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Change of .COM extension to .ORG at TrainWeb for some railroad community sites.

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If you are the webmaster of a website that was hosted at, please click here to send e-mail to to obtain new access codes for your website. Be sure to include the URL of your website in your request. Please read the rest of this page before sending e-mail.

A complete reconfiguration of the TrainWeb servers and network is currently in progress. We are moving our web servers to a new location and have already increased to using multiple internet feeds instead of a single internet feed. These changes, when completed, should improve the performance and reliability of your website hosted on the TrainWeb servers.

Part of this reconfiguration involves changing the web address of all sites with a URL that starts with "www.trainweb.COM" to one that starts with "www.trainweb.ORG". This step is necessary for a number of internal reasons.

When we first started the free web hosting program at TrainWeb, we assigned trainweb.COM subdomains to the free websites. We only set up a few dozen of these free websites before we switched to using trainweb.ORG for all new free websites. Thus, out of more than 400 rail websites hosted free at TrainWeb, your website was one of the first dozen or so to take us up on our offer and have one of the few websites that has a trainweb.COM prefix instead of a trainweb.ORG prefix.

This initial step in the wrong direction has been causing a problem for us internally for years and we have had to continuously work around this problem. Now that we are doing a major inhouse reconfiguration of our network and servers, it is time to resolve this problem that we ourselves created. We apologize for the inconvenience to you, but without this fix, there would be undesirable results from the reconfiguration for both your website and our internal operations.
But Wait !!! Don't Panic !!!

We will place a forward link from your old TRAINWEB.COM web address to your new TRAINWEB.ORG web address. Thus, visitors should be able to easily find and make note of your new web address.

We will move all contents of your web account from TRAINWEB.COM over to TRAINWEB.ORG for you. Then we will place an index.html file at your old TRAINWEB.COM web address that will forward visitors over to the top page at your new TRAINWEB.ORG web address. We will also remind visitors to update their bookmarks.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems that may result from this move that we can not help. The first is that we can only forward the main page of your old TRAINWEB.COM web address to your new TRAINWEB.ORG web address. If a visitor goes to any page other than the main page of your old TRAINWEB.COM web address, they will get an error message stating that the requested page does not exist. However, the error message suggests to visitors that they try the same URL using TRAINWEB.ORG rather than TRAINWEB.COM to see if that displayes the desired page. Second, some of your links will break if you used absolute addresses rather than relative addresses for interal links within your web pages. Good web design technique dictates that you should always use relative web addresses for internal links. If you used good design techniques for your internal links, then your links will not be broken by this move. If you did use absolute links in your web pages, then you will have to modify your web pages and change references from TRAINWEB.COM to TRAINWEB.ORG. Or even better, change the TRAINWEB.COM references to relative links.

In the future, you may be able to avoid ever worrying about having your URL change again by registering your own URL! For information on registering your own URL and using it for your website hosted free at TrainWeb, click here.

There are other major changes related to the offer of free web hosting for rail related websites at TrainWeb. Please read the new advantages, disadvantages, restrictions, and requirements that apply to rail websites that remain hosted free on the TrainWeb servers. If you can operate within these new guidelines, then you are more than welcome to continue to have your website hosted free on our servers. Click here to read the new guidelines.

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