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STR Move to BC 2007

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STR ver III is about to be created.

The STR RAILROAD System has moved to BC. The dismantling process went smooth and the move was completed very well. The rolling stock and most structures have now been relocated in Victoria BC. The new ver III is confined by downsizing to a condo. The plan is roughly a 2' x 9' x 4' L-shaped layout. The concept is referenced to the Kaslo and Slocan Rwy in BC 1897. The STR System consists of the STR Railroad, The Buells Creek Rwy NG and The B&W Rwy ( the original historical for the STR ver II and the models from my fathers collection). This new generation will be Buells Creek Rwy - K&S Rwy - 3 ft gauge. The STR Railroad as N&S Rwy - CPR Rwy. The point to point plan is from Kaslo to Sandon, which will be the two main terminals. There will be points of interest in between such as Payne Bluff etc. The N&S/CPR will be the STR and will run from offline into Sandon with offline storage. The period of history is 1897 and we are working on 2 - #1 and #2 2-6-0 1880s Moguls for the Buells Creek Rwy. We also have an 1880s 2-6-0 Mogul for the STR stnd Gauge. The B&W 1880s locos will also serve the STR. Being a new layout the control system will now be DCC - NCE System. The Engines will have decoders - SoundTraxx micro Tsunami modules. The use of DCC and sound will enhance the smaller size layout. The NG line will gain elevation by a 2-1/2 x helix so that Sandon will be much higher than Kaslo. This separation, as well as scenery and structures that use selective compression for effect will try to capture the scene of K&S in 1897. This narrative will be expanded with pictures as progress continues.



STR Ver II - Has run the last operating session - The clock has stopped.


The layout is stripped - SG above - M on the left. The sides and some panels have been removed.


Backdrop scenery is gone. IPM grade is exposed. All sections are separated and scenry cut away at joints.


This is RJ yard and TP/FF area.


At Marysville double trestles, bridges and scenery are cut away and joints opened up. Wiring is all separated at the joints.


This is the Westport and Marysville Yard area stripped out.


This is Marysville Yard entrance throat on the left and Torent and Sandy Valley on the right.


Rock Jct West and IPM bridge on the left. Iron Pot Mine and SG/RJ tunnels on the right.


Soperton and RJ East on the left. SG and west end of the layout on the right.


Sorrow Station and Stump-Gulch Yard are cleaned out. Panels at Sorrow and Elevated Cabs are removed.


The Stump-Gulch east end of the layout is completely cleared.


Marysville West end of the layout is completely cleared.


Thanks to the great crew that made the move go smoothly.


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