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Gulfport, MS

Gulfport, Mississippi

Gulfport, Mississippi Amtrak Station

1419 27th Avenue, Gulfport 39501

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Gulfport is the second station east of New Olreans, and one of three Sunset Limited stops in Mississippi. The Sunset's Route lies close to the Gulf, and suffered major damage during Hurricane Katrina. For several months, the railroad was unuseable; no freight or passenger trains operated over the line.

For over two years, however, the line HAS BEEN OPEN, and CSX trains operate serveral times a day between New Orleans and Florida. Amtrak's Board has done nothing to restore service to Gulfport or the other communities along Mississippi's Gulf Coast.

Amtrak still has the budget to run the Sunset Limited through to Florida, and connect Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi to the National Railroad Passenger Network. The money has been there in the budget for the service to resume. The equipment that formerly served this area sits for days in New Orleans rather than continue to the Atlantic Coast.

This can be changed by YOU taking action to improve Amtrak service in YOUR community. Talk to your Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau. Write letters to your State and Federal Legislators (their names are in the right column of this page) Trains bring money into your community at no cost to your community. Passengers provide jobs for local residents, which they in turn spend on other members of the community.

Amtrak provides local jobs without raising local taxes. Help Amtrak help your community.


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