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Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy

Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy
Agents, Operators, Dispatchers
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  • ort / ORT = Order of Railroad Telegraphers
  • sd / SD = Seniority Date
  • TD / Dis = Train Dispatcher
  • CTD = Chief Train Disptacher
  • ACTD = Assistant Chief Train Dispatcher
  • agt / AGT = Agent
  • opr / OPR = Operator
  • swg / Swg = swg
  • rlf / RLF Relief
  • mvt / MVT = Movement
  • dir / DIR = Director
  • mgr / MGR = Manager
  • Superv = Supervisor
  • var / VAR = Various
  • stn(s) / STNS = station(s)
  • Asst = Assistant
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    LAST NAME, First Name (Initials)Canadian Railway - Known Stations and Years
    Andserson, OF
    Aust, FA
    Bailey, EF
    Baker, JW
    Blashfield, FH
    Boetz, AE
    Boyer, H
    Brine, WD
    Buer, E
    Calder, W
    Campbell, JF
    Carter, J
    Carr, JE
    Caulfield, J
    Clair, AJ
    Clements, J
    Cooper, SS
    Cummings, GL
    Cunningham, HS
    Davies, CE
    Davies, JG
    Davy, GH
    Duns, GC
    Emerson, GM
    Falconer, Mrs I
    Fitzpatrick, N
    Fry, W
    Fulton, W
    Gojo, G
    Guimes, LS
    Hadley, JH
    Hawkins, JA
    Halley, MG
    Heyland, HK
    Hobart, SE
    Hogan, B
    Hogan, JR(?)
    Humes, LS
    Jackson, JM
    James, L
    Jamieson, WS
    Johnson, EJ
    Johnstone, Miss HM
    Jones, D
    Kennedy, WR
    Laughy, CR
    Lemon, A
    Lillie, CE
    Lizotte, A
    Lowe, A
    Masters, JP
    McArthur, J
    McClaren, DM
    McGuillvary, JM
    McKenzie, PH
    McKinnon, JW
    McNally T
    McQuade, PA
    Mooney, PW
    Nelson, WN
    Newton, J
    O'Conner, TJ
    Parker, EW
    Peters, BW
    Powers, CW
    Ptolemy, CA
    Ross, JB
    Sallaway, G
    Sallaway, WJ
    Schetgen, JJ
    Sheats, CL
    Sherburn, A
    Smith, ES
    Stall, LH
    Starr, AE
    Stelpen, K
    Stewart, TE
    Surles, HB
    Tennant, AJ
    Thompson, WM
    Usher, N
    Railway, Stations, and years unknown at this time, however, ORT shows 1916 (others follow this list below)
    Aberdeen MLCPR Kootenay, Brandon 1951sd ORT4562
    Abonyi FCPR Vancouver 1958, Albert Canyon, Glacier, Stoney Creek, Golden, Leanchoil, Field 1958-62 / Crowsnest Pass, Fernie, Elko, Cranbrook, Yahk, Creston, Nelson, Farron ?-1964
    Abramson MCNR BC Dis 1928sd ORT1533
    Adams JKCPR asst agt Trail 1949sd ORT5712
    Ahlgren DM (Mrs)CPR agt North Bend 1951sd ORT3543
    Airey JME&N 1965sd ORT7191
    Alison GHCPR agt Chase 1957sd ORT5849
    Allardyce IRCPR agt spr Kootenay 1949sd ORT5641
    Allemeerch HCPR spr Lineman 1950sd ORT5945
    Allen GCCPR asst agt Princeton 1921sd ORT2164
    Allester GDE&N agt 1942sd ORT2150
    Anatooshkin GCPR agt Castlegar 1957sd ORT5667
    Andrews WA SrCPR agt Cranbrook 1920sd ORT1520
    Andrews WA JrCPR agt Oliver, Lardeau 1943sd ORT2109, 4196
    Armishaw JOCNR BC Dis 1941sd * ORT1702
    Armstrong CFCPR agt Midway 1939sd ORT3083
    Armstrong HCCPR agt Nelson 1927sd ORT3075
    Armstrong LGCNR Prince George 1912sd ORT435 /d73
    Armstrong JTCNR BC Dis 1910sd ORT1666
    Armstrong WLCNR BC Dis 1916sd ORT452
    Arthur OACPR agt Walhachin 1935sd ORT3315
    Ashdown Johnny RCPR agt Field, Vernon 1945, Kamloops 1966sd ORT7227, 4135
    Babiuk JCPR Princeton 1966sd
    Bailey DGCPR agt Crowsnest 1964sd
    Baillie LJCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1942sd *
    Baird ABCPR agt Revelstoke spr Vancouver 1950sd, spr TD 1953, TD 1956 ORT2970/5764
    Baird Arthur MabelCNR BC Dis 1918sd ORT516 (see also Ralph A Baird below)
    . Arthur Mabel Baird was my grandfather. He worked for CNR from 1918 onwards. I know in mid 1960s he retired
    . worked Blue River BC from 1924 to mid 1930s then Boston Bar late 1930s thru the war years
    . When in Blue River they spent the first year or so living in a boxcar on a siding. They then built a house 3 doors from the train station
    . student at the Marconi Wireless school in Vancouver (The students were all set up to go work for Union Steamship Company, but they all refused until the company met their minimum wage demands-- something like $1 a day. Anyways the steamships agreed to the student union demands but refused to hire the three organizers so then my grandfather had to go work for the CNR.)
    . about fall of 1938 or 39 worked in Spences Bridge when they went to school in Vancouver. They would take the train home on weekends, and I know family stories from WWII of the Japanese internment near Spences Bridge so I know he worked there till at least 1943. In 1951 he was living in Kamloops for my mom's wedding announcement
    . above notes from his grand-daughter Brenda Sampson
    Baird Ralph ACPR agt Kamloops spr Vancouver 1950sd ORT3522 (see also above)
    . started with CPR in 1950 (Kettle Valley Railroad)
    . worked out of Brookmere
    . moved to Kamloops, where Ralph was a telegrapher
    . early 70s he was appointed Mobile Supervisor in the Kamloops area until retirement in 1986.
    Notes from daughter Karen Baird
    Ball GHCPR agt Ruby Creek 1930sd ORT3255
    Barnes JWCPR Lineman Glacier 1947sd ORT4873
    Barry WECPR agt Vancouver, North Bend 1947sd, spr TD 1951, TD 1952 ORT2506/5025
    Bartholomew FCNR BC Dis 1917sd ORT1517
    Bartolac JCPR asst agt Grand Forks 1945sd ORT4472
    Barton SWCNR asst agt BC Dis 1923sd ORT900
    Bartram RMCPR agt Vancouver, Brookmere 1942sd ORT1845, 3886
    Bartrum RoyCPR agt Natal, Michel, Port Moody 1940s
    Battistone GFCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd
    Baugh RGCNR Prince Albert 1939
    Beamon JCPR spr Vancouver 1966sd
    Bearcroft EBCPR agt TD OLA 1917sd ORT1380
    Beaton ANSCNR towerman BC Dist 1922sd
    Beattie F DwightCPR London Div 1949-51, rlf TD 1951, TD Toronto 1954
    Beattie JAE&N agt 1964sd ORT7024
    Beavis LECPR agt Oldum 1926sd ORT5411
    Beck GCPR agt Taft 1962sd
    Beck LDCNR BC Dis 1925sd ORT1503
    Becker Mrs CACPR asst agt Oliver 1944sd ORT4322

    Becker Jay Charles
    CPR agt Sicamous 1911sd ORT1073

    Following notes from his second great niece:
    Jay was born in Deseronto, Ontario in September 1889 to Charles Jay and Amelia (nee Wansborough) Becker. The family travelled by train to Armstrong, British Columbia in 1894 where Charles took the position of head miller at the recently built flour mill. By 1908 Jay had joined the local active militia (the Armstrong Independent Company of Infantry) and attained the rank of Sergeant in 1909. In 1911 the Canada Census records him as working 60 hours per week in Armstrong as a telegraph operator for the CPR. The first B.C. city directory that I can find which shows Jay living in Sicamous, B.C. is that of 1919 and he is listed as a telegraph operator for the CPR. Jay remained a CPR employee in Sicamous until his untimely death of peritonitis in November 1952 following surgery for a strangulated epigastric hernia at Kamloops, B.C. The occupation listed on his death registration is that of station agent, however the B.C. city directory for that year lists him as a telegraph agent. I remember my aunt (Jay's niece) telling me that it wasn't unusual for Armstrong residents living along the railway tracks to find that their outhouses were missing on Halloween night. A telegraph would be sent to Uncle Jay and he would redirect them back down the line once they reached Sicamous. Jay did not marry and has no direct descendants. He is buried in Armstrong, B.C. amongst family.

    Becker RACPR agt Oliver, Naksup 1947sd ORT2542/5086
    Beech CFCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd
    Behrenbruch PE&N rlf asst agt ?sd (summer)
    Begin JPCPR agt Field 1949sd ORT5562
    Beil ACCPR agt Ashcroft 1963sd
    Bengston GLCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1942sd * ORT1800
    Bennett JCPR agt Tadanac 1945sd
    Bennett JSCPR agt Nelson 1945sd ORT2184

    Bennest Jack C
    CPR spr agt Revelstoke 1965sd
    Bennison LCCPR agt Revelstoke, Sicamous 1943sd, spr TD 1957 ORT2101,4346
    Benson HJCNR BC Dis 1911sd ORT205
    Bentz GBCPR agt TD OLA 1911sd ORT718
    Best GHCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd
    Billings MGCNR BC Dis 1911sd ORT185
    Binnie HJCPR agt Castlegar 1940sd ORT3479
    Binstead ALCPR spr Lineman 1949sd ORT5770
    Blackadder TJCNR towerman BC Dis 1919sd
    Blake ALE&N agt 1964sd ORT5900
    Blanchard AJCPR asst agt Vernon 1938sd ORT3714
    Blewden FECNR BC Dis 1942sd ORT1787
    Blumenauer JRCPR agt Salmon Arm 1912sd ORT807
    Blumenauer RACPR agt spr Revelstoke sd1950 ORT5516
    Blunt CHCPR agt RTD Nelson 1943sd, spr TD 1949, TD 1951 ORT1888, 3976
    Blunt EWCPR agt Tadanac. Michel 1947sd ORT2504/5023
    Blysak CJCPR agt Colvalli 1943sd ORT4087
    Bodnarchuk VWCPR North Bend 1966sd
    Bolen EME&N agt 1952sd ORT4303
    Booth RACPR agt Haney 1959sd ORT6549

    Bowerman, Ralph L
    CPR agt 1954/6 Sirdar, Fernie, Colvalli, Michel, Crowsnest, Grand Forks, Natal, Trail, Glacier, Field
    . worked 1956/7 for GN at Bellingham, Wash, then joined US Army 23 years
    Bowing JHCPR agt Golden 1953sd ORT4655
    Bowser RGCNR asst agt BC Dis 1926sd
    Box WECPR asst agt Abbotsford 1945sd ORT1618
    Boyd RACPR Lineman Fernie 1945sd ORT4732
    Boyer BM (Mrs)E&N asst agt 1942sd ORT2717
    Bradley V (Miss)E&N asst agt 1952sd ORT4716
    Bratberg RHCPR Spences Bridge 1966sd
    Bremner JLCNR BC Dis 1924sd ORT1566
    Brewster NHCPR agt Tadanac, Soth Slocan 1930sd ORT1312/2932
    Brinker JKCNR BC Dis 1942sd ORT1813
    Broadfoot GECPR agt Agassiz 1956sd, Vancouver spr TD 1966sd ORT6236
    Broadfoot S (Miss)CPR Agassiz 1966sd
    Bronson JHCNR BC Dis 1915sd ORT2013
    Brooks TECNR asst agt BC Dis 1923sd
    Brookwell JGCPR Lineman 1943sd ORT4116
    Brown AECPR agt OLA 1942sd ORT4141
    Brown AWCPR spr Lineman 1950sd
    Brown EDCPR agt Vancouver, North Bend 1937sd, Vancouver spr TD 1946, TD 1947 ORT1679/3591
    Broswn GSCPR agt Mission 1923sd ORT2056
    Brown JLCPR agt Cocquitlam, Crowsnest 1942sd ORT2311, 4669
    Brown RCPR agt Vernon 1917sd ORT1315
    Brownlee FECPR agt Osovoos, Ruby Creek 1946sd ORT2279
    Bruce BCPR agt Golden 1946sd ORT1198
    Burge FGCNR Chilliwack /d73
    Burgess WFCPR agt Nelson 1909sd ORT336
    Burkin WFCPR agt Field 1961sd ORT6679
    Bundy TWCPR agt Port Moody 1914sd ORT1030
    Burnet MVCNR BC Dis 1942sd ORT1862
    Burnham KWCPR agt haney 1923sd ORT1983
    Burnstill JCPR agt Kelowna 1918sd ORT1475
    Bush AHWCNR BC Dis 1919sd ORT618
    Buslher JWCPR agt spr Kootenay 1949sd ORT
    Bydal ECPR Lineman Vancouver 1910sd ORT 2718
    Byrek Joseph LCPR 'BY' Revelstoke 1954, Field 'AG' office 1957-62? rel TD Nelson 1962?-64 /q64
    Cadden DHCPR Lineman Penticton 1945sd ORT4836
    Callaghan WJCPR agt Vancover, Notch Hill 1947sd, spr TD 1951, TD 1953 ORT2744/5434
    Campbell ADCPR agt Vancouver 1935sd ORT3216
    Campbell RACNR agt/opr BC Dis 1944sd ORT1978
    Carey DCPR RTD North bend 1949sd ORT4494
    Carlson AEE&N agt 1961sd ORT6575
    Carlson FECPR agt Golden 1957sd ORT6217
    Carroll Mrs MPCPR asst agt Trail 1940sd ORT1949
    Casanova ACPR Lineman Vancouver 1942sd ORT3808
    Casey LGCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd *
    Cassel DWCNR BC Dis 1917sd ORT410
    Cassell EBCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd
    Cassidy JWCNR BC Dis 1942sd ORT1724
    Chabot JRCPR agt Lake Windermere, Brookmere 1948sd ORT2451/4930
    Chadwick RCNR BC Dis 1918sd ORT1308
    Chapman CFCNR BC Dis 1943sd ORT1812
    Chatfield CHCPR agt TD Nelson 1913sd ORT318
    Chatfield LPCPR agt Vancouver, North Bend 1941sd, spr TD 1952, TD 1953 ORT1732/3675
    Chester HCPR agt TD OLA 1920sd ORT1763
    Chomat ADCPR agt Summerland, Oliver 1940sd ORT2302/4689
    Chomat HJCPR agt Revelstoke 1910sd ORT635
    Clapton PJE&N asst agt 1966sd
    Clark ARCPR agt Revelstoke 1928sd, Revelstoke spr TD 1937, TD 1943 ORT1337/2984
    Clark BKCPR agt Cranbrook 1942sd ORT3962
    Clark CJCPR agt Kootenay 1932sd, Nelson spr OLA, TD 1941-4 ORT1309/2926
    Clark HWCNR BC Dis 1942sd ORT1789
    Clark WDCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1942sd * ORT1769
    Clarke BKCPR agt Coquitlam 1942sd ORT1877
    Clayden BJCPR spr agt Revelstoke 1965sd
    Cleeton AJCPR agt Kamloops 1920sd ORT1832
    Cochrane RACPR agt Grand Forks 1942sd ORT2231, 4569
    Coldupil JHCNR Port Mann /d72
    Collier RDCNR BC Dis 1942sd ORT1788
    Colmer EJCPR/CNR Vancouver ?-1954 (see fa SK)
    Comstock AceNAR Dawson Creek 1932
    Connolly GJCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd
    Conrad Mrs EACPR, CNR, Govt Telegraphs-Montreal, Maritimes, Pt William, BC
    Conroy PLCPR agt Brilliant 1945sd
    Conway DJE&N asst agt 1963sd
    Cooper EWACPR agt TD Penticton 1918sd ORT1594
    Cooper HJCPR agt North Bend 1923sd ORT1990
    Cooper PME&N agt 1947sd ORT2543

    Cornborough Brian
    I worked several stations including South Sloan, Elko, Spillimacheen, Crowsnest and Sparwood about 1971 and 1972. At Sparwood, spent 12 hour days out of the original Sparwood station when Kaiser started shipping coal and a new siding was constructed. A mobile home was brought on site and placed on the other side of the tracks. It had the office, waiting room, 2 bedrooms and bathroom. I worked third trick with Norm Petriew first trick.
    Cosar SDCPR agt Vancouver, Revelstoke 1938sd, spr TD 1948, TD 1950 ORT1545/3368
    Costain HLCPR Lineman Mission 1915sd ORT1994
    Coster RWCNR BC Dis 1943sd ORT1836
    Cousin GCPR agt Vernon, Agassiz 1927sd ORT1149/2366
    Cox HECNR BC Dis 1926sd ORT1433
    Cox WFCPR agt TD Nelson 1941sd ORT4402
    Craggs RRCPR agt Ashcroft 1948sd ORT4016
    Craggs WRCPR agt Vancouver 1922sd ORT2047
    Crawford HRCPR agt Kootenay 1949sd ORT5767
    Crawford GGCPR agt Nakusp 1925sd ORT3069
    Creelman HSCNR BC Dis 1913sd ORT296
    Croft JHCPR agt Revelstoke 1944sd
    Croft LECNR Terrace 1935
    Crossley GWCPR agt Nelson, Grand Forks 1945sd ORT2131
    Cruickshank RJCPR agt Vancouver 1951sd ORT4475
    Crump EHCPR agt Taft 1922sd ORT1855
    Cunliffe SCPR asst agt Penticton 1944sd ORT4329
    Cunningham SHCPR agt Cranbrook 1964sd
    Curran CECNR BC Dis 1919sd ORT661
    Dalley HSCNR asst agt BC Dis 1920sd ORT824
    Daniels DCPR spr Vancouver 1966sd
    Daniels FWCNR asst agt BC Dis 1921sd ORT1194
    Daniels HJCNR asst agt BC Dis 1912sd
    Darlington Peter DJ CPR Field, Golden, Stoney Creek, Glacier, Allient, Canyon, Revelstoke, Taft, Sicamour, North Hill, Chase, Ashcroft, Spencer Bridge, Lytton 1959-64
    Dalton MBCPR agt Castlegar 1936sd ORT3501
    Darough LCPR spr Vancouver 1966sd
    Davidson GACPR agt TD Revelstoke 1910sd ORT288
    Davis DWCPR agt RTD Revelstoke 1937sd ORT3242
    Davis SWCPR agt Kamloops 1916sd ORT1175
    Davies ANCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd *
    Dawes BCPR Lineman Nelson 1928sd ORT2505
    Delacherois LGCPR agt RTD Vancouver, Penticton 1940sd ORT2225/4560
    Delacherois ROCPR agt Agassiz, Taft 1945sd ORT2243
    Depew EWCNR BC Dis 1909sd ORT108
    Dever FJCPR spr Revelstoke 1965sd
    Dickenson FJCPR agt TD North Bend 1943sd ORT4203
    Dickson WCCNR BC Dis 1920sd ORT754
    Dillabough RRORT local chairman Kamloops-Avola 1945, 1918sd ORT502
    Dinsdale HOCPR agt Kamloops 1954sd ORT5572
    Dmytrash WMCPR agt spr Kootenay 1949sd ORT5740
    Dodge GFCNR asst agt BC Dis 1920sd ORT773
    Doig WECPR agt Cranbrook 1952sd ORT4424
    Dolchewski ACPR agt Olden 1948sd ORT5493
    Doner EGCPR agt Penticton 1913sd ORT890
    Dorion FCPR agt Golden 1928sd ORT3174
    Dorsey WSCPR agt Vancouver 1918sd ORT1758
    Douglas ARCNR BC Dis 1903sd ORT27
    Dowling JJCNR BC Dis 1915sd ORT320
    Drage RMCPR spr agt Revelstoke 1965sd
    Dryer GECPR agt Sicamous, Merritt 1928sd ORT1175/2458
    Duchscherer TCNR Kamloops 1951 - worked BC to Manitoba, Endake BC
    Duerksen JHE&N agt 1965sd ORT7135
    Dunaway FCNR asst agt BC Dis 1920sd ORT1574
    Duncan NB (Mrs)E&N asst agt 1957sd ORT5857
    Dupre OECNR BC Dis 1941sd ORT1650
    Dyce MACNR BC Dis 1921sd ORT1609
    Dyck JACPR agt Sicamous 1957sd ORT6366
    Eagles EJCPR agt Port Moody 1938sd ORT1500
    Eagles EJKCPR agt Fraser Mills 1938sd ORT3288
    Easton AE&N agt 1937sd ORT1521
    Eddington Mrs EFCPR asst agt OLA 1944sd ORT4235
    Edgar HJCNR BC Dis 1918sd ORT422
    Edwards HDCPR asst agt Merritt 1950sd
    Ellner AWCPR Lineman North Bend 1946sd ORT4818
    Enger AME&N agt 1957sd ORT5620
    English VCPR agt TD North Bend 1910sd ORT986
    Fagan FBCPR agt OLA 1925sd, TD & CTD Pacific div 1950s ORT2259
    Farmiloe DWCPR spr Lineman 1948sd ORT5536
    Fazio AJCPR agt Yahk 1952sd, Nelson spr TD 1959 ORT4237
    Fee HWCNR BC Dis 1913sd ORT299
    Fenwick RJCPR agt Wardner 1949sd ORT5558

    Ferguson, LR (Bob)
    CPR opr 1945-58
    . on sparebord out of Revelstoke until landing third trick Glacier 1946
    . Princeton for 5 yrs
    . to Penticton till the line announced closing (Kettle Valley)
    Fey ELCPR agt Vernon 1952sd ORT4421
    Firth HECE&N agt 1942sd, spr TD Victoria 1952sd, TD 1955 ORT1649
    Fisher JCPR agt Chase 1916sd ORT899
    Fisher RWCPR agt Ruskin 1919sd ORT1569
    Fix FCNR BC Dis 1920sd
    Fleming FCPR asst agt Trail 1947sd ORT5635
    Fletcher AJCNR Vancouver 1944
    Fletcher GECPR agt Mission 1911sd ORT1655
    Flottorp JTCPR agt Spences Bridge 1955sd ORT5310
    Flynn MACNR asst agt BC Dis 1919sd
    Flynn MJCNR BC Dis 1914sd ORT212
    Fooks MACPR asst agt Ashcroft 1929sd ORT5563
    Forbes DCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1942sd
    Fornasier SLCPR agt Natal 1956sd ORT4993
    Foss RWCNR asst agt BC Dis 1920sd ORT1883
    Foster EGCPR agt Hammond 1918sd ORT3238
    Foster KKCPR agt Nelson 1952sd, spr TD 1957, TD 1967 ORT4658
    Fox ACPR asst agt Trail 1947sd ORT5783
    Franks WBCPR agt Taft 1951sd ORT4063
    Fraser CWCPR asst agt Castlegar 1928sd ORT3618
    Freeman GTCPR agt Coquitlam 1917sd ORT1650
    Freeman WJCPR asst agt Port Moody 1944sd ORT5410
    Friberg RLCPR asst agt Elko 1950sd

    Gebert Bruno (Bud) Robert
    CPR linesman (Minto) 1940-50s
    Gervais JMCPR agt Cocquitlam Yd 1952sd ORT5862
    Gibson PLJCPR asst agt Penticton 1939sd ORT4495
    Gibson RJCPR asst agt Grand Forks 1949sd ORT4917
    Gillard WGCNR asst agt BC Dis 1928sd, TD 1939sd ORT1405
    Gillis RCNR BC Dis 1944sd ORT1917
    Gimore RCCPR agt OLA 1944sd
    Godderis HFCCPR agt Castlegar, Rossland 1929sd ORT1397/3101
    Goheen WACNR BC Dis 1929sd ORT1590

    Goodman Lloyd J
    CPR agt Revelstoke spareboard east & west of Revelstoke 1941, Princeton 1943-8, Elko 1948, then moved Spences Bridge & back to Elko in same yr as Telegrapher & Agt until 1969, worked out of Cranbrook until retired 29 April 1978 ORT1818/3820 /d1998
    Goodman RKCPR agt Revelstoke 1958sd, Revelstoke spr TD 1966sd ORT5880
    Goodman WDCPR agt TD Penticton 1922sd ORT2565
    Goodwin TBCNR BC Dis 1942sd ORT1733

    Gordon, Art
    CPR telegrapher
    . rirst shift Spillimacheen BC (Windermere Valley) June 29 1970
    . first shift Train Dispatcher July 25 1972
    . entire dispatching career in Revelstoke & Vancouver
    . when retired from CP, became Manager of RTC Training for CPR System with training facilities in Calgary, Montreal & Minneapolis, Minn
    . President of Canadian Assoc Of Train Dispatchers
    . currently on bridging with CPR & am emplyed by Souther Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary AB, training RTC in the only RTC Diploma program in Canada
    . s/d Jun 1970
    Gordon BACPR agt spr Vancouver 1950sd ORT5242
    Gorick MCPR agt Vancouver 1949sd, spr TD 1952, TD 1955 ORT2845/5594
    Gosal SSCPR Yale 1966sd
    Gosnell AWCNR BC Dis 1923sd ORT1662
    Graef LACNR BC Dis 1928sd ORT1327
    Graham LNCPR agt spr Vancouver 1950sd
    Grant CFCPR agt Procter 1915sd ORT1203
    Grant JRCPR agt Castlegar 1951sd ORT4276
    Grant SACPR agt Revelstoke, Yahk 1948sd, spr TD 1954, TD 1966 ORT2694/5340
    Greco ECPR agt Huntingdon, Spences Bridge 1948sd ORT2673/5312
    Green AJCPR agt Vancouver, North Bend 1938sd, spr TD 1947, TD 1950 ORT2219/4556
    Grewal GCPR agt North Bend 1960sd ORT6517
    Grewal TSE&N spr Victoria, agt 1957sd, TD 1964sd ORT5630
    Griffiths AGCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd * ORT1851
    Guest WTCNR BC Dis 1915sd ORT353
    Guilbeault MLCPR agt Nelson 1936sd, Nelson spr TD 1945, TD 1946 ORT1364/3027
    Guzyk ACNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd ORT1999
    Hack JBCPR Stoney Creek 1948sd ORT5149
    Hackman MGCPR asst agt Trail 1948sd ORT5728

    Haczkewicz, Lisa M
    CPR RTC hired on May 1988 Kamloops
    . became RTC 1990
    . RTC Edmonton
    Haley WFCPR agt New Westminster 1926sd ORT1440/3179
    Hall AvCPR agt spr Kootenay 1949sd ORT5850
    Hallisey CJCPR agt Lytton 1910sd ORT698
    Hamilton HVCPR agt spr 1950 sd ORT5938
    Hamilton TTCNR BC Dis 1917sd ORT1667
    Handerson AWCPR agt Grand Forks 1910sd ORT3478
    Hanna WACNR BC Dis 1941sd * ORT1695
    Harder ?CNR BC Dis 1944sd
    Hardy John KNAR Pouce Coupe 1932
    Hargrave WL CNR Vancouver area 1916-1956
    Harkness PJCPR agt Sicamous 1952sd ORT4305
    Harrison CBCNR asst agt BC Dis 1920sd ORT1248
    Hart GWCPR asst agt Mission 1918sd ORT1748
    Harvey WECPR agt Yale 1918sd ORT1584
    Hasbon PTCPR agt Kamloops 1956sd ORT5649
    Hatcher WGCNR BC Dis 1919sd ORT1703
    Haverty BNCPR asst agt Huntingdon 1947sd ORT5229
    Hawthorne JJCPR agt Revelstoke 1951sd, spr TD 1955, TD 1966 ORT2569
    Hayward VOCPR agt spr Kootenay 1950sd ORT
    Hazen CCCNR BC Dis 1917sd ORT488
    Heatherington TCPR agt Nelson 1951sd, spr TD 1953, TD 1959 ORT4052
    Heighton CRCPR agt Fernie 1942sd ORT2136, 4411
    Heighton JSCPR agt Nelson, Penticton 1942sd, spr TD 1947, TD 1949 ORT1451, 3201
    Herron PBCPR agt spr Revelstoke 1950sd
    Hesketh PICPR agt Canoe 1952sd ORT4403
    Hickey DACNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd
    Hilborn PFCPR asst agt Kelowna 1938sd ORT4992
    Hill FHCPR agt Farron 1944sd
    Himmick PPCPR spr Lineman 1949sd ORT5893

    Hine Cliff
    CPT 1955-73 / started as morse opr in Calgary 'CR' commercial office then to T&R & worked as T&R Wire Chief in a number of CPT offices such as: Field, Nelson, Cranbrook, North Bend, Princeton all in BC for CP Telecommunications / CP Telegraphs Regina as messenger boy / r - living in Kelowna BC (see also AB / fa in SK, bro in AB & below)
    Hine FraserCPExpress stn asst Field 1959-60 / resigned 1960 (see also AB / fa in SK, bro in AB & above)

    Hine Kenneth W
    E&N 1962sd ORT6579, CPR (see also AB SK)
    Hodge MCPR agt Yale, spr 1945sd
    Holyk MJCPR agt Vancouver 1952sd ORT4515
    Hood FGCPR agt Notch Hill, Vancouver 1949sd ORT2958/5743
    Hood MDCPR Penticton 1948sd ORT5207
    Hoodicoff MWCPR agt Castlegar 1956sd ORT5649
    Hoole Lloyd J? agt d/1999
    Hoosen JECPR agt Kootenay 1952sd ORT4545
    Hooson PLCPR agt Midway 1956sd ORT5568
    Hootnick VCPR spr, agt North Bend 1952sd, TD Vancouver 1961sd ORT5054
    Horn FJCPR Taft 1966sd
    Horne HHCPR agt Castlegar 1930sd ORT3043
    Horning DCPR spare, Vancouver 1948sd ORT5540
    Howard DGCPR asst agt Tadanac 1948sd ORT5633
    Howard HWCNR BC Dis 1904sd ORT43
    Howes WBCNR BC Dis 1913sd
    Hrabarchuk MCPR agt North Bend 1957sd ORT5837
    Hughes WDCNR BC Dis 1905sd ORT76
    Humphreys SNE&N agt 1947sd, spr TD Victoria 1959sd, TD 1960 ORT2871
    Hunter HLCPR agt TD Penticton 1923sd ORT2916
    Hurst RECPR agt Fraser Mills 1957sd, spr TD Revelstoke 1966sd ORT5901
    Hutchinson AACNR BC Dis 1918sd ORT541
    Hyman HJCPR agt Huntingdon 1918sd ORT1439
    Hyham KHE&N agt 1942sd ORT1876
    Ireland CSCPR agt Vernon 1912sd ORT2023
    Ireland RTCPR agt RTD North Bend, Vancouver, Kamloops 1942sd, spr TD 1950, TD 1951 ORT1886, 3972
    Irving AHCNR BC Dis 1918sd ORT528
    Jacobson OECNR Vancouver TM
    Jarvis WGCPR agt Colvalli 1963sd ORT7180
    Jenkins FDCPR agt Glacier 1958sd ORT6624
    Johnson ARCPR agt Kelowna, Armstrong 1929sd ORT892/1853
    Johnson EACPR agt Revelstoke, Stoney Creek 1948sd, spr TD 1953, TD 1956 ORT2807/5536
    Johnson LACPR agt Golden, spr 1949sd ORT3146
    Johnson RFCPR asst agt Penticton 1945sd ORT4500
    Johnson RMCPR agt Merritt, West Summerland 1942sd ORT1616, 3495
    Johnston RACPR agt West Summerland 1917sd ORT1503
    Jones JMCPR agt Greenwood, Beaverdell 1938sd ORT1523/3328
    Jones IHCPR agt Revelstoke 1950sd
    Jones JWRCNR BC Dis 1923sd ORT1514
    Jones RSCNR asst agt BC Dis 1928sd
    Jordan GWE&N agt 1949sd ORT4075
    Kading RLCNR 1953sd
    Kandall ATCPR agt Merritt 1953sd ORT4802
    Karpowitch JTCPR agt Mission, Revelstoke 1948sd ORT1897/4147
    Kazakoff JJCPR spr, agt Nelson 1957sd, TD Nelson 1967sd ORT5729
    Kemerling GLCPR agt TD Nelson 1912sd ORT743
    Kennedy JJCPR agt Cranbrook, Wardner 1925sd ORT1290/2863
    Kennedy MCPR agt North Bend 1952sd ORT5238
    Keough JJCPR agt Enderby 1942sd ORT2456
    Ketchem ECCPR agt TD OLA 1912sd ORT811
    Ketchem WHCPR agt RTD North Bend, Ashcroft 1942sd ORT4584
    Key WCNR BC Dis 1912sd ORT145
    Kidd CCNR asst agt BC Dis 1922sd ORT1312
    Killins JLCPR agt Vancouver, Field 1949sd, spr TD 1952, TD 1954 ORT2810/5539
    Kinnee HLCPR agt Revelstoke 1927sd ORT1177
    Kirkpatrick JCPR agt Coykendahl 1946sd ORT4908
    Kissell HFCNR BC Dis 1918sd ORT672
    Kleiv THCPR spr agt Vancouver 1950sd
    Kline JECNR BC Dis 1924sd ORT899
    Knowles JPCPR spr Vancouver 1966sd
    Knox GPCPR agt Sicamous, Albert Canyon 1947sd ORT2585/5161
    Kolisnyk JJCPR agt Coquitlam Yd, Kootnenay 1949sd ORT4533/5835
    Kologie HJE&N agt 1959sd, spr TD Victoria 1962, TD 1963 ORT6758
    Kometz AWCPR agt TD OLA 1926sd ORT2363
    Konenig RFCPR asst agt Kelwona 1947sd ORT5277
    Korody LCPR agt South Slocan, Castlegar 1945sd ORT2185
    Kozak WCPR agt Crowsnest 1952sd ORT4520
    Krieg EHCPR asst agt Mission 1947sd ORT5643
    Krumm LGCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd *
    Kubla AJCPR asst agt Tadanac 1950sd
    Kurucz ACPR agt Nakusp 1951sd ORT4108
    Kutzak WGCPR agt Field 1965sd
    Kyle WJCNR Pyramid 1920sd ORT1721 /d67
    Laidlaw JBCPR asst agt Penticton 1937sd ORT3818
    Laitenen JWCPR asst agt Salmon Arm 1911sd ORT1790
    Lamb JECNR BC Dis 1917sd ORT417
    Lambert LCCPR agt Kamloops, Walhachin 1945sd ORT2105
    Lamphear JVCPR agt Chase 1947sd ORT2318
    Lancaster JACNR asst agt BC Dis 1929sd ORT1509
    Langstaff KBCPR agt Salmon Arm, Kimberley 1923sd ORT953/1998
    Lanphear JVCPR agt leanchoil 1947sd ORT4707
    Larsen JECPR agt Yahk 1959sd, spr TD Nelson 1967sd ORT6360
    Lastuika RSCPR Mission 1966sd
    Laurie AHCPR agt Yahk 1936sd ORT1462/3221
    Laurie WFCNR BC Dis 1943sd
    Laurie WWCPR agt Michel 1919sd ORT1955
    Lea PGCPR agt Brookmere 1949sd ORT5652
    Leake CBCNR BC Dis 1926sd ORT1303
    Leggatt JCCNR BC Dis 1928sd ORT1297
    Leigh FRCPR spr, agt Mission City 1954sd, TD Vancouver 1965sd ORT5609
    Lennard EGCPR agt Vernon 1929sd ORT5615
    Leveque EJCPR agt Kaslo 1922sd ORT3200
    Levitt PACPR agt Stoney Creek 1949sd ORT5709
    Liddiatt AWCNR asst agt BC Dis 1918sd ORT1208
    Litchfield AHCPR agt Coquitlam swing, Kootenay 1949sd ORT2941/5721
    Little JACPR agt Armstrong 1922sd ORT1951
    Lim RCPR asst agt Lake Windermere 1948sd ORT5731
    Litva PCPR agt Enderby 1922sd ORT1970
    Livingstone DRCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd ORT
    Logan ACPR agt Creston 1913sd ORT946
    Lukianow WJCPR agt Castlegar 1952sd ORT4209
    Lukow TPCPR agt Ruby Creek 1948sd ORT4850
    Lulu RCPR agt Ashcroft 1964sd
    Lusk JLCPR Lineman Grand Forks 1935sd ORT3448
    Lypka JCPR agt Field spr 1950sd ORT3554
    MacArthur GDCNR BC Dis 1917sd ORT388
    Macaulay RME&N asst agt 1964sd
    Macdonald JHCNR BC Dis 1942sd ORT1814
    MacDonald TMCPR agt Revelstoke 1937sd, spr TD 1946, TD 1948 ORT1719/3660
    MacDonald WSCPR agt Vancouver 1909sd ORT497
    Mack RFCPR Lineman Golden 1942sd ORT4106
    Mackay GAE&N Vancouver Isl 1948-9 / CPRT 1950-7
    MacKenzie MRE&N agt 1942sd ORT2266
    MacKenzie RMCPR agt Nelson 1941sd, TD 1946 ORT1672/3584
    MacMillan DWCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1942sd
    MacMillan LGCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1941sd
    Malcolm HMCPR asst agt Osoyoos 1948sd ORT5705
    Malone GRCPR asst agt Kimberley 1949sd ORT5054
    Maloney JWCPR agt TD Revelstoke 1913sd ORT910
    Mara WGCPR agt Misson 1909sd ORT3494
    Marcoff MSCNR agt-op, TD
    Marshall AJCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd
    Mason ACPR Lardeau 1966sd

    Mason, Lee
    CPR opr - graveyard opr in Yahk BC Oct 19 1948 after working for the SP for a couple of yrs in Oregon
    . then went to Cranbrook, Jaffray, Wardner, Crowsnest, Michel, Nelson. Fernie, Farron, Grand Forks, Nicomen, North Bend, Ashcroft, Kamloops, vancouver
    . left CPR 1956 to work for Tektronix in Portland Oregon
    . see fa (NC Mason in SK)
    . ORT 2603/5648
    Mason OICPR agt Armstrong 1941sd ORT4136
    Mason OICPR agt Vernon 1942sd ORT1980
    Masur CHCPR agt Revelstoke 1951sd, spr TD 1954, TD 1960 ORT4029
    Martiin JECPR agt Kamloops 1928sd ORT3049
    Mausel ACPR agt Taft 1958sd ORT6558
    Mawson FECPR agt Creston Kootenay spr 1950sd ORT3520
    Maxwell DHCPR agt Notch Hill 1924sd ORT3175
    McAusland HVCPR asst agt Enderby 1949sd
    McBeath MTCPR agt Pt Hammond, Sirdar 1947sd ORT2577/5147
    McCallum KNE&N agt 1960sd ORT5984
    McLeod SRCPR asst agt Penticton 1948sd ORT5667
    McClure WBCNR BC Dis 1915sd ORT70
    McCoid JPCNR BC Dis 1920sd ORT668
    McCourt JE&N asst agt 1918sd ORT5850
    McCuaig JGCNR BC Dis 1918sd ORT606
    McDonald DCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1944sd
    McDonald DBCNR CD Kamloops 1979-85
    McDonald KGCNR Manitoba Division 1943, Smithers, BC 1957, Kamloops, BC 1960

    McDonald Wallace Stewart
    CPR agt 12 September 1964 in BC (parents Daniel McDonald & Catherine Stuart Elliott)
    . telegrapher in Charlottetown, according to the 1911 census
    . telegraph opr CPR in Cholt, BC, at the time of his signing up for WW1 (1914)
    . Later, on voter's lists, he gives his employer as CPR (1940)
    . b Charlottetown 16 Jan 1890
    McDowell JGCPR Lineman Revelstoke 1945sd ORT4508
    McEachern DFCPR spr Lineman 1950sd
    McElroy DCCPR agt Cranbrook 1965sd
    McElroy JECNR BC Dis 1941sd
    McFarlane DACNR BC Dis 1923sd ORT791
    McGarva JSCPR agt Lake Windermere 1958sd ORT6190
    McIntosh FCNR BC Dis 1944sd
    McIntosh NJCPR agt Savons 1917sd ORT1411
    McKay JCPR agt Greenwood 1926sd ORT2928
    McKay THCPR spr agt Vancouver 1950sd
    McKenzie GRCNR BC Dis 1912sd ORT266
    McKenzie RWCPR agt Revelstoke 1943sd ORT1979
    McLean AHCPR agt Vernon, Leanchoil 1946sd ORT2569/5283
    McMahon MBCPR agt Vernon, Albert Canyon 1943sd ORT2177, 4490
    McManus PDCPR agt RTD Mission City, 1938sd ORT1723/3685
    McMorland WCPR spr Vancouver 1966sd
    McMullen HCPR spr Kootenay 1966sd
    McNaughton DRMCNR Vancouver 1935, NAR TD & CTD
    McPherson DECNR BC Dis 1914sd ORT365
    McPherson NACPR agt RTD North Bend 1943sd ORT4167
    Mcrae WSCPR agt Princeton 1945sd
    Mead RCPR spr Revelstoke 1966sd
    Mead RWCPR agt Armstrong, Ashcroft 1938sd ORT1677/3589
    Melanson LACNR BC Dis 1925sd ORT1420
    Melvor Mrs FCPR asst agt Tadanar 1944sd ORT4926
    Mennie GACPR agt Salmon Arm 1939sd ORT1771/3754
    Mennie GECPR agt Sicamous 1935sd ORT3483
    Milroy SDCPR asst agt Trail 1949sd ORT5782
    Miller AECPR agt Armstrong 1951sd ORT4019
    Miller HTCPR agt Lytton 1956sd ORT5599
    Miller JCPR agt Yahk 1945sd
    Miller NSCPR agt Kaslo, Crowsnest 1941sd ORT1687/3603
    Miller RHCPR agt Tadanac 1923sd ORT1984
    Misurelli CCPR agt Crowsnest, spr revelstoke 1949sd ORT3043/5847
    Mitchell JWCPR agt Nelson, Summerland 1927sd ORT1325/2951
    Montgomery AGCNR BC Dis 1927sd ORT1279
    Moore JOCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1944sd
    Morgan GECPR agt Revelstoke 1941sd ORT1839/3855
    Morgan SE (Miss)CPR agt Revelstoke 1966sd

    Morley, Arthur Samuel
    CPR agt Slocan City 1916, Beavermouth 1932, Greenwood 1937/9
    . 18 Apr 1874 Arthur Samuel Morley (ASM) born Hove, Sussex England.
    . 1903-1904 Foster's Sault Ste. Marie Directory ASM baggageman
    . 18 Aug 1903 ASM married Elizabeth Jane Constant at Montreal, QC.
    . 14 Nov 1904 son Benjamin born at Algoma Mills, birth register at Blind River, ON cites ASM as telegrapher
    . 12 Apr 1906 dau Lily Victoria born Mattawa, ON. ASM agt/opr?
    . 23 Jul 1907 son Charles Edward born at Mattawa, ON. ASM CPR agt/opr?
    . Aug & Dec 1907 have envelopes addressed to Benjamin Morley at Kippawa (now Temiscaming)
    . 19 Jun 1910 son Charles Edward baptized Weston, ON abode given as Mattawa and ASM's profession as stn agt
    . 29 Jul 1910 son John Montague born at Mattawa, ON. ASM CPR Agt
    . 15 Feb 1914 son Eric Cecil born Trail, BC. ASM CPR Agt Tadanac.
    . 9 Non 1916 Nelson Daily News ASM arrived Slocan City, BC with family as CPR Agt replacing W A Hufty
    . Feb 1932 ASM was CPR Agt Beavermouth, BC
    . Spring 1937 ASM CPR Agt Greenwood, BC
    . April 1939 ASM retired to Grand Forks, BC & lived there until 1951
    . 4 Jun 1951 ASM died at St Vincents Hospital Vancouver, BC
    . 16 Aug 1966 Elizabeth Jane wife of ASM died at Grand Forks
    Morris JCCNR BC Dis 1906sd ORT90
    Morrissey JLCPR asst agt Merritt 1947sd ORT5146

    Morrison, Angus John
    CPR telegrapher abt 1910-15 poss Prince Rupert, Lorne Creek (also part of Dominion Govt Telg, Branch Line, Port Simpson-Hazelton on Yukon System)
    Morrison LSCPR agt Penticton, Tadanac 1942sd ORT2306, 4696
    Morrow MDCPR agt Revelstoke spr 1950sd, spr TD 1952, TD 1956 ORT3038/5842
    Motte IMCNR agt BC Dis 1943sd, TD 1944sd ORT1922
    Mountain GRE&N asst agt 1964sd ORT7143
    Munch WCPR spr Kootenay 1966sd
    Munro JLCPR agt Sicamous, Taft 1941sd ORT2226/4561
    Munson FMCNR BC Dis 1925sd ORT1639
    Murie JDCNR asst agt BC Dis 1925sd ORT1196
    Murphy FECNR BC Dis 1920sd ORT786
    Murray HDE&N agt 1962sd ORT6777
    Muschik CPCPR telegrapher, Golden sd1945,spr TD 1952, TD 1955, CTD 1955-83 ORT2517
    Myrhe HGCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd ORT1852
    Neil Wilf JCPR spr opr, Nelson, Crowsnest 1948sd ORT5426
    Nelson LGE&N asst agt 1959sd ORT6455
    Nelson VLCPR Lineman Cranbrook 1945sd ORT4539
    Neville JCPR spr Kootenay 1966sd
    Nicols ANCPR asst agt Kimberley 1937sd ORT3668
    Nichols FMCPR agt TD Revelstoke 1912sd ORT975
    Nistor KCCPR agt Penticton, Field 1948sd ORT2621/5435
    Noble TECPR agt Stoney Creek 1949sd ORT5651
    Noonan WWCNR BC Dis 1913sd ORT97
    Norris JECNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd
    Nunweiler AACNR TD Prince George 1948
    O'Meara JACNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd * ORT1853

    O'Neill Harry
    CNT messenger Kamloops 1960
    . then Vancouver as address clerk & route aid
    . then Yukon Watson Lake 1962
    . teleprinter opr transferring to Saskatoon 1962 early night clerk
    . North Battleford SK opr 1965
    . transferred to Saskatoon 1966 as automatic opr
    . remained Saskatoon until 1976
    . layoff prior to CNT shutting down
    . to Kelowna BC relief opr 1 summer (also listed in SK)
    O'Neill EJCPR agt Field 1941sd ORT4627
    O'Neill JECPR agt Kamloops 1942sd ORT2264
    O'Rourke MJCPR agt Crowsnest, Fernie 1948sd ORT2289/4671
    O'Shea CFCPR agt Tadanac 1954sd ORT4434
    Oakes RDCPR agt Chase 1947sd ORT5308
    Ober RACPR rlf agt Vancouver 1941sd ORT4480
    Oberson ARCNR BC Dis 1914sd ORT439
    Olsen ACCPR asst agt Tadanac 1948sd ORT5614
    Olsen CACPR agt Grand Forks, Canoe 1926sd ORT1130/2324
    Olsen P WalterCPR & PGE opr Pacific Division Agassiz, Ruby Creek, Yale, Lytton, Ashcroft, Walhashin 1955-6 / swing shift Lytton, Ashcroft, Walhasbin 1956 / CPX / ORT4959-7 r/93
    Olsen ANCPR spr agt Vancouver 1950sd
    Olson ANCPR Thomson Sub (Kamloops-North Bend), Lytton 1966-9 1951sd ORT4426
    Osborne JLCNR BC Dis 1925sd ORT1085
    Owens DACPR agt Midway 1945 sd
    Owens SDCPR agt Midway 1913sd ORT852
    Ozerow PICPR agt Agassiz 1951sd ORT4453
    Pagliaro RECPR agt Golden 1965sd
    Pake RACNR BC Dis 1917sd ORT511
    Palmason NWCPR agt Cranbrook 1946sd ORT5237

    Parks EW
    CPR opr 1988-92, TD 1992-6 Revelstoke

    Parsons FE
    CNR 1946-1949? Opr Albreda, Avola & Blue River, BC
    1949-1951 Opr Vancouver CN/GN Stn then Agt/Opr Goodwater, SK
    1951-1954 Agt/Opr Clyde, AB
    1954-1968 Opr. "MO" office & Opr. Calder train order office, Edmonton AB
    1968-1971 Agt/Opr Telkwa, BC
    1971-1980 Opr Calder train order office, Edmonton AB
    retired1980, d1992
    Partridge JGCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd
    Past RHCPR agt Yale, Farron 1945sd ORT2205
    Paterson CDE&N rlf asst agt (summers) ?sd
    Paterson DECPR agt Michel 1944sd
    Paterson GHCNR BC Dis 1943sd ORT1802
    Paterson JHCPR agt Chase 1920sd ORT1317
    Patterson RE&N agt 1949sd ORT3960
    Paul AOCPR agt Armstrong 1958sd ORT6202
    Pawson DSCNR BC Dis 1942sd ORT1834
    Pedlar HSCNR BC Dis 1921sd ORT512
    Pelletier JACNR BC Dis 1925sd ORT848
    Petreny JCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1942sd
    Petriew NormCPR agt Natal, Michel, 1st trick opr Sparwood 1949sd ORT2495/5011
    Philip JACNR Vancouver 1942 1928sd ORT1403
    Phillips FCNR asst agt BC Dis 1920sd ORT1798
    Phillips GACPR agt TD North Bend 1912sd ORT768
    Phillips JHCPR Lineman Jessica 1928sd ORT4149
    Pickering WHCNR BC Dis 1918sd ORT507
    Pippolo CCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd
    Playdon WCPR spr Kootenay 1966sd
    Pointer LWCPR Glenogle 1948sd ORT5488
    Popienko JCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1942sd *
    Popoff ECPR Castlegar 1966sd
    Popoff PPCPR agt Colvalli 1957sd ORT5849
    Porta RACPR agt Nelson, Field 1944sd, spr TD 1951, TD 1952 ORT2176
    Porter TDCPR asst agt spr Vancouver 1950sd
    Potosky JTCPR agt Beavermouth 1945sd
    Potter GFCPR Michel 1949sd ORT5567
    Presley LSCPR agt Campbell Creek 1918sd ORT1567
    Proctor HHCPR agt RTD Cranbrook 1944sd
    Proctor CGCPR agt Nelson, Cranbrook 1946sd, spr TD 1957 ORT2419/4887
    Proctor WRCPR agt RTD Nelson 1943sd ORT2308, 4695
    Purdy FLCPR agt Coquitlam 1919sd ORT1688
    Rambold NMCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1944sd ORT1977
    Ramsay JOCNR asst agt BC Dis 1941sd ORT1575
    Rankel DFCPR agt Mission City 1954sd ORT6225
    Rathchford JCNR asst agt BC Dis 1926sd
    Rear AWCPR agt Nelson, Revelstoke 1942sd, spr TD 1951, TD 1951 ORT1973, 4126
    Reeve RFCPR agt Stoney Creek 1945sd
    Rehmann LVCPR agt Sirdar 1929sd ORT3191
    Ricjardson HRGCPR asst agt Abbotsford 1947sd ORT5564
    Richardson RICPR spare 1948sd ORT5453

    Richmond Delano Joseph
    CNR op 1965sd Lytton BC to Valemont BC SRB 669309
    Richmond FJCNR BC Dis 1924sd ORT1513
    Riddell WWCNR asst agt BC Dis 1920sd ORT1565
    Riedel RCPR agt West Summerland 1957sd ORT6030
    Robertson GACPR agt Revelstoke 1906sd ORT288
    Robertson JHCNR asst agt BC Dis 1918sd ORT1848
    Robertson RKCPR agt Tadanac 1945sd
    Robin AECNR BC Dis 1920sd ORT853
    Robin CECNR BC Dis 1926sd ORT1285
    Robinson DACPR spr Revelstoke 1966sd
    Robinson JWCPR agt Crowsnest 1949sd ORT5618

    Robison HS (Bert)
    CPR agt Field, Slocan City, Roseberry 1945sd ORT2455/2229
    Robinson RGCPR asst agt Abbostford 1950sd ORT554
    Roddan FICPR agt spr Kettle Valley 1949sd ORT5780
    Romano PCPR agt Armstrong 1943sd ORT2163, 4667
    Ross GMCPR agt Tadanac 1908sd ORT589
    Ross GECPR agt Revelstoke, Glacier 1943sd ORT2028, 4216
    Rowland DSCPR agt Coquitlam 1939sd ORT2377
    Roy JACPR agt Sicamous 1957sd ORT6366
    Roy Max LCPR Telegrapher 1956-57 , NAR 1959-60, PGE/BCR 1960-91

    Roy, Paul D
    CPR opr 1956-58, NAR 1959-60, PGE BCR Opr/Train Dispr
    National President of Canadian Association of train Dispatchers from 1977-1996
    Rush IWE&N agt 1941sd ORT2149
    Russell WHCPR agt Lytton 1965sd
    St Marie HCCPR agt Golden 1919sd ORT1987
    Sahaydak JVCPR agt Vancouver, Nelson 1941sd, spr TD 1947, TD 1950 ORT1669/3580
    Salter FRCNR BC Dis 1913sd ORT1434
    Sanderson FLCNR asst agt BC Dis 1925sd ORT1693
    Sapriken JCPR spr Kootenay 1966sd
    Salmond WJCPR opr Sparwood 2nd trick opr
    Sargent VHCPR asst agt Trail 1947sd ORT5448
    Savard NJE&N agt 1962sd, Victoria spr TD 1963, TD 1965 ORT6454
    Sawka OJCNR TD Prince George 1953sd
    Schuck SJCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1942sd * ORT1750
    Schultz ACCPR spr agt Revelstoke 1965sd
    Schusser GCPR Lineman 1944sd ORT4356
    Scott JFCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1944sd ORT1961
    Scott JMCPR agt Salmon Arm 1940sd ORT2199/4523
    Sekora NDCNR agt BC Dis 1942sd, TD1943sd ORT1768
    Semenchuk WFCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd *
    Senetza HJCPR agt Field 1957sd ORT5680
    Senkerik DL (Mrs)E&N asst agt 1965sd
    Sessions GCCNR BC Dis 1921sd ORT1594
    Shannon ATCPR agt spr Vancouver 1949sd ORT/5755
    Sharpe ERCPR agt Golden, Penticton 1941sd ORT1703/3638
    Sharpe PJCPR agt TD North Bend 1939sd ORT4146
    Shaver JHCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1944sd
    Sherman, KennethCNR op 1973, CTD Kamloops (see bros AB)
    Sherstenko, WCNR (op, tower, lever, 999 service op, TD)
    Shore MMCPR agt Abbotsford 1910sd ORT3041
    Shorrock RCPR agt Beavermouth 1957sd ORT5724
    Silver GRCNR asst agt BC Dis 1926sd ORT1205
    Silvera ?CNR Hutton Mills 1940s
    Simpson CCNR BC Dis 1943sd ORT1861
    Sirriani DTCPR spr Lineman 1950sd ORT5769
    Skattebol HCNR BC Dis 1915sd ORT500

    Sloan, William
    CPR telegrapher 1914 Field
    Skaley NWCPR agt Vernon, Grand Forks 1943sd ORT2147, 4438
    Smith FMCPR agt Abbotsford, Osoyoos 1927sd ORT1132/2327
    Smith JMCNR Alert Bay
    Smith LCNR towerman BC Dist 1913sd ORT928
    Smith LRCPR agt OLA 1937sd ORT3671
    Smith RMJCPR spr Revelstoke 1965sd
    Smith WCPR agt Grand Forks 1914sd ORT901
    Smoroden TCPR apr Kootenay 1966sd
    Smuin FWCPR agt Salmon Arm, Beavermouth 1946sd ORT2460/4945
    Smuin GLCPR agt Chase, Beavermouth 1946sd ORT2445/4921
    Solomon, EdOpr - Left the rwy about 1964 - Passed away in Nanoose Bay, BC May 2005
    Soon ARCPR agt Penticton, Glacier 1948sd ORT3916/5580
    Spence KTE&N agt 1949sd ORT3151
    Spencer NCPR Beaverdell 1966sd
    Spowart AACPR agt Golden 1919sd ORT1839
    Squibb HECNR BC Dis 1912sd
    Staley AJCPR Towerman Hope 1947sd ORT5662
    Staley KVCPR asst agt Coquitlam 1948sd ORT5794
    Stankovan GCPR agt Rosebery 1952sd ORT4607
    Staples JWCPR Kootney Sub 1946-54, Cranbrook swing op 1954, 1948sd ORT2621/5211
    Stebbing MBCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd ORT
    Steed WPCPR agt Revelstoke, Albert Canyon 1936sd ORT1564/3404
    Steinger RMCPR asst agt Penticton 1949sd ORT5049
    Stephens JGCNR BC Dis 1916sd ORT444
    Steuart Miss DKCPR asst agt Penticton 1940sd ORT4300
    Stevenson MCPR agt Fernie 1948sd ORT5270
    Stewart CCPR asst agt Armstrong 1920sd ORT5332
    Stewart CHCPR agt Allenby 1945 sd
    Stewart DECPR agt RTD Penticton, Revelstoke 1938sd ORT1762/3741
    Stewart FHCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd
    Stewart GCPR spr agt Revelstoke 1960sd
    Stewart WBCPR spr agt Revelstoke 1965sd
    Stewart WJCPR agt Cranbrook, Arrowhead 1939sd ORT1618/3497
    Stickland FCCNR asst agt BC Dis 1919sd ORT673
    Stokalko John OCNR
    Storey PRCPR agt Fernie 1912sd ORT772
    Strang Arthur PCNR Terrace /d73
    Suggitt LGCPR agt Penticton, Salmon Arm 1937sd ORT3552
    Swan HKCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1942sd *
    Swenson LHCPR agt spr Kootenay 1950sd
    Szostak GFE&N asst agt 1966sd
    Talarico MCPR agt Creston 1939sd ORT1996/4161
    Tallon PVCNR BC Dis 1917sd ORT1504
    Taylor EACPR agt Erickson 1920sd ORT1793
    Thatchuk MCPR agt spr Vancouver 1950sd
    Thederahn PCPR asst agt Rossland 1947sd ORT5437
    Thomas HVCPR agt Kimberley, Hope 1929sd ORT1510/3307
    Thomas Norman ACNR agt r/97
    Thompson DHCNR BC Dis 1927sd ORT1447
    Thompson JDCNR asst agt BC Dis 1928sd
    Thompson JGCNR asst agt BC Dis 1939sd ORT1659
    Thomson WC CNR Kamloops
    Threatful ACPR agt Revelstoke, Moyie 1945sd, spr TD 1952, TD 1954 ORT2565
    Tilley WMCNR BC Dis 1912sd ORT1491
    Timms WDCPR asst agt Midway 1948sd ORT5643
    Todhunter DCCPR agt Vancover, Spences Bridge 1944sd ORT2210
    Tomblin JRCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1944sd
    Tonks AJCPR agt OLA 1918sd ORT1535
    Tozer GVCPR spr Lineman 1949sd ORT5825
    Tree FSCPR agt Savona, Sicamous 1941sd ORT2263/4623
    Treen RRCPR agt Lake Windermere 1928sd ORT3694
    Tribe AWCPR asst agt Penticton 1948sd ORT5703
    Tull LCCPR asst agt Vernon 1920sd ORT1892
    Turner RMCPR agt New Westminster 1910sd ORT516
    Unicume RCE&N asst agt 1966sd
    Vanderburgh JECPR asst agt Oliver 1949sd ORT5793
    Vanderburgh JWCPR asst agt West Summerland 1948sd ORT5533
    Vanderburgh WCCPR agt Oliver 1922sd ORT1338
    Venables CDCNR asst agt BC Dis 1920sd ORT1002
    Vere RCPR Yahk 1966sd
    Vipond JCCPR agt Trail 1928sd ORT2262
    Vredik JoeCPR Revelstoke 1951-57 Dispatcher & CTD PGE/BCRail 1957-88
    Wagner RHCPR agt spr Kootenay 1950sd
    Wardle RHCNR BC Dis 1918sd ORT406
    Warner WWCPR agt Nelson, North Bend 1946sd, spr TD 1951, TD 1953 ORT2454
    Wasylik YMCPR agt Revelstoke 1946sd ORT2672, spr TD 1951, TD 1952 ORT5211
    Watkins RE&N asst agt 1947sd ORT4217
    Watkins WCPR agt Field 1925sd ORT2084
    Watson ADCPR agt McOnnel 1945sd
    Watson CNAR 1945-65
    Weatherly DECNR BC Dis 1943sd ORT1869
    Weatherley GSCPR agt TD Revelstoke 1938sd ORT3594
    Webster THCNR BC Dis 1928sd ORT1226
    Weiland DWCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd ORT1892
    Wenschlag MLCPR asst agt Trail 1949sd ORT5766
    Weppler Leonard GCNR Swan River /d73
    Wharton HJCPR spr Vancouver 1966sd
    Wiebe CRCPR agt Natal 1937sd ORT2967
    White DCCPR agt Allenby 1924sd ORT1591
    White JWCCNR asst agt BC Dis 1928sd * ORT1316
    Whitehead JECPR agt Kamloops 1963sd ORT7264
    Whitehead TJCPR agt Spences Bridge 1938sd ORT3267
    Whitmore ADCPR agt Crowsnest 1964sd
    Whittaker JSE&N agt 1951sd, spr TD Victoria 1960, TD 1961 ORT3827
    Whyte DCPR agt Field 1942sd ORT3940
    Wick AJE&N spr, agt 1956sd, TD 1961 Victoria, TD 1962sd ORT3691
    Will GrantCPR agt Sparwood 1970s
    Willan DWCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1944sd
    Willan FWCNR agt/opr BC Dis 1943sd *
    Williams HCNR BC Dis 1941sd ORT1755
    Willis JCPR agt Cascade 1910sd ORT573
    Williston NMCPR agt TD North Bend 1936sd ORT3269
    Wilson JACPR agt Nelson 1920sd ORT2856
    Winstanley GCPR asst agt Michel 1949sd ORT5783
    Withers ECPR agt Wardner 1949sd ORT5613
    Withler FTCNR BC Dis 1917sd ORT498
    Wright CCCPR agt Notch Hill 1947sd ORT5331
    Wright DLCPR spr Vancouver 1949sd ORT5634
    Wright LECPR agt Sinclair 1941sd ORT3991
    Wright RWCPR agt Kamloops 1936sd ORT3406
    Wood TSCPR Lineman 1944sd ORT4214
    Wood WACPR spr agt Revelstoke 1965sd
    Yawrenko GCPR spr Lineman 1949sd ORT5797
    Yerex JT CPR Vancouver 1943-50 / CNR AB (see SK also)
    York AECPR agt TD Revelstoke 1925sd ORT2189
    Young CCCPR agt TD OLA 1924sd ORT2142
    Young DMCPR agt Spences Bridge 1962sd
    Young JHCNR BC Dis 1907sd
    Young KJCPR agt RTD Revelstoke 1941sd, spr TD 1950, TD 1951 ORT1908/4014
    Young RFCPR agt Nelson 1922sd ORT3064

    Yurik Jack F
    CPR opr 1946-7 Asst Agt Kimberley
    . Spare Board var stns Kettle Valley Div 1947-9
    . 1949-56 opr Kootenay Div Fernie, Armstrong, Creston ORT4941
    Zieroth, FWORT lineman 5th Dis Vancouver 1945
    Zoobkoff WCPR agt Cranbrook 1951sd ORT3896

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