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townhall2005 2008 Big E Show (Springfield, MA)
The Big E Show, Jan 26-27.
Many modules were upgraded for this show.  This fall scene with town park, etc. was one of them.

The CNE modules seen below were also upgraded and looked first rate.

The CNE mdules showed this happy accident.  The owner of that nice red car won't be happy to see the barrel on the bumper.

This caboose was a real hit.  Here we see the conductor climbing on and giving the high ball. 

The masons on the CNE are just about done with this retaining wall.

BX tower gaurds the yard throat on our TAMR layout.  Here we see the next shifts tower operator reporting for duty.

The hit of the show had to be Roger's heavy equipment yard.  Here we see the maintenance shed with all sorts of equipment.

An amazing collection of equipment to say the least.  Note the beetle in the lower right corner for size comparison to regular vehicles.