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Immediate Relatives and In Laws- Great Grandfather James Harvey-


   James-Freight-Handler B.O. Ryls Clarksville MO. USA - 16 Years


   Ouray-Conductor CN Ryls Humboldt Sask; 43 Years


    Rema-Husband-F Blackman

               Engineman-DM&IR.W.Virginia Minn 40 yrs

     Lucille-Husband Henry 

                Section Foreman B.O.Ryls-Clarksville MO 41 yrs


      Frank Mahan-

                 Conductor CN Ryls Prince Albert Sask 40 yrs
SON-Harold Mahan Loco Foreman CN Ryls Regina Sask;

       Harry Sumpton-

                   Conductor CN Ryls Kamsack Sask - 42 yrs

WIFE (Ouray)-Christina- 

        Brother-Wm.Whiteman Engineman CN Ryls Kamloops BC 39 yrs

          SON-Lloyd-Whiteman Engineman CN Ryls Kamloops BC; 38 yrs Eldrid-Whiteman Conductor CN Ryls Kamloops BC 42 yrs

          SON ( Eldrid)-Butch Whiteman Trainmaster CN Ryls Kamloops BC 44 DAUGHTER (Butch)- Dispatcher CN Ryls Edmonton A;lta Still Working 10 yrs

          SON(William) Harold-Section Foreman CN Ryls Alta District 39 yrs


         BROTHER-(Christina)-Jack Whiteman Port Agent CN Ryls Vancouver BC 41 yrs

         BROTHER-( = )-Ted Whiteman Frt Handler CN Ryls Vancouver BC 35 yrs

         BROTHER-( = )-Ernie Whiteman-Office Mngr CN Ryls Thunder Bay Ont 41 yrs

         BROS-IN-LAW-(ALICE)-James Machie Conductor CN Ryls Prince Albert Sk 42 yrs

         BROS-IN -LAW-(Margaret)-Randolph Penman Cndr CN Ryls Dauphin Man 43 yrs

         SON (Penman)-Bert Penman Operator CN Ryls Portage La Prairie Man 33 yrs

         BROS-IN LAW-(Ada)-Sam Dyson Fireman CN Ryls Dauphin Man 11 yrs
BROS-IN-LAW-(Jenny)-Jim Mills Carpenter B-B CN Ryls Dauphin Man 10 yrs

         Married to-- Grand-daughter(Jenny) Jim Mckay-Switch Foreman CN Ryls Vancouver BC 39 yrs

           COUSIN-(Christina) Fred Muscrove Chief Despr CN Railways Saskatoon Sk 43 yrs

         BROS-IN-LAW=(Ethel)-?Jim Troyer Fireman CN Ryls Dauphin Man 15 yrs

             Daughter-Husband Mac.Mc Comber Chief Clerk NAR- CN Railways Dunvegan Yard Alta 43 yrs

GRANDSON-Bev Harvey-Trainmaster-CN Ryls Saskatoon Sask 44 yrs

         SON-(Bev-Ann) Brian Harvey-Conductor CN Ryls Biggar Sk Still Working 34 yrs

WIFE-ANN-(BEV)- Cousin-Ron Poelzer Enginman-CN Ryls Biggar Sk 43 yrs

                                 -Cousin-Eddie Poelzer Engineman CN Ryls Edmonton Alta 38 yrs

                                 -Cousin Teddy Poelzer Engineman CN Ryls Edmonton Alta 41 yrs

                                 -Uncle- Joe Poelzer Conductor Saskatoon Sk 42 yrs
                                 -Bros-in-Law Ralph Gordon YO-Clerk Saskatoon Sk 42 yrs

Total = 1018 years