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Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona

An old photo of the <i>Sunset Limited</i> stop in Phoenix

No stop in Phoenix

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Southern Pacific RR embargoed their track west of Phoenix to Los Angeles, and Arizona become one of very few states whose capital is NOT served by Amtrak.

Amtrak was not able to acquire the track due to its perennial budget woes caused by a penurious Congress and disconnected Executive Branch. The Arizona congressional delegation has no interest in Amtrak, having continually voted against the State's citizenry and its Amtrak service.

If you want to see the Sunset restored to Phoenix, let your Senators, City and County officials know. During current discussions about putting commuter trains into Phoenix is the time to inject the entirely reasonable coordination of that service with America's only transcontinental train, the Sunset Limited.

Currently, Sunset Limited passengers must travel to Maricopa. THAT station is unstaffed and has few amenities. Extending the current Amtrak motor coach connections to and from the Southwest Chief in Flagstaff beyond Phoenix to Maricopa could immediately connect the Sunset to Phoenix, and at very little cost.

One more thing to talk to Arizona DOT and your congressional delegation about.


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