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Biloxi, Misssissippi

Biloxi, MS

860 Esters Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39530

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These are recent photos of Biloxi station submitted to this web site by Dick Goolsby, Jerry Sullivan, and Pat Simmons, for which SMART is very greatful. Not much remains of any portion of Biloxi since Hurricane Katrina, including many casinos which brought tourists and their dollars into the community. With the Sunset no longer running east of New Orleans, many thousands of dollars are not aiding Biloxi's rebuilding. Let your legislators and the Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau know that the Sunset is not just jobs for a few Amtrak employees, but also for hundred of local people!

Since Biloxi is close to New Orleans, and the Sunset equipment sits in New Orleans several days for servicing, extending the Sunset as far east as Biloxi could provide transport for Biloxi area residents and income for the local economy. With a little creativity, that equipment could run daily to Biloxi while waiting to return to California!

If you could take the Sunset Limited to Biloxi, you could visit one of the Gulf's major tourist attractions, and help revitalize the local economy.

But that won't happen unless you tell your local politcal leaders and the Chamber of Commerce that you want the Sunset back.


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