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johnlang John Lang...
Torrington Area Model Railroaders Club Member

John created this beautiful 4 ft by 2 ft module.  It consists of a farm scene with a house, barn, corn field and even a scare crow.   The main line travels straight through the scene and is decorated with signals and a nice deck girder bridge.

<>Below is a shot of the module since it was redone.  Many new details, including these two canoes in the river, have been added in 2008.

Below is an overview of the module (with my finger in the way).  This is the minimum size a module can be in the TAMR, but John has shown how you can put a lot of detail in a small area.

Below is a close up of the house, barn and corn field.  Note the scare crow in the field.  Those are metal corn stalks with individually bent leaves.

Below is the view from the main line.  A nice rock outcropping sets off the house scene from the signals in the foreground.