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Pensalcola, Florida

Pensacola, FL

Pensacola Florida Amtrak StationPensacola Florida Amtrak Station

980 East Heinberg Street, Pensacola 32502


  • Amtrak President Alex Kummant, President and CEO National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) 60 Massachusetts Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20002
  • Amtrak Board of Directors

    State Legislature

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  • Assemblyperson

Pensacola Amtrak Station is a new modern city-owned train station. When the Sunset Limited was still serving Pensacola it saw train service on Mon, Wed, and Fri westbound, and Mon, Wed and Sat eastbound. The train normally was quite late eastbound, but operated closer to on-time westbound as it originated in Orlando.

The station has ample free parking. It was a manned station five nights a week from roughly 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Mon through Fri night. Ticket sales were available during office hours. Checked baggage was not available due to station being unmanned during some departures and arrivals. Taxis and rental cars were readily available on-call.

Station is only several blocks east of the original L&N Passenger Station which is now part of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The L&N Station has largely been preserved, and contains a large number of historical pictures of Pensacola of which many are rail oriented. While the hotel itself was terribly damaged by Hurricane Ivan the L&N Station was fortunately spared from significant damage.

There is bus service in the immediate vicinity, and restaurants and historic downtown Pensacola are all within walking distance of the station, and the station itself lies only one block north of beautiful Pensacola Bay and the Cruise Terminal.

Unfortunately Pensacola was always served during the night east and west except when the trains were running quite late.

Although Pensacola has not seen the Sunset Limited since Katrina hit in Aug 2005 Amtrak still continues to lease the station How ironic is it that the Amtrak Board would rather pay rent on a building they won't use!

The station was not damaged by any of the hurricanes as it fortunately lies on a rise which put it above the disastrous storm surge that devastated Pensacola, and remains in excellent condition if the Amtrak Board ever decides to return the Sunset to transcontinental service..

Just east of the station the tracks hug Pensacola Bay as it curves around to the north before crossing the Bay to Milton, FL, and is a beautiful route.

The politicians of Pensacola itself have not been helpful, but the county has supported restoration of the service. Although Pensacola has a commercial airport, it is virtually impossible to get there without going through Atlanta. No direct flights are offered such as Pensacola to Tallahassee


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