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lousegarra Lou Segarra...
Torrington Area Model Railroader.

Lou made this nice module that connects to John Bassano and Fran Richard's for a great 16 ft by 2ft scene.  Lou a 4ft section.

Lou populates his module with all the little details that make a great model rail road.  The local police are on the scene at Tynan Concrete investigating a recent vehicle accident.  The accident free sign in the foreground will have to be reset to zero now.

Norfolk Southern is Lou's favorite railroad.  Its power is often seen on the layout and switching Tynan Concrete.  Here #5340 is idling on the siding waiting for its next job.  It sports the new NS logo with the thoroughbred head.

NS #5139 backs on the siding pulling out a string of empty covered hoppers.  THese delivered sand and other needed materials for concrete.


Below are two overviews of Tynan Concrete.  There are four total buildings all in a similar yellow paint scheme.  Lou weathered them all and added several mini-scened in a size of 4ft by 2ft.

Below is a shot of the loading tracks that run along the back of Lou's module.  He has populated this module with lots of people adding to the interest of the area.

Lou also has a 4 ft module shown below.  It is a gas station module a nice river scene.  Look closely for the three bears by the river.