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TAG Railway Mileposts and Water Tanks
TA&G Railway logo Mileposts and Water Tanks

Milepost Location
0.0 Chattanooga, TN
8.4 Flintstone, GA
11.0 Cenchat, GA
20.0 Cassandra, GA
21.8 Kensington, GA
37.2 Harrisburg, GA
42.8 Chelsea, GA
46.2 Menlo, GA
51.0 Burgess, AL
55.1 Jamestown, AL
57.5 Blanche, AL
59.6 Taff, AL
68.9 Blue Pond, AL
72.0 Ewing, AL
73.4 Bristow, AL
91.7 Gadsden, AL
Water Tanks
Milepost Location
3.5 Alton Park (TA&G Yard)
11.2 Cenchat (this tank may have served both the TA&G and the CofG Durham branch,
or there may have been two tanks at this location)
21.2 Grants
25.9 Tunnel (located at the south portal, survived into Southern Railway ownership)
35.0 McConnellsville
57.9 Blanche
63.5 Congo
80.6 Bath Springs
91.7 Gadsden (TA&G Yard)

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