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clubstripmine Club Owned Quarry...
This club owned quarry was donated by Greg Gay in 2000.

Below is a shot looking down the conveyor belts into the quarry itself.  It was taken at the Big E in 2008.

Below is the reconditioned club quarry module.  The rocks, grass and dirt were all redone.  Trees were added and the road was straightened and redone.  The conveyer was painted as was the collection area.  Here we see a Union Pacific Challenger swinging around the curve.

Below is a photo of the outside corner module depicting a quarry.  This module displays our "Welcome to the TAMR" sign as well.  The quarry building itself is heavily weathered and is extremely realistic.  The mining equipment is always a hit at shows.  This module has since been reconditioned by Jeff Hanke.

Below the grader is putting the finishing touches on the road leading to the bridge.  Other equipment is busy in the quarry.

Below C&O GP7 owned by Jeff Hanke is leading a mixed freight under the bridge on the quarry module.  This sweeping curve makes a great photo spot.