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townhall2005 2006 Christmas Show (Torrington Town Hall)
Town Hall 2006 show.
A nice overview of the N Scale layout that is just one of three layouts at the show.

A nice overview of the O Scale layout.

There must be a fire in the big warehouse with this many fire trucks outside.  The ladder truck is already extending its tower to the roof, while a concerned employee moves the last trailer away from the building.

A mixed freight led by a single BNSF wide cab runs along side the club intermodal facility made by Bob Jensen.

A group of visitors look over the N-scale layout as the tail of a train passes off to the left.

A beautiful pair of modules depicting the early railroading in CT on the CNE.

Another view of the N Scale layout.  A small yellow and black switcher shoves a cut of cars into the factory.

Another view of the N Scale layout.  This one shows Tim's well detailed marble quarry.  It is always a hit at shows.  This is a typical New England industry from the turn of the century.

One of our young visitors points out some of the detail on the HO layout.

Heavy work is underway on the roof of this old warehouse.  Looks like there is a full crew laboring to get the new roof done today.

Another view of the N Scale layout.  This one shows the detail on Tim's town.

Clearly the storm that blew through last night has put the power lines down across the county.  Unfortunately, it looks like the bus driver didn't get the word the lines were down.  He'll probably have to turn around and take another route to school today.

A close up view of the O Scale layout shows three trains heading in the same direction.  The New Haven GP9 and the Union Pacific RS3 (in the back ground) run with the long hood forward.  The Union Pacific U-boat on the right runs short hood forward.

Another of our young visitors puts his new "Make and Take" car on the track for a quick trial run.