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townhall2005 2007 Riverton Show (Riverton, CT Fire Station)
Riverton 2007 show (Dec 1, 2007).
The Riverton show is the smallest show we do each year.  Due to space restrictions in the Fire House, we bring only about half of the HO layout.

Below we see one of the sides of the layout.  The black covered hoppers in the bottom right are the special edition cars built by the Club.

Club President Kevin Hales' Torrington Station module is always a hit.  Kevin rebuilt the station platforms in 2007 and the stations looks as good as ever.

The club displayed this small 4x8 ft layout at the Riverton Show.  It is a fine example of what can be done in a very small space.

A nice overview shot of the layout.  The CNE modules are very well detailed and have quickly become some of our best to display.

A final overview of the display layout.