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STR After The Move to BC 2007

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STR ver III is being created.

The STR RAILROAD System has moved to BC.

  The dismantling process went smooth and the move was completed very well. The work being done is to plan the layout to fit the space. The drawing is done and the incorporation of HOn3 and HO Stnd Gauge will depict a terminal at Kaslo BC and a terminal at Sandon BC. The line will leave Kaslo and head west. It will enter a helix, 2.5 times around, to gain elevation. During the climb it will be visable at Payne Bluff. As it leaves the upper end of the helix it will pass by Payne Station and then cody Junction. The track splits to go to Cody and to Sandon. On the way to Cody it passes the Last Chance siding and Noble Five siding. Entering Sandon it passes the passing track and then enters the Station area and the wye. Kaslo terminal will have the same trackage as original plan. It has the dock tracks, the sawmill lead, the passing track, engine terminal and turntable. The N&S will enter Sandon on a lower level and depict the original trackage in Sandon 1897. The K&S is handled by the BCR Rwy and the N&S is handled by the STR RR. Of course N&S used CPR equipment. The plan is roughly a 2' x 9' x 4' L-shaped layout.

  The photos below of K&S 1 & K&S 2 Moguls have DCC with Micro Tsunami Sound, headlight, cab light and firebox light.



K&S #1 Mogul


On the left is K&S 2 Mogul - On the right is the K&S 1 Van


K&S #2 Mogul


K&S #2 Mogul


The K&S Mogul #2 Night Lighting in Headlight, Firebox and Cab


The K&S box cars were built from flat cars. On the left is the scratchbuilt box car built from styrene - 10 completed - as well as 5 flat cars completed.


K&S Boxcars


K&S Boxacar and flatcar


Labelle kit coach and combine with interior lighting represent K&S 3 and 4.


K&S Coach #3 on left with int detail and lighting, DCC controlled. Prototype on the right.


K&S Coach #3 with interior lighting DCC controlled.


K&S Combine #4 with interior lighting DCC controlled.



Labelle wood gondola kit


BCR 2 loco - HOn3 Forney with Tsunami Sound and DCC as well as headlight and backup light.


N & S RY ran CPR Locomotives - CPR 1287.


K&S Caboose with interior lighting.


N&S (CPR) Switchstand 1897 (target missing).


BCR3 2-8-0 Locomotive HOn3


Sandon Station 1897


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