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KATY Depot Photos / katy_tracks2.jpg

KATY Depot Photos:

Tracks leading to the Katy depot

Remains of some of the tracks that lead into the Katy Depot.

In the upper left corner, the beige building directly behind the fat tree and the long wooden fence is the back of the Woodfield Suites hotel and the site of where the Katy Depot once stood. The track off to the far right (covered by shrubs) looks like it could have been the #1 track which would have ended right at the ticket office behind the depot. (See Trackside photo.) Walking the ghostly path of the track from here to the wooden fence shows that it runs right through the white bank building just to the right of the fat tree.

Engineering maps and property diagrams from 1918 show that three to four tracks backed into the Katy Depot from Sloan Yard which would be about a quarter mile behind you from the direction of this photo. However, there appears to be the remnants of only two tracks here which are either buried under a nearby gravel road or may have been removed. This spot may have also been the beginning of the yard ladder into the station and the large freight station which would have been very far off to the left out of the photo. ~ juan flores

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