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franrichard Fran Richard...
Torrington Area Model Railroader

Fran made this very attractive 4ft by 2ft straight module.

Below is an overview of the module.  The grain silo scene sits on the right, the stone house is in the middle.  Fran did an exceptional job on the roads on this module.  Also note the light grey ballast dictates the main line and the cinder ballast notes the branches.

Below is a close up of the United Grain Growers scene.

Below is another view of the grain silo scene.

Below is a stone house that is well detailed.

Below is an overview of Fran's module.  The interlocking tower has recently been misplaced due to a redesign of the foreground siding.  Stay tuned for more photos of the remodeling of this module.

Fran also has a module with no industries, but a nice bridge scene.  Below is a photo of a Big Boy heading across that bridge.