operating session
  • RSVP by 11 pm Wed Jan 31 to Ingram
  • This meeting at will be a mini-seminar and hands-on operating session with the DCC, as we discussed earlier.
  • "Mini-seminar" meaning our host will give an overview of the principles of DCC, as he literally "wrote part of the book", the book being the North Coast Engineering Instruction manual.
  • "Hands on" meaning we can be operators, and all run individual trains at the same time on the single long mainline.
  • The layout is HO, but everything works the same for S or any other gauge using the standard NMRA DCC systems. I use the same decoders and control system for my S-gauge engines as the host uses in his HO gauge engines.
  • You can see some photos of this impressive layout at .

Meeting No. 6 -- Sunday April 1, 2001 at 2 pm, Pennsylvania Furnace, PA -- at a large Flyer layout
  • Note April 1 is the first day of daylight savings time, so your clocks get set an hour forward, and you gain an extra hour of daylight in which to drive.
  • RSVP by 11 pm Wed Mar 28 to Ingram,

Meeting No. 7 -- Tue July 24 - Sat July 28
SCRANTON (Steamtown) -- NASG (National Assoc. S-Gaugers) Annual Convention--at Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel.
Details at including registration form
  • The NASG has a special hotel rate at the Radisson, but rooms are reportedly going fast. I already have mine reserved. I suggest you reserve your room now if think you might attend; you can cancel it if your plans change and you can't go.

For more information about Susquehanna S-Gaugers:

  • Harrisburg-Liverpool Area - Howard Knouse, 717-444-7720
  • Selinsgrove-Sunbury Area - Milton Scholley, 570-743-7818
  • State College-Bellefonte-Lewistown Area -- Bill Lukens, 814-364-1543
  • Williamsport-Lock Haven Area - Jim Ingram

2. Notes From The Previous Meeting #4, 9/10/00 In Selinsgrove

2a. November Meeting Was Cancelled--We had tentatively scheduled a meeting on Sunday November 12 at 2 pm, to synchronize our meeting with the Allentown First Frost Meet Train Show, by meeting after the train show at at Frank Titman's famous layout. We ended up cancelling this meeting, as it appeared only two of us (Jack McLaren & Jim Ingram) could make that date.

2b. The Layout We Saw In Selinsgrove

2c. Attendance At Meeting #4

3. Other Club Business

3a. Dues Are Due

3b. Approve Treasury Report & Membership List

3c. New Member

3d. Emailing Newsletters

3e. Other S-Gauge Ramblings

4. S-Gauge Public Displays We Participated In

Note: Photos of some of these displays are on the Susquehanna S-Gaugers website at

4a. Dennis Oberholtzer's 10/27-28/00 Display Layout In Wellsboro

4b. 10/29/00 Scranton Train Show

4c. 12/3/00 Whistle Stop Train Show in Williamsport

4d. 12/9-10/00 Toy Train Expo in Williamsport

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