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Missouri Pac

The "MoPac Depot"
San Antonio, TX

International & Great Northern Railroad Depot ~
Missouri Pacific Railroad Depot
San Antonio, Texas

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Front Entryway ~ 1965

Another example of the Spanish mission style archetecture is in evidence here. This depot was actually built by the International & Great Northern Railroad at a cost of $142,000.00 and was later aquired by the Missouri Pacific Railroad.

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On the very top of the station is a sculpture of an indian with a bow and arrow. To my understanding, around 1983, somehow, someone had stolen the sculpture off the top of the station and rerturned it to its place several weeks later in a polished, almost brand new condition. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the benevolent act.

This depot is now a bank. It was refurbished around 1988. Union Pacific now moves freight trains over the tracks and the covered walkway is gone. The area around the building is now mostly parking space.