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Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy

Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy
Agents, Operators, Dispatchers
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  • ort / ORT = Order of Railroad Telegraphers
  • sd / SD = Seniority Date
  • TD / Dis = Train Dispatcher
  • CTD = Chief Train Disptacher
  • ACTD = Assistant Chief Train Dispatcher
  • agt / AGT = Agent
  • opr / OPR = Operator
  • swg / Swg = swg
  • rlf / RLF Relief
  • mvt / MVT = Movement
  • dir / DIR = Director
  • mgr / MGR = Manager
  • Superv = Supervisor
  • var / VAR = Various
  • stn(s) / STNS = station(s)
  • Asst = Assistant
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    LAST NAME, First Name (Initials)Canadian Railway - Known Stations and Years
    Adair, GD CPR Kettle Valley Division (Fernie to Midway) 1951 / Edmonton Division 1952 / Calgardy 1956 / Kamloops, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Dauphin / Montreal 1970
    Adams GWCNR agt-opr Vanenby 1948sd
    Adams, WJCNR agt Alberta Dist 1920sd
    Anderson DBCNR agt-opr New Hazelton 1965sd
    Anderson, JLCNR agt Alberta Dis 1911sd ORT1393
    Anderson FSCNR opr Grand Praire 1947sd
    Anderson, NBCNR agt Alberta Dis 1912sd ORT176
    Appleyard, FTCNR agt Alberta Dis 1923sd ORT844
    Apps SFCNR agt-opr Kitwanga 1969sd
    Armstrong, JWCNR agt Alberta Dist 1920sd ORT916

    Armstrong, Kenneth B
    CPR Opr/Relief Dspr CP Calgary, Vancouver, Revelstoke, Moose Jaw Divisions 1974-84 Rail System Safety in USA
    April 18th, 1974 at Brooks, Alberta was last known occurrence? when a CPR train was issued an OK'd Clearance with notation "Cleared by wire failure"
    Armstrong LGCNR agt, Hotbox Opr Kamloops 1949sd
    Arychuk, WDCNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd
    Ashbaugh GECNR Temporary opr Kamloops 1969sd
    Ashley, HRCNR agt Alberta Dis 1921sd ORT715
    Austin, HJCNR agt 1943sd ORT1810
    Babiuk JCNR TD Roma Jct 1969sd
    Bachyinski JECNR agt-opr Edmonton 1952sd
    Bacon DECNR Mirror 1934
    Bailey EdNAR asst agt Grand Prairie 1928
    Bailey FFCNR agt Alberta Dis 1916sd ORT1864
    Baldwin MCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT729
    Baleshta BCNR TD Kamloops 1945
    Ballantyne ASCNR agt Alberta Dis 1942sd ORT1722
    Balmer WLCNR agt Alberta Dis 1918sd ORT608
    Barnett LSCNR agt Alberta Dis 1917sd ORT1307
    Barr JACNR agt Alberta Dis 1918sd ORT592
    Barr RLCNR TD Kamloops 1951sd
    Baugh JDCNR TD Kamloops 1949sd
    Baun VCNR opr McBride 1960sd
    Beaton JCNR Donalda /d67
    Bell SCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT743
    Belleville CRCNR agt Alberta Dis 1924sd ORT1325
    Beloglowka J CNR Vilna 1951, Camrose 1952, Entwhistle 1956-67 diff loctns AB & SK
    Benjamin ?CPR (fa of below)
    Benjamin Les MP Regina WestCPR Alberta & Sask 1946-61
    Bennett HMCNR agt Alberta Dis 1912sd ORT222
    Bennett IHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1916sd ORT769
    Bereska MCNR agt, Servo Cen Mgr Edmonton 1947sd
    Berg GeorgeNAR opr 1941
    Berry DECNR opr Terrace 1952sd
    Bigelow JCCNR agt Alberta Dis 1923sd ORT938

    Biggs, Ralph
    CPR agt Metiskow (also SK) /r
    Bissett FredCPR agt Bow Island
    Bistritan NCNR opr Hanna 1952sd
    Bjarnason BCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT671
    Blair ASCNR agt Alberta Dis 1919sd ORT579
    Blair TPCNR agt Alberta Dis 1928sd ORT1654
    Blundell GCCNR TD Edmonton 1961sd
    Borass CLCNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Bott, BertNAR agt Clairmont 1925
    Boulter JLCNR agt Calgardy 1948sd
    Bowerman, Ralph LCPR/CNR 1954-6
    Bowman RCCNR agt Alberta Dis 1912sd ORT1742
    Bowman WGCNR agt, Serv Rep Port Mann 1945sd
    Boyd, GASCNR agt Alberta Dis 1917sd ORT534
    Boyko, SCNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd ORT1966
    Broderick, DGCPR Calgary 1940-52
    Brown DJCNR opr Port Mann 1967sd
    Brown GECNR agt/TD (1976) 1947sd
    Brown, HGCNR agt Alberta Dis 1922sd ORT646
    Brown, KM CPR Medicine Hat Division 1943 / Maple Creek (MK) SASK 1947 / Red Deer AB 1948-1985
    Bryant, WGCNR agt Alberta Dis 1924sd ORT886
    Buchanan WHCNR opr Edmonton 1951sd
    Buchinski DGCNR opr Vermilion 1970sd

    Buckingham, Dave
    CNR 1947 Asst Agt Athabasca, Mountain Park, Ryley
    . 1948 Opr Twrman MX North Edmonton, Relief Opr Various
    . 1949 Agent Opr Sunnynook
    . 1954 Agt-Opr Warden Jct
    . 1957 Agt-Opr Ranfurly
    . 1962 Agt-Opr Chauvin
    . 1965 Car service Opr, Opr Ka office, Dispr, Staff Opr Kamloops BC
    . Retired 1985

    Burgess Ken L
    CNR Spare Opr Calgary Div 1948-50
    . Opr Brazeau 1950-3
    . Agt Opr Leyland 1953-7
    . Agt Opr Therien 1957-61
    . Agt Opr Edgerton 1961-7
    . Agt Opr Whitecourt 1967-89 /r1989

    Bundy, Clarence J
    CPR Div No7 Cowley, Pincher Creek stn until retirement / 1912sd ORT712 & continuous membership 25 yrs & Local Chairman, Lethbridge Div
    Burdenuk ECNR swing opr Calder 1947sd
    Burgess KLCNR agt-opr Whitecourt 1948sd
    Burgess WACNR TD Edmonton 1947sd
    Burns JMCNR agt/car supr Calgardy 1947sd
    Burns, MCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT702
    Bye CHCNR agt Wainwright 1942sd
    Byers, SWCNR agt Alberta Dis 1913sd ORT106
    Cameron, FJCNR agt Alberta Dis 1919sd ORT590
    Cameron JWCNR agt Edmonton 1947sd
    Cameron MRCNR opr Terrace 1954sd
    Campbell SFCNR agt-opr Unity 1949sd
    Card, IraNAR agt Grand Prairie 1928
    Carey, HFNAR CNR agt, TD
    Carpenter, Bryer CurtisGTP CNR agt Kinsella 1937-65, Entwhistle, Wadren Jct, Jasper, Edmonton 1920sd ORT723
    Carpenter, William (Bill)CNR agt AB & ON /q1950
    Carrick, BertNAR agt 1927
    Carrington, EHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1921sd ORT782
    Castle JKCNR opr Red Pass Jct 1971sd
    Cavanaugh, CPCNR agt Alberta Dis, Operations Super Express Calgary 1940sd ORT1599
    Chadwick, WCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT742
    Chamberlain RWCNR opr Biggar 1969sd
    Chapman, ERCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT812
    Charles FRCNR opr Prince George 1954sd
    Chester, WJCNR agt 1942sd
    Chrapko NCNR agt-opr Redwater 1960sd
    Christenson, MACNR agt Alberta Dist 1917sd ORT750
    Christenson, WMCNR agt 1943sd *
    Christmas, SECNR agt Alberta Dis,Edmonton 1911sd ORT186 /d72
    Clare MDCNR opr Terrace 1973sd
    Clarke ACNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT741
    Clarke DBCNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Clarke HECNR towerman Alberta Dist 1944sd ORT1925
    Coady, MJCNR agt Alberta Dis 1922sd ORT815
    Coffman, ECCNR agt Alberta Dis 1917sd ORT720

    Colborne, Frederick Charles
    CPR head telegrapher Calgary -worked night shifts - in Halifax as telegrapher during the Halifax Explosion in WW1 - told us he worked 3 days straight as the only link to the outside world after the explosion /r 1950 (see bro below)

    Colborne, James Blair
    CPR telegrapher Medicine Hat /r 1950's (see bro above)
    Coldwell, JHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT700
    Collicutt, CWCNR agt Alberta Dis 1914sd ORT345
    Collier, JCNR Edmonton 1938, CNT commercial op, Jasper 1950
    Collier, WWCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT707
    Collins TWCNR opr Dome Creek 1970sd
    Colwell, LENAR CPR / NAR Ass't Agent 1949-51 / CPR Leduc 1951 / NAR Barhead, Grande Prairie, Grimshaw, Slave Lake, Smith, Wetaskiwin, Ponoka, Lacombe, Edmonton, Rocky Mountain House, Crossfield Tower / CPR Centre Street Tower years? /retired CPR Wetaskiwin, 1985
    Coon, HarryCNR agt-opr Calgary Div, Oyen AB, Camrose AB, Alaska SK, Flaxcombe /d1998
    Coon, HECNR agt Alberta Dis 1927sd ORT1390
    Corcoran, FJCNR agt Alberta Dis 1917sd ORT253
    Corbett JFCNR opr Boston Bar 1971sd
    Corregan, WGMCNR agt Alberta Dis 1917sd ORT490
    Coster ERCNR TD prince George 1950sd
    Coutts MJCNR agt-opr Coleville 1972sd
    Craig, FYCNR agt Alberta Dis 1916sd ORT437
    Craig, RussellNAR Berwyn 1932
    Crawford DDCNR agt-opr Burns Lake 1948sd
    Croft, LECNR agt Alberta Dis 1942sd ORT1682
    Cromp BCNR opr Prince Rupert 1973sd
    Croteau, PJCNR agt Alberta Dis 1922sd ORT862
    Crowther, CECNR agt Alberta Dis 1925sd ORT941
    Culp, JMCNR agt Alberta Dis 1925sd ORT955
    Culver RSCNR opr Prince George 1953sd
    Cummings, WCNR agt Alberta Dis 1942sd ORT1923
    Cyba RCNR opr Red Deer 1964sd
    Dagert RLCNR agt-opr Eatonia 1968sd
    Dalgleish CRCNR opr Calder 1948sd
    Dalgleish, TRCNR agt Alberta Dis 1942sd ORT1849
    Dalton, ACNR agt Alberta Dis 1917sd ORT479
    Daniels, CWCNR agt Alberta Dis 1929sd ORT1621
    Daniluck JHCNR ATD Edmonton 1949sd
    Davey KRCNR opr Prince Rupert 1973sd
    Davis, WACNR agt Alberta Dis 1926sd ORT902
    Deare, OKCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT309

    Deck, George
    CPR ref agt 11 yrs on Alberta Div mostly relieving agts & operators in Let & Calgary Div. Spent several yrs on Field Hill at Stephen & saw the first diesel come in & last steamer head east with a small train. Also had winter experiences as brakeman in Crows Nest Pass switching coal mines
    Delaney JGCNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Dembicki, EdCNR opr Edberg, Hinton, Hanna, Mirror, Blue River, TD Kamloops, CWR TD Big Valley sd 1956
    Dennis TWCNR opr Mirror 1970sd
    Desautels VCCNR spare Prince George 1974sd
    Diagneault APCNR agt Alberta Dis 1917sd ORT538
    Dixon JACNR agt Montreal (1976) 1947sd
    Donaldson LLCNR agt Alberta Dis Terrace 1942sd ORT1739
    Donaldson TCNR agt Alberta Dis 1918sd ORT1753
    Donaldson WWCNR agt Alberta Dis 1926sd ORT1362
    Donlevy William (Bill)NAR CTD
    Douglas KHCNR 1950sd
    Douglas RCNR agt Alberta Dist 1919sd ORT1305
    Douglas GACNR opr Kamloops 1965sd
    Dowdell ECCNR spare Edmonton 1971sd
    Dowdell JKCNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Dowdell JLCNR agt Alberta Dist 1920sd ORT764
    Dowdell Keith NCNR St Paul 1948, Maidstone 1951, Vermilion, Lloydminster, Edson 1974 /r87
    Dowell LCCNR agt Calgary 1949sd
    Dryden, ?CNR op Alberta

    Drynan, G Aubrey
    CNR trained at Meeting Creek with agent Tom Peters
    . Calgary Divn. Rosebud, Acadia Valley, Three Hills
    . Edmn Divn. Unity, Ryley, Ardrossan, Wainwright, Lloydminster, Mannville, Edson, Bickerdike, 'MO' office Edmn, North Edmn Tower, plus others
    . 1957sd /q1962
    Duck, JLCNR agt Alberta Dis 1939sd ORT1054
    Duliba EMCNR opr Ft Saskatchewan 1957sd
    Dunaway, LGCNR agt Alberta Dist 1921sd * ORT976
    Dunham, Perry SCNR Viking 1940 (last agt Viking) 1928sd ORT1964
    Dupre OECNR opr Prince George 1941sd
    Easton HCNR agt Alberta Dis 1908sd ORT75
    Eberly PCNR agt Alberta Dis 1921sd ORT822
    Edy EMCNR opr Alberta Dis Kelowna 1944sd ORT1907
    Edgar JackNAR Spirit River 1925?
    Elder RJCNR agt Alberta Dis 1911sd ORT230
    Elliott AlanNAR Beaverlodge 1932
    Elliott AHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1919sd ORT711
    Elliott BTCNR agt 1942sd * ORT1735
    Elliott BTCNR agt-opr Blue River 1949sd
    Elliott OBCNR agt Alberta Dis 1913sd ORT311
    Ellis BCNR agt Alberta Dist 1919sd ORT825
    Enberg RCNR opr Symington 1948
    English KWCNR agt-opr, swing opr Vancouver TM 1951sd
    Esakin CACNR opr Second Narrows 1958sd
    Eutusheuski CCNR agt-oor Lashburn 1966sd
    Evanoff GDCNR swing opr Endako 1957sd
    Ewoniak WA CNR Tofield, Ryley, Kinsella, Wainwright (relief & op)
    Fairey ERCNR agt Alberta Dis 1918sd ORT49
    Fallow WACNR agt Alberta Dis 1906sd ORT182
    Ferby SCNR opr Sarcee 1971sd
    Ferguson LTCNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd ORT1426
    Fielding HECNR agt, ACTD Alberta Dis Prince George 1944sd ORT2002
    Finlayson KDCNR agt Alberta Dis 1943sd ORT1958
    Finn JFCNR agt Alberta Dis 1911sd ORT187
    Finn WJCNR agt, Trans Analyst & MP util Alberta Dis Edmonton 1942sd ORT1715
    Fishenden EHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT734
    Fisher WCNR TD Edmonton 1949sd
    Fisher WGCNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Fitzgerald JR CPR Edmonton 1938, Red Deer
    Flaherty DJCNR spre Edmonton 1973sd
    Flaherty KMCNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Flaherty TVCNR agt Biggar 1946sd
    Folsom LHCNR TD Prince George 1951sd
    Footz WCNR TD Edmonton 1951sd
    Ford EFCNR TD Roma Jct 1949sd
    Fortier, JACNR agt Alberta Dis 1908sd ORT81
    Fowler GF (Fred)CNR opr Saunders, Meeting Creek, Powley, Rumsey, Edberg
    . agt-opr Warden, Houston BC, Vilna, St. Paul /r1987
    Fowler GF Sr.CNoR agt-opr Rumsey 1913, Irma, Rumsey, Big Valley r/1940s
    Fowler GFCNR agt/opr Alberta Dis St Paul 1943sd * ORT1886
    Fowler HBCNR agt Alberta Dis 1912sd ORT344 (ORT books list sd as 1812!)
    Fowler William (Bill) FCNR opr Big Valley, Edberg, Camrose / TD Edmonton 1950-? 1942 * ORT1752
    Fowler WFCNR agt, TD Alberta Dis Edmonton 1942sd * ORT1752
    Fowler WFCNR opr Grand Centre 1973sd
    Fowler WRCNR agt Alberta Dis 1916sd ORT1489
    Franks RDCNR opr Lloydminster 1968sd
    Fraser LCCNR ACTD Kamloops 1950sd
    Fraser WMCNR agt-opr Scott 1971sd
    Frevel HHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1919sd ORT600
    Frissell Edward ACNR swing opr Vermilion, Wainwright sd1955
    Frissell RWCNR spare Edmonton 1970sd

    Froome, ED (Ted)
    CPR agt
    . Dominion City 1918, Wapella, SK (last stn)
    . 12 years with CPR then resigned & took agt position with NAR at Hines Creek, AB (most northern point at the end of the line). He traveled to his new job on the very first passenger train to that station, got off the train & immediately had to start handling the baggage and express
    . family at Hines Creek 1930-44
    . he bid & rec'd agt position at Spirit River
    . retired from NAR 1965 after 47 yrs of service with the two railway's (Born Feb 9 1901)
    . ORT 802 /r 1965
    . notes: Glen D. Froome (see also MB)
    Fullerton, RalphNAR agt Clairmont, Edmonton, designed NAR logo, Comm Super

    Gafka Len
    CNR - 1952 May-Aug student telegrapher Islay AB
    . 1952-64 Calgary-Edmonton-Edson areas as opr-agt-dispatcher-1958
    . Edmonton Terminal - CD-Calder, MO-Edmonton, MX-North Edmonton Tower, DK-Dispatchers Office - 999/800, CS, Area Staff
    . 1965-72 Mid Mgt - CS Supvr Edmn Area - Region Special duties
    . 1972-75 Montreal TRACS-CM
    . 1976-89 System HQ- Snr Mgt - Sys Coord Car Mgt, CM-Liaison Ofcr. CM-AAR Rept. Railcar Leases.Sys. Transp. Control Center. Deregulation Ofcr
    . Early retirement 1989
    . Moved to Nanaimo BC
    . Still involved in telegraphy joined Canadian HUB in 2007. "Dial Up Roster" Office sign VN - personal sign R
    . ORT 2777
    Gainer JJCNR agt Alberta Dis 1916sd ORT144
    Gallant ETCNR agt Alberta Dis 1916sd ORT44
    Gardiner, James AndrewCPR Banff, Cochrane 1964, Lake Lousie, Canmore, Exshaw, Crows Nest Pass / Hardisty Sub AB e of Wetaskiwin to Camrose, n of Westaskiwin to Millett, Leduc / "... last to learn telegraph on CP Railway"
    Gates, JMCNR agt Alberta Dis 1943sd ORT1815
    Gaudet, EJCNR agt Alberta Dis 1918sd ORT198
    Gaudet, FTCNR Humboldt 1943? / TD Edson, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Calgary, Turner 1943sd ORT1823
    Gaudet, FTCNR agt Alberta Dis 1943sd ORT1823
    Gaudet PRCNR agt, CTD Prince George 1946sd
    Gavinchuk, GCNR agt/opr Alberta Dis Ft Sask 1945sd ORT1995
    Geddis PJCNR opr Blue River 1971sd
    Geddis, RHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1916sd ORT875
    Geddid RPCNR TD Edmonton 1952sd
    Gibeault, Robert ECPR T&R Chief (Testing and Regulating) June 1951-Jan 1956, Calgary commercial relay center Lethbridge & Medicine Hat AB-testboards
    Gereluk JCNR opr Oyen 1967sd
    Gibson, FDCNR agt Alberta Dis 1917sd ORT361
    Gibson HFCNR agt Prince George 1947sd
    Giles TWCNR agt, Hotbox Detector Opr Kamloops 1943sd
    Gillespie ADCNR agt-opr Landis 1948sd
    Glass DGCNR agt-opr Telkwa 1958sd
    Goheen WACNR opr Kamloops Jct 1929sd
    Golanowski LCNR opr Kamloops 1952sd
    Goode IFCNR agt Alberta Dis 1918sd
    Goodwin HFCNR TD Kamloops 1947sd
    Goodwin TBCNR gen Chair TCEU Winnipeg 1942sd
    Goodwin WRCNR agt Alberta Dis 1916sd ORT443
    Gordon JW CPR messenger 1944, Drumheller (op) 1949
    Goruk PGCNR opr Smithers 1952sd
    Gorman WJCNR towerman Alberta Dist 1914sd ORT1043
    Graham CLCNR Trocho 1951, TD Edmonton SD1951
    Graham EDCNR agt-opr Valemount 1949sd
    Grant AHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1913sd ORT135
    Graces RWCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT589
    Griffin JGCNR opr Biggar 1967sd
    Guernsey GFCNR agt Alberta Dis 1912sd ORT29
    Gunderson ECNR TD prince George 1951sd
    Gunn JLCNR agt-opr Penny 1972sd
    Haaglund, Gordon WNAR - 12 / 2 BC
    Haczkewicz, APCNR TD Edmonton 1956sd
    Haight, CACNR agt Alberta Dis 1926sd ORT977
    Haight, CASCNR Peers d72
    Hajek, FF NAR Wembly 1927, Hythe 1928, Smith, Fahler / Pouce BC, Hythe, Anzac / Westlock AB
    Hamilton, AGCNR agt Alberta Dis 1913sd ORT153
    Hammond, SGCNR agt Alberta Dis 1922sd ORT1050
    Hanson HDCNR agt Edmonton Dis, TD Winnipeg 1949sd

    Harmon, WR
    CNR asst-agt 1947, telegrapher 1948 / var locns SK / terminal opr Watrous / TD 1953 / worked offices in BC, AB, SK, MB / train master 1972, CTD 1979, CTD Edmonton 1983 / Co-ordinator Rules & Training Mtn Region 1987 / 1947sd /r 1987 (Dir Edmonton MTC Chap - circuit sine "WR", Office sine "WX")
    Harrison, Frederick RossCNR agt AB Dis 1913sd ORT343 (see bro BA Harrison, ON)
    Harrold, APCNR agt Alberta Dist 1920sd ORT989
    Hart, JDCNR agt Alberta Dis 1939sd * ORT1475
    Harte JECNR agt-opr McBride 1951sd
    Harte, WCNR agt Alberta Dis 1914sd ORT519
    Harms LACNR opr Edson 1968sd
    Hasbon APCNR agt Prince George 1949sd
    Hawkins, JPSCNR towerman Alberta Dist 1914sd ORT1039
    Hawkins RGCNR agt Hops 1954sd
    Hawthorne, OCNR agt Alberta Dis 1913sd ORT286
    Hay JGCNR agt/opr Smithers 1946sd
    Healy, JDCNR agt Alberta Dis 1909sd ORT149
    Henderson NECNR opr Camrose 1947sd
    Henderson, WECNR agt Alberta Dis 1910sd ORT375
    Hepher VCNR opr Vancouver 1972sd
    Hering DPCNR opr Edgerton 1970sd
    Herritt JGMCNR agt, Servo Cen Mgr Kamloops Jct 1945sd

    Hine, Arden
    CPR asst-agt Empress, Towerman Calgary, opr Cochrane / 1957sd, resigned 1960 (see fa in SK, bro below & BC)
    Hewson ELCNR agt, Cybernetics Mountain Rgn 1943sd (Montreal)

    Hine, Cliff
    CPT 1955-73 / started as morse opr in Calgary 'CR' commercial office then to T&R & worked as T&R Wire Chief in a number of CPT offices such as: Field, Nelson, Cranbrook, North Bend, Princeton all in BC for CP Telecommunications / CP Telegraphs Regina as messenger boy / r - living in Kelowna BC (see also BC / fa in SK, bro above & BC)

    Hine, Kenneth W
    CPR (see also BC, SK)
    Hinsberger SICNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Hill JWCNR TD Edmonton 1957sd
    Hillsi RRCNR opr Camross 1970sd
    Hiron, HPCNR agt Alberta Dis 1919sd ORT688
    Hodgson CWCNR agt-opr Avola 1953sd
    Holden, JamesNAR Hythe
    Holt, CarlCPR agt-opr Consort 1955, Carstairs 1950s & 60s /d1998
    Holt RWCNR swing opr Red Pass Jct 1970sd
    Hovde, MGCNR agt 1943sd ORT1866
    House, HGCNR agt Alberta Dis 1910sd ORT231
    Houseman NBCNR ACTD Kamloops 1946sd
    Hrischuk TCNR opr Kelowna 1951sd
    Huberdeau, NLCNR agt Alberta Dis 1921sd ORT571
    Hudson, LJCNR agt Alberta Dis 1927sd ORT1014
    Husel Tim DCNR opr Mirror, Grand Centre, Jasper, TD Edmonton 1972sd
    Hutter, MCNR agt Alberta Dis 1913sd ORT290
    Illott, WCNR agt Alberta Dis 1917sd ORT510
    Ireland, RDCNR agt Alberta Dis 1905sd ORT357
    James DLCNR agt-opr Rockyford 1972sd
    Jelinski KCNR agt-opr Edmonton 1950sd
    Jennett, KWCNR 1950s/d
    Jeynes, Jack CCNR Meeting Creek 1940s /d67
    Jeynes, JCCNR agt Alberta Dis 1915sd ORT394 (same as above?)

    Jodrey Jinnie
    CPR opr - Citation: Year: 1916

    Johnson, AJC
    NAR asst agt Hythe 1944-6 / var stns 1946-8 / CP Telegraphs 1948-1956 Calgary Commercial Office / CNR Saskatoon 1957-61 (relief) - ordained Lutheran paster at var parishes 1961-91 (Sine "CR", Personal "J")
    Johnson ERCNR opr Camrose 1951sd
    Johnson, HL CNR Chipman 1967, Calder, Edmonton, Lloyd-Vermilion-Maidstone swing
    Johnson, JSCNR towerman Alberta Dist 1915sd ORT1086
    Johnson ROCNR agt Edmonton 1952sd
    Johnston KGCNR opr Port Mann 1973sd
    Johnston, MH CPR Calgary 1948, Edmonton, Winnipeg (22 years)
    Jones, RLCNR agt Alberta Dis 1914sd ORT367
    Jordan, MACNR agt Alberta Dis 1922sd ORT778
    Jwaszko WCNR TD Edmonton 1950sd
    Kawchuk SCNR agt Calder 1949sd
    Kary DWCNR opr Jasper 1971sd

    Kary, Harold
    CNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd, returned to AB 1980 as TD (Morse Circuit: stn TELKWA(A), Sine HD)
    Kary HFCNR TD (1976) Edmonton agt 1948sd
    Keefe WFCNR agt Edson 1946sd

    Kehoe, John D
    CNR Agt-Opr Calgary, Edmonton, Edson Divns 1951-54
    . TD Calgary 1954
    . TD Kamloops, Pt Arthur, Winnipeg, Calgary, Smithers, Pr George 1954-73
    . Trainmstr Pr George, Jasper, Kamloops, Pr Rupert 1973-81
    . CTD Pr George 1981-89
    . Retired Nov 1989
    Kelly, Glenn HNAR TD Edmonton 1917, Hythe 1932
    Kelly JFCNR ACTD Kamloops 1950sd
    Kennedy, CMCNR agt, Terminal Mgr Alberta Dis Kamloops 1942sd ORT1792

    Kennie, George C
    CNT Calgary & Edmonton 1938-9, Edmonton 1945, Wireless instructor RCAF 1940-5 /r1977 (Sine "GK")

    Kent, Cefus Adrian
    CNR stn master Millet - long standing member ORT (25 yrs continuous medallion)
    Keough FJCNR agt-opr Mirror 1951sd
    Kerby CICNR agt Alberta Dist 1916sd ORT1051
    Kerr JTCNR agt Alberta Dis 1915sd
    King HGCNR agt Alberta Dis 1916sd ORT391
    King HGCNR agt 1942sd * ORT1756
    King HGCNR agt, Asst Mgr Carload Centre Edmonton 1943sd
    King WCNR opr Sarcee 1946sd
    Kinnear JACNR TD Prince George 1953sd

    Knott TS
    CNR opr Port Mann
    . My last position, 1993-2000, was Rail Traffic Controller, Second Narrows Bridge, Vancouver (afternoon shift)
    . I "retired" January 2000
    . returned to my home province of Manitoba (Hired on at Dauphin in 1967), and am now living in my original home town Gilbert Plains
    . The original CN Rail station here was moved to the towns' Main Street in 1978, and is the local Senior centre
    . 1969sd
    Koblanski, JohnNAR CTD
    Kolodrubsky, JCNR ACD Edmonton 1979
    Kolosnikoff ERCNR opr Kamloops 1948sd
    Korchinsky TWCNR TD Edmonton 1952sd
    Kowalski EWCNR opr Port Mann 1971sd
    Knack RPCNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Krasowski, HarryCNR Camrose 1970s-1985

    Krauter, Ab N
    CNR Transferred from Manitoba District July 1949, Dispatcher 1953 ACD 1972 1943sd * ORT1710/1110 Retired Jan 31, 1986
    Krissa, MCNR agt Alberta Dis 1943sd ORT1909
    Krowchenko DLCNR opr Wainwright 1968sd
    Kuchatoski PACNR opr Ft Saskatchewan 1949sd
    Kunkel, E CNR Alberta 1950-2, TD 1952-84
    Kurp, TJCNR agt Alberta Dist 1929sd ORT1714
    Kuse, MLCNR agt Alberta Dis 1942sd ORT1462
    Kyle, JLCNR agt 1942sd *

    LaBrier, John (Jack)
    NAR Asst Agt Opr-Agt 1949-59
    . Dunvegan Yards, C-Office, Morinville, Busby, Barrhead, Picardville, Westlock Bon Accord, Smith, High Prairie, McLennan, Falher, Girouxville, Wanham, Rycroft, Spirit River, Clairmont, Wembley, Pouce Coupe, Dawson Creek, Fairview, Whitelaw, Berwyn, Grimshaw, Belloy
    . see Lee, Reg (uncle)

    Lacey, Donald F
    CPR agt AB & BC late 1950s, early 1960s /d 1995 (Interesting note from daughter: he tore down his house in East Coulee, AB & shipped it by CPR boxcar to Burns Lake, BC Sept 1959 - he rebuilt that home & I was raised for the rest of my childhood in BC
    LaForce RNCNR opr Mirror 1957sd
    Lamb TRCNR agt/opr Lumby 1945sd
    Lambert, RexNAR opr McLennan 1940s
    Landry RGCNR spare Edmonton 1966sd
    Lane JCCNR opr Jasper 1952sd
    Lane, WTCNR agt Alberta Dis 1907sd ORT63
    Larsen, ACNR agt Alberta Dis 1917sd ORT531
    Laughlin, DWCNR agt Alberta Dis 1916sd ORT105
    Laurie WFCNR agt Camross 1943sd
    Lavergne, JEACNR opr Symington 1950sd
    Leach, LHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1922sd ORT953
    Lee, RegNAR CTD & TD - Opr 1917 (Approx)-1951 (Uncle to John LaBrier above)
    Lenglet, GRCNR agt Alberta Dis 1943sd ORT1829
    Lepage, GLCNR agt 1942sd * ORT1732
    Lepage, LNCNR agt Alberta Dis 1917sd ORT487
    Leslie CJFCNR agt Alberta Dis 1912sd ORT708
    Lester PCCNR agt Alberta Dis 1905sd ORT19
    Lewis CCCNR agt 1942sd *
    Lewis DTCNR agt-opr Evansburg 1972sd
    Lewis GOCNR agt Alberta Dis 1942sd *
    Lewyk RJCNR opr Camrose 1966sd
    Lind ECNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd ORT2019
    Lineker AHCNR agt-opr Bonnyville 1948sd
    Lissenden GACNR Edmonton 1929-30 1926sd ORT1451
    Losinski MCNR agt, Asst Regl Mgr Ops Edmonton Alberta Dis 1942sd ORT1745
    Lotz LACNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Lowes TomNAR agt 1927
    Lueck HDCNR opr Edson 1954sd
    Luke DWCNR agt/opr Red Deer 1941sd
    Lutes LCCNR agt Alberta Dis 1916sd ORT446
    Lyseyko HACNR opr Jasper 1957sd
    Macdonald ACCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT1429

    MacKay Duncan
    CPR opr - Citation: Year: 1916

    MacKay Irene
    CPR opr - Citation: Year: 1916

    MacKay Henry J
    CPR opr - Citation: Year: 1916
    MacKay RACNR agt Alberta Dis 1916sd ORT413
    MacRae AFCNR ACTD Edmonton 1928sd

    Madock Agnes
    Clerk, Telegraph station? - Citation: Year: 1916
    Makohonvk, PCNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd ORT1960
    Makewecki ECNR agt-opr Viking 1967sd
    Makoweski LJCNR spare Edmonton 1966sd
    Malanchuk JSCNR spare Kamloops 1973sd
    Malowany PMCNR opr East Edmonton 1952sd
    Marcoff MSCNR opr Leyland 1947sd
    Marlow HACNR agt-opr Ashcroft 1950sd
    Martin DLCNR agt Port Mann 1947sd
    Martin EECNR agt-opr Marshall 1973sd
    Marshall DHCNR TD prince George 1949sd
    Maskiewich ECNR ope Smithers 1953sd
    Mathers, DWCNR agt Alberta Dis 1910sd ORT522
    Matwychuk FACNR TD Edmonton 1952sd
    Matthews, PercyNAR agt Spirit River? 1925
    Mawson, JFCNR agt Alberta Dis 1923sd ORT849
    McAmmond KOCNR agt Alberta Dis, TD Edmonton 1939sd ORT1473
    McAmmond RLCNR opr Calder 1970sd
    McArthur, EGCNR agt Alberta Dis 1910sd ORT139
    McArthur PCNR spare Kamloops 1974sd
    McCallum, WOCNR agt Alberta Dis 1943sd ORT1935

    McCleary, Albert
    CPR agt Alberta ?sd
    McCombs, CCED&BCR various stns along line 1926-48
    McConnell, HBCNR agt Alberta Dis 1919sd ORT32
    McCready, DSCNR agt Alberta Dis 1913sd ORT310
    McCulla, JWCNR agt Alberta Dis 1914sd ORT66
    McDonald ABCNR opr Vancouver 1974sd
    McDonald CWCNR spare Kamloops 1974sd
    McDonald DBCNR ACTD Kamloops 1951sd
    McDonald DMCNR agt Winniepg (1976) 1947sd
    McDonald, JDCNR agt Alberta Dis 1912sd ORT268
    McDougall, AllanNAR asst agt/opr Spirit River? 1925
    McFayden FRCNR opr Bostom Bar 1969sd
    McFadyen RBCNR agt-opr Waseca 1956sd
    McFarland NRCNR opr Terrace 1958sd
    McGillis, JPCNR agt Alberta Dis 1923sd ORT894
    McHugh, ARCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT802
    McIlroy, CPCNR agt Alberta Dist 1915sd
    McIlroy, GPCNR agt 1942sd * ORT1786
    McInnis RSCNR spare Kamloops 1974sd
    McIntrye, KHCNR Pedley 1950s, Edson & Edmonton divs, relief TD 1952 ACD-CD-TM Edmonton 1970-89
    McKenna, JWCNR agt Alberta Dis 1927sd ORT981
    McKernan, JamesOn Oct 5 1960, a cairn was placed on the original site of the Hay Lake Telegraph station. This station was established in 1877 by James McKernan, and was the farthest west station situated on the proposed railway right of way at that time that was to run from the east to Fort Edmonton. The line was extended to Fort Edmonton in 1879. (sent by Barry Hovelson)
    McLarity RGCNR opr Second Narrows 1969sd
    McLean, FCCNR agt Alberta Dis 1919sd ORT458
    McLean, SSCNR agt Alberta Dis 1928sd ORT1278
    McLeod, CACNR agt Alberta Dis 1918sd ORT529
    McLeod, FrederickNAR agt-opr 1921-?

    McLeod, Fred E
    NAR agt-opr Smith N.A.Rly (ED & BC Rly), G.T.W. Wainwright, C.P.R. Sebois Maine (my maternal grandfather, JI La Brier)

    McManus, Ken J
    CNR agt opr Ft Saskatchewan 1957-95 /r1995
    McMillan, GDCNR agt Alberta Dis 1915sd
    McMinn DGCNR TD Edmonton 1951sd

    McNair Mary
    CPR opr - Citation: Year: 1916
    McPhee, WACNR agt Alberta Dist 1918sd ORT994
    McRae, ACNR agt Alberta Dis 1912sd ORT880
    Medvid MattCNR opr Eckville, work train coordinator 1961sd
    Meloche, DMCNR agt Alberta Dis 1926sd ORT1031
    Melnychuk WCNR agt-opr Maidstone, McBride 1952sd
    Mercier, JRCNR agt Alberta Dis 1940sd ORT1561
    Metherwell, CJCNR Islay 1958
    Meunier, AACNR agt Alberta Dis 1919sd ORT1191
    Meunier, Francois ECNR Forestburg 1947 AB & SK 1947-52, TD Edson 1952, Port Arthur ON, Calgary AB, Edmonton /r85
    Mickelson, SamuelNAR CTD
    Michayluk, RDCNR TD Edmonton 1965sd
    Miles, PECNR Edmonton d72
    Miller, TCNR agt Alberta Dist 1919sd ORT975
    Miller, TECNR Leyland 1932
    Milner, EWCNR agt Alberta Dis 1928sd ORT1483
    Minke EACNR opr Vermillion 1953sd
    Miquelon, GNCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT780
    Moe, MCJCNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd
    Moore BGCNR agt Vermilion 1945sd
    Moore, DintyCPR agt Bow Island
    Morgan, PJORT local chairman Edmonton 1945
    Morgan, TCNR agt Alberta Dis 1913sd ORT564
    Morrison, CHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd ORT1994
    Morrison, GECNR agt Alberta Dis 1925sd ORT954
    Morrison, HVCNR agt Alberta Dis 1923sd ORT784
    Morrow, LACPR Calgary 1943-5 /retired Red Deer 1985
    Morton WRCNR agt/opr Youbou 1941sd
    Motte IMCNR opr Vancouver (Mtn Rgn) 1944sd

    Munsey, J
    CNR Opr, Agt-Opr Calgary, Edson & Edmonton Div's
    . TD Edson, Kamloops, The Pas, Winnipeg East, Edmonton & Winnipeg West
    . Promoted Winnipeg 1957
    . /r83 Edmonton (fa below)
    Munsey, WFCNR 1923sd ORT842(fa of above)
    Murphy, GTCNR agt Alberta Dis 1928sd ORT1598
    Murphy PGCNR opr Red Pass Jct 1974sd
    Murray, JHCNR agt 1943sd ORT1873
    Mychaluk JTCNR TD Kamloops 1949sd
    Mytruk HCNR agt Edmonton 1948sd
    Nagy JECNR spare Prince George 1970sd
    Makken JACNR opr Endako 1974sd
    Neckay KenCNR agt/telegrapher - soon to be 80 (Aug 16 2019) - still has his key and tells many stories from those days of being an agent - worked in Repass at or around the time of Canoe River and his first days on the job in Lamont he was the agent working and who got the call about the school bus accident in 1960
    Nein KACNR opr Edson 1970sd
    Nelson, JMCNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd ORT>
    Newell, RHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1923sd ORT591
    Nichols, CZCNR agt Alberta Dis 1915sd ORT225
    Nicholson, JDCNR agt 1943sd * ORT1803
    Nicholson, JLCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT874
    Niddery JRCNR opr Port Mann 1948sd
    Noden, TRCNR agt Alberta Dis 1927sd ORT1346
    Noon RLCNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Noon WOCNR spare Edmonton 1972sd
    Nordholm EAACNR opr Upper Fraser 1967sd
    Norris, LACNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd
    Nunweiler AMCNR opr Smithers 1949sd
    Nunweiler VGCNR opr Hanna 1951sd
    O'Connor GTCNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    O'Connor MFCNR opr Calder 1954sd
    O'Donnell TBCNR agt-opr Giscome 1951sd
    O'Farrell MECNR agt Alberta Dis 1913sd ORT132
    O'Hara RLCNR opr 2nd Narrows 1946sd
    Olorenshaw EJCNR agt-opr Edmonton 1951sd
    Olsen JOCNR agt Alberta Dis 1919sd ORT630
    Oliver WRCNR agt Alberta Dis 1916sd ORT411
    Olson JBCNR agt Alberta Dis 1941sd ORT1592
    Owens WGCNR agt, rule instr Edmonton 1949sd
    Owens WMCNR agt Alberta Dis 1919sd ORT1024
    Pape CMCNR opr Port Mann 1945sd
    Patton, JCNR towerman Alberta Dist 1942sd ORT1726
    Parfett JGCNR agt Edmonton 1948sd
    Parker LFCNR agt-opr Houston 1951sd
    Parker, JWCNR agt Alberta Dis 1918sd ORT1139
    Parson FECNR opr Calder 1946sd
    Patenaude EJCNR opr Biggar 1966sd
    Patterson CHCNR agt/TD (1976) 1949sd
    Patterson, GCNR agt Alberta Dist 1925sd ORT1669
    Patterson, RECNR agt Alberta Dis 1910sd ORT109
    Pattison MCNR swing opr Prince George 1952sd
    Pawson DSCNR agt, Mgr Carload Centre Prince George 1942sd
    Pedlar PRCNR agt, Hotbox Opr Kamloops 1946sd
    Pehowicz, JCNR agt, Trans Off Vancouver (Mtn Rgn) 1943sd ORT1850
    Pelletier PECNR agt-opr Matsqui 1972sd
    Pendle, FCNR agt Alberta Dis 1922sd ORT820
    Penny FJCNR spare Kamloops 1974sd
    Perks, FWCNR agt/opr Alberta Dis Three Hills 1945sd ORT1933
    Perry LACNR agt Edmonton 1947sd
    Peterkin, RMCNR agt Alberta Dis 1927sd ORT1046
    Peters, TomCNR Meeting Creek 1957
    Peters, TACNR agt/opr Alberta Dis East Edmonton 1943sd ORT1918
    Peterson SECNR agt-opr, Sys HQ Montreal 1951sd
    Phillips, GGCNR agt Alberta Dis 1918sd ORT551
    Pitre, ACNR 1941sd *
    Pitts, JamesCNR TD Edmonton
    Player, FHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1929sd ORT1428
    Plum, CHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT689
    Plysiuk JMCNR opr Biggar 1973sd
    Pollock, CSCNR agt Alberta Dis 1917sd ORT440
    Pratt, WFCNR agt Alberta Dist 1918sd ORT616
    Price, CWCNR agt Alberta Dis 1927sd ORT1552
    Price, WHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1913sd ORT102
    Procyk, JCNR agt, Rgn Rules Superv Alberta Dis Edmonton 1944sd ORT1988
    Pronovost, ReneCNR RTC Edmonton 1970s (uncle to Bouvier fam see SK & MB)
    Pullen JWCNR spare Kamloops 1971sd
    Pylypow FPCNR TD Edmonton 1954sd
    Rabik MCNR opr Lloydminster 1952sd
    Raham, ATCNR agt Alberta Dis 1916sd ORT426
    Rankin, ?CPR agt Bow Island
    Rasmussen, LJCNR agt Alberta Dis 1942sd ORT1646
    Reid, HaroldCNR opr Big Valley 1950s
    Renaud RACNR agt-opr Kitimat 1974sd
    Richard, Robert Jagt Alberta Dis 1943sd ORT1865
    Ridington, JCNR agt Alberta Dis 1921sd ORT603
    Rintoul, JCNR towerman Alberta Dist 1943sd ORT1989
    Riordan, LDCNR agt Alberta Dis 1926sd ORT1280
    Ritchie, FWCNR agt Alberta Dist 1923sd ORT1630
    Robinson, AJCNR agt Alberta Dis 1919sd ORT650
    Robinson RDCNR agt-opr Battleford 1974sd
    Robson, RMCNR agt Alberta Dis 1943sd ORT1982
    Roche DDCNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Rogers, ERCNR agt Alberta Dis 1929sd ORT1112
    Roland GusNAR opr
    Roland GKCNR spare Prince George 1974sd

    Rosychuk, Peter
    NAR opr Westlock
    Rothwell, WJCNR Eckville 1943 1941sd ORT1655/d72
    Rowland, FJCNR agt Alberta Dist 1917sd ORT739
    Rowlands, FWCNR agt Alberta Dis 1929sd ORT1668
    Roxburgh, WHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1917sd ORT669
    Roy, AECNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd ORT1955
    Roy MLCNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Ruhl, JCNR agt Alberta Dis 1943sd
    Rushton JACNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Rutherford, PTCNR agt Alberta Dis, ORT local chairman Calgary-Trochu 1945 1914sd ORT36
    Sadler CLCNR agt Edmonton 1948sd
    Sage SRCNR opr Endako 1971sd
    Sanders MWCNR opr Lloydminster 1974sd
    Sanders WMCNR agt-opr Endako 1951sd
    Sargeant PARCNR agt-opr Clearwater 1951sd
    St.Pierre, JLCNR agt Alberta Dis 1922sd ORT903
    St.Pierre, LECNR agt Alberta Dis 1942sd * ORT1676
    St.Pierre, RCCNR agt, Labour Relations (Montreal) Alberta Dis 1944sd ORT1903
    Schiele GACNR tramp swing opr Calder 1965sd
    Schiele LNCNR spare Edmonton 1971sd
    Schmalz, FMCNR agt Alberta Dis 1922sd ORT839
    Schmaltz, PPCNR agt, car distributor Alberta Dis Edmonton 1942sd ORT1706
    Schmidt, ACNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT695
    Schmirler AOCNR opr Biggar 1954sd
    Shamley, Samuel HCNR agt Lloydminster (Mtn Rgn) 1946sd
    Sharp TACNR opr Prince Rupert 1969sd
    Shaw, Hugh John CNR Opr 1941-81 - last job "MO" Edmonton
    Sherman, FACNR agt Alberta Dis 1910sd ORT156
    Sherman KCCNR spare Edmonton 1973sd
    Sherman, Robert DelmarCNR op 1970, TD Edmonton (bro below, BC)
    Sherman, Robert HenryCNR Mountain region 1944, Vegreville 1982 /r82 (bro above, BC)
    Sherman, RHCNR agt/opr Alberta Dis Vegreville 1944sd ORT1981
    Sherstenko WCNR TD Edmonton 1950sd
    Shindel, EdCPR agt Bow Island
    Shockey, MLCNR TD Edmonton 1950sd
    Shockey, RCCNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Shurma SCNR TD Prince George 1954sd
    Sibbald, CECNR agt/opr Alberta Dis Drumheller 1941sd ORT1701
    Sibbald, VDCNR agt Alberta Dis 1914sd ORT124
    Sibley JVCNR opr Edmonton 1950sd
    Sibley, RCCNR agt Alberta Dis 1923sd ORT867
    Simmons, AMCNR agt Alberta Dis 1918sd ORT584
    Simmons, SLCNR agt Alberta Dis 1922sd ORT807
    Sinclair, AGCNR agt Alberta Dis 1911sd ORT454
    Siqienza LCNR opr Kwinitas 1972sd
    Skinner CCNR agt-opr Chilliwack 1951sd
    Smith, CliveNAR messenger
    Smith CACNR spare Prince George 1974sd
    Smith CSCNR opr McBride 1969sd
    Smith, FGCNR agt Alberta Dis 1917sd ORT683
    Smith, HSCNR agt Alberta Dist 1922sd ORT1613
    Smith, Shawn ICNR opr Unity, Vermilion, Scotford, Camrose, AB dispr CWR Big Valley - (stn preservation Camrose, Meeting Creek, Donalda, Big Valley)
    Smith WACNR agt-opr Smoky Lake 1947sd
    Snider, KWCNR agt/opr Alberta Dis Hinton 1941sd ORT1634
    Snider, TBCNR towerman Alberta Dist 1935sd ORT968
    Soneff ACNR agt-opr Wabamun 1950sd
    Soneff, APCNR agt 1943sd *
    Sowden, CECNR agt Alberta Dis 1908sd ORT293

    Spachynski, Paul
    CPR opr 1947-85
    . worked primarily Alberta North Div
    . stns include: Willingdon, Lacombe, Wetaskiwin, Coronation, Nisku and others
    . last stn South Edmonton
    /r 1985
    Stark EECNR TD Kamloops 1951sd
    Steiger CJCNR opr Kamloops 1969sd
    Stephens, TMCNR agt Alberta Dis 1913sd ORT46
    Stephen, WTCNR agt Alberta Dist 1922sd ORT1488

    Stevenson, JL (Jim)
    NAR opr 1939-81 Edmonton /d1995 (was avid HAM opr call VE6IM)
    Stewart ATCNR agt/opr Lytton 1944sd
    Stewart DACNR opr Kamloops Jct 1964sd
    Stewart RCNR opr Wainwright 1949sd
    Storey, CWCNR agt Alberta Dis 1915sd ORT270
    Strachan, RJCNR TD Roma Jct 1950
    Strang, APCNR agt Alberta Dis 1924sd ORT843
    Stone FPCNR agt-opr Alsask 1951sd
    Stone WPCNR opr Biggar 1972sd
    Strong, GECNR agt Alberta Dis 1913sd
    Syurgis, WFCNR agt Alberta Dis 1907sd ORT91
    Surman PRCNR opr Winniandy 1947sd
    Sutherland, JohnnyNAR opr
    Sutherland, TPCNR agt Alberta Dis 1937sd ORT1476
    Swanson, CJNAR CNR TD Peace River 1980
    Swift, HoldenNAR relf agt 1925 Spirt River?
    Swift, JackNAR asst agt Grand Prairie 1928
    Szuszkiewicz BJCNR opr Edmonton 1972sd
    Tailleur ALCNR spare Kamloops 1974sd
    Targett, EHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1921sd ORT776
    Tario, ARCNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd
    Taylor EDCNR agt-opr Vanderhoof 1947sd
    Taylor KWCNR spare Prince George 1972sd
    Taylor, William ACPR agt Bow Island
    Tchir WWCNR opr Wainwright 1957sd
    Tebo, LECNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd ORT746
    Tebo, LHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd ORT1987
    Thayer, HSCNR agt Alberta Dis 1927sd ORT1392
    Theberge FACNR opr Stettler 1950sd
    Thomas NACNR opr Boston Bar 1947sd
    Thompson, CMCNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd
    Thompson, FJCNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd * ORT1846
    Thompson, GeorgeNAR CTD
    Thompson, JCNR agt Alberta Dis 1925sd ORT850
    Thompson LGCNR TD Prince George 1941sd
    Thomson TGCNR agt Kamloops 1948sd
    Thornton, NMCNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd ORT1912
    Tiegs, Dean ACNR Opr Vermilion, Waterways, McLennan, Calder (999 desk), Jasper, Harvey BC, Grande Prairie
    . CWR opr Big Valley, Meeting Creek, relief dispr Big Valley (Dean was also the co-founder of the Canadian Northern Society preserving stations at Big Valley Camrose Donalda & Meeting Creek AB)
    Tilley, HLCNR TD Calgary division, Jasper, Port Arthur, Prince Albert, Calgary (15 yrs), Edmonton (15 yrs) 1941sd * ORT1674
    Tilley, SidCNR agt Oyden for yrs), 1940 (fa of above)
    Tilley, SRCNR agt Alberta Dis 1914sd ORT728
    Timm, Maxwell ECNR Drumheller, Supvr Trans Procedures Edmonton sd1952
    Tipple, SECNR agt Alberta Dis 1925sd ORT864
    Tobey, ERCNR agt Alberta Dist 1920sd ORT1242
    Tolmie, JBCNR agt Alberta Dis 1916sd ORT316
    Torrey, CharlesNAR agt Beaverlodge 1927
    Trainor MWCNR opr Boston Bar 1974sd
    Trann CBCNR agt Vancouver 1939sd
    Trask, Raymond GCPR Calgary, Drumheller, Banff, Lake Lousie, Red Deer 1948-50 / CNR Prince George 1951
    Turner, William (Bil)NAR Sexsmith 1932, TD 1942, CTD r/59

    Tustian, Samuel Bradford (Brad)
    CPR agt in many Southern Alberta stns:Cowley, Pincher Creek, Picture Butte, Gleichen, Manyberries, Foremost /d60
    Tustin, TCNR agt Alberta Dis 1912sd ORT208
    Ullman, EECNR agt Alberta Dis 1919sd ORT678
    Urich DLCNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Van Dyke, AHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1922sd ORT607
    Vanhoof PFCNR TD Roma Jct 1969sd
    Viney, BertNAR agt Waterways
    Vosper, KFCNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd ORT1959
    Wade LJCNR spare Edmonton 1972sd

    Waite Gordon
    NAR (Comm) Peace River 1933 Smith 1941
    . Gordon died 26 June 2003 at age 88 yrs (born Dec 24, 1914) - he was a wonderful man who shared many terrific morse audio learning tapes with me (RGB), filled with excellent morse & materials - he will be missed by all
    Walker CHCNR agt Chilliwack 1940sd
    Ward, CliffNAR opr 1941
    Warner HCCNR TD Kamloops 1947sd
    Wasylyk MCNR agt, Co-Ord Service Design Edmonton 1945sd
    Waters, COCNR agt Alberta Dis 1917sd ORT1571
    Watine, MacCarvilleNAR 1934
    Watson, HACNR agt Alberta Dis 1929sd ORT1061
    Weatherly DECNR agt/opr Boston Bar 1943sd
    Webb HECNR agt Edmonton 1947sd
    Webster CWCNR TD Kamloops 1951sd
    Wedgewood JMCNR spare Edmonton 1974sd
    Wedgewood RACNR spare Edmonton 1973sd
    Weekes, RECNR agt Alberta Dis 1926sd ORT904
    Weir BCCNR spare Kamloops 1972sd
    Weir, Blaine ECNR RTC Edmonton
    . first hired out in The Pas yard office 1969 as summer student
    . 1971 worked var stns as opr &d TD bet'n Thunder Bay & Vancouver (son of Leslie Wir below)

    Weir, Leslie R
    CPR asst agt Lethbridge Divn 1948
    .CPR Calgary Divn opr 1951
    . CNR Calgary Divn opr 1952
    . CNR TD 1953 Calgary, Smithers, Saskatoon, The Pas, Port Arthur, Winnipeg
    . CNR CTD The Pas 1969
    . CNR Trainmaster 1972 Maniotoba Dis
    . CNR Asst Supt. 1976 Saskatoon
    . CNR Opns Control Officer Winnipeg 1977
    . CNR Labour Relations Officer Montreal 1979
    . CNR Supt Transportation Winnipeg 1980
    . CNR Asst. General Supt. Winnipeg 1983
    . Retired CNR 1986
    . Transportation Safety Board of Canada Chief of Rail Accident Investigations 1988-93 & edited their magazine "Rail Safety Reflexions" for seven years after retired (son above, Blaine Weir)
    Wells, HDCNR agt Alberta Dis 1928sd ORT1407
    West CHCNR agt, Car Controller Kamloops Jct 1944sd
    West, FBCNR agt Alberta Dis 1924sd ORT905
    West, HVCPR? 1915, Regina, to CNR Winnipeg?
    Whelpley, WCNR agt Alberta Dis 1918sd ORT207
    Whiteman, Cathy. started her career in Edmonton on June 3, 1984 & wrote up in Edmonton January 1987
    . promoted to Asst Chief 1992
    . now working in Service Design, but still holds her seniority as Opr & Dispatcher
    Widdifield, LRCNR opr 1948
    Williams, ETCNR agt Alberta Dis 1919sd ORT691
    Williams, Marion ECPR Drumheller / CNT 'D' office, Jasper / DGT Burns Lake BC
    Williams, RFHCNR agt 1942sd *
    Wilson, EMCNR agt Alberta Dis sd ORT1103
    Wilson, PCNR agt Alberta Dis 1926sd ORT978
    Wilson, WGCPR Crossfield 1953, various stns AB Dis ? to 1958
    Wolfe, MAHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1920sd
    Woodcock, LBCNR agt Alberta Dis 1927sd ORT1222
    Wray TDCNR agt Hanna 1945sd
    Wright CCCNR opr McBride 1956sd
    Wright, FHCNR agt Alberta Dis 1926sd ORT1283
    Wright, SFCNR agt Alberta Dis 1944sd ORT2000
    Wuetherick, ECNR agt Alberta Dis 1919sd ORT563
    Yagilashek, ECNR 1950sd
    Yawarowski HCNR opr Sarcee 1962sd
    Youell, AVCNR agt Alberta Dis 1914sd ORT333
    Young KGCNR agt-opr Smiley 1973sd
    Young LDCNR agt-opr Red Pass Jct 1956sd
    Zaplitny WCNR TD Edmonton 1951sd
    Zavaduk VMCNR opr Smithers 1951sd
    Zavaduk WCNR opr Vermillion 1955sd
    Zayac WCNR opr Vancouver 1954sd

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