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rickswensen Al Jones...
Torrington Area Model Railroaders Member Al Jones created this excellent Central New England module set at the turn of the century. <>

This scene is 8 ft by 2 ft and depicts a town with a line side industry.  It is packed with detail and extremely well done.

A clumsy worker on the dock has just made a mess of the boss' new car.  Most likely this is the workers last day on the job.

Below we see a turn of the century caboose in action.  The conductor has just climbed aboard and will give the high ball signal soon to get the train underway.

The masons are just about done with the stone wall.  Placing such large stones takes time.

Below is Al's Maintenance of Way Snow Plow awaiting the next big snow.

Below is the small passenger station on the module.

Below is Al's interlocking tower.

Below is Al's freight station.