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CANADIAN RAILWAY TELEGRAPH HISTORY-Canadian Telegraphic Historical Newspaper Accounts


"Edward S Laking, CPR/CNR Agent"

The Watrous Manitou Newspaper, Feb. 1963
E.S.Laking Retires From CN, Long Service

The last day of March has always been an important day in the life of
our genial townsman, E.S. Laking. This year it is more than just a
birthday anniversary - it’s the day he officially retires from service
with the Canadian National Railways as agent at Watrous. Having five
weeks’ credit in holidays, Mr. Laking was honoured by his fellow
employees as he came to the end of his final shift at the depot, Friday
afternoon, February 22. L.T. Arnold, assistant superintendent at
Melville, was on hand and on behalf of the local employees presented Mr.
Laking with a handsome pen and pencil set. Then, L.E.Wert, CN agent at
Semans and local chairman of the Order of Railway Telegraphers, spoke on
behalf of the O.R.T. and presented the honoured gentleman with an
engraved billfold. Congratulatory messages arrived from outer space
about this time - also , Mrs. Laking walked in on the gang, wondering
why her husband hadn’t called to drive her home. Telegrams came from
I.J.Wise, superintendent of transportataion, CN staff at Melville;
G.M.Burton, chief dispatcher, Saskatoon - both wishing Mr. and Mrs.
Laking continued good health and happiness. Congratulatory letters were
received from H.J. Fast, manager, Assiniboine area, Winnipeg; one from
Donald Gordon, general manager, CNR, Montreal.
Other highlights included a cablegram fron F/L Robert Laking, RCAF
supply officer at No. 1Fighter Wing, Marville, France, also his wife and
daughter, Roberta. Then, to top off the weekend, another son, F.E.Laking
and his wife arrived from North Battleford. They brought along a
gigantic fresh-caught whitefish, an album of records, etc.

Born in Ontario

The popular E.S. Laking, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Laking,
was born at Owen Sound, Ontario, on March 31, 1898. At the age of one
year, Ed made his first trip to western Canada before Saskatchewan
became a province. Several more moves were made during his early years
as his father was a CPR telegrapher employed at Morse, Chaplin,
Wolesley, and North Portal. Before World War I, Mr. and Mrs. Laking Sr.
tried four years homesteading near Amulet, then "W.E." went back
railroading, this time with the CNR.

During the homesteading years and before, Ed Laking attended public
school at Yellowgrass and Amulet, and high school at Weyburn. About this
time and with railway blood flowing in his veins, Ed signed on with the
CPR as assistant agent at Kincaid and Hazenmore. He transferred to the
CNR as a car checker at Radville in the fall of 1917. During the next
winter Ed discovered what makes a telegrapher’s key tick through night
lessons by his father. By the spring of 1918 Ed was a full-fledged
operator, employed at Brooking. Now, 45 years and 2 months have rolled
by since E.S. Laking commenced service with the CNR. He has worked at 27
points as operator, relief agent and agent - the last move being
from Turtleford to Watrous December 12, 1955.
Mr. and Mrs. Laking are now enjoying their well-earned holiday before
making any definite plans for their future. Chances are they will
continue to reside in Watrous. Mr. and Mrs. Laking (nee Lila Irvine, Moose
Jaw), were married October 17, 1925. They have two sons.

The Watrous Manitou Newspaper, Feb. 1963
Ed S. Laking, local CNR station agent, retired recently after
completing 45 years service with the company.
At the end of his final shift in the station, L.T. Arnold, Melville,
assistant superintendant, on behalf of local employees, presented him
with a pen and pencil set and L.E. Wert, Semans agent, on behalf of the
ORT, presented him with an engraved billfold. Congratulatory messages
were received from a number of railway officials, relatives and friends.
Born in Owen Sound, Ont., Mr. Laking's first railway job was assistant
agent for the CPR at Kincaid and Hazenmore. In 1917 he transferred to
the CNR as car checker at Melville and in 1918 became operator at
Brooking. Since then he has worked at 27 points as operator, relief agent
and agent. He came here to Turtleford in 1955. His actual date of retirement
is his birthday, March 31, but with five weeks holidays to his
credit, he retired on Feb. 22.