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Canadian Railway Telegraph Geneology

Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy
Agents, Operators, Dispatchers

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  • ort / ORT = Order of Railroad Telegraphers
  • sd / SD = Seniority Date
  • TD / Dis = Train Dispatcher
  • CTD = Chief Train Disptacher
  • ACTD = Assistant Chief Train Dispatcher
  • agt / AGT = Agent
  • opr / OPR = Operator
  • swg / Swg = swg
  • rlf / RLF Relief
  • mvt / MVT = Movement
  • dir / DIR = Director
  • mgr / MGR = Manager
  • Superv = Supervisor
  • var / VAR = Various
  • stn(s) / STNS = station(s)
  • Asst = Assistant
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    CPR Senority 1950 Manitoba Division No.7
    LAST NAME, First Name (Initials)Canadian Railway - Known Stations and Years
    Acheson TS CPR (relief op) 1895
    Adam GRCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1941sd
    Adlam WTCNR 1925sd ORT979
    Albert JACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd
    Albertson HHCNR 1916sd ORT456
    Albright DECNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd ORT1976
    Allard EJCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1919sd ORT667
    Allen WMCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1918sd ORT982
    Amos FKCPR agt 1Brandon 1950sd, TD Brandon 1960sd ORT3898
    Anaka ?CNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Anderson BDCNR opr Thompson 1968sd
    Anderson Frank SCNR Portage-Brandon Div / Medstead SK / NAR Grand Prairie 1970-81
    Anderson FSCCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd ORT1934
    Anderson SJCNR 1917sd ORT432
    Anserson JR CPR Pipestone 1893
    Arbez GJCPR spr board Portage Div 1947-9, var 1949-55, Domain 1955-61, 'VD' office Winnipeg 1961-81, TD op 1981-6 sd 1947 ORT 2386
    Arbogast JACNR 1917sd ORT501
    Archer ACNR 1919sd ORT638
    Armson ET CPR Carievale 1895
    Armstrong RRCNR opr spr 1966sd
    Armstrong WALCNR 1915sd ORT645
    Arnold FJCNR 1913sd ORT218
    Arnold JECNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1904sd ORT54
    Arnold WDCNR opr Wabowden (abol Jun85) 1970sd
    Atkinson EDCNR 1920sd ORT722
    Atkinson TGCPR La Riviere 1893
    Aubin JWCNR 1915sd ORT384
    Auger JVOCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1927sd *
    Avery HCCPR agt Medora 1942sd ORT1967
    Avery JMCNR 1913sd ORT204
    Ayotte CCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Backett RFCNR Winnipeg TD /d67
    Bacon KJCNR opr spr 1974sd
    Bagan MyronCNR Dauphin Div
    Bagan MJCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd
    Baisley GCCNR 1922sd ORT814
    Baisley JFCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd ORT1872
    Baisley JFBCNR opr Grandview 1945
    Balanyk SCPR agt Whitemouth 1944sd ORT2065
    Barda MarkCNR agt 1967sd
    Barker JECNR 1957sd
    Barnes CEFCNR 1929sd ORT1335
    Barnes C MrsCPR agt spr 1957sd ORT5791
    Barnett JHCNR 1915sd ORT312
    Barsby HTCPR agt Dominion City 1944sd ORT1832
    . stn agt Dominion City MB Nov 1955 until stn closed early 1970s
    . also at Tantallon SK July 1950-Nov 1955
    . Prior to that Raith ON
    Bartley NHCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1921sd ORT1747
    Batty JDCNR 1911sd ORT236
    Baudin CECNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd ORT1939
    Baxter ACCNR 1915sd
    Bayton ? CPR (fa of below)
    Bayton EWCPR Winnipeg Beach (Ass't Agent) 1944 / Broadview SK / Fort William / Brandon MAN TD * sd1949 ORT 2139
    Beaton WSCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1938sd, agt Manitoba Dist 1939sd * ORT1460
    Beaulieu CECNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1908sd ORT448
    Beaumont JACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd ORT1900
    Beckett RFCNR 1939sd ORT1470
    Beckett RFCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1941sd * ORT1700
    Bedwell TBCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1912sd ORT2016
    Beggs JICNR 1913sd ORT287
    Belanger JPCNR 1916sd ORT438
    Bennett AJCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1919sd
    Benson F CNR Manitoba 19??
    Bent RLCNR opr 1945
    Bentley HCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1920sd
    Benyk NCNR opr Sherridon 1979sd (abol Jun85)
    Bernstrom CVHCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd
    Berry MCCNR 1922sd ORT859
    Bettin JJACNR 1942sd ORT1175
    Bickford JHCNR 1919sd ORT654

    Bicknell Arthur Lawrence
    . started CNR 1923 as apprentice Telegrapher
    . 1926 made telegrapher
    . worked in Manitoba Dist until retired 1970
    . worked many places on south line from Fort William-Winnipeg
    . north line from Fort William-Sioux Lookout
    . main line Sioux Lookout-Winnipeg
    . during Depression worked at clerking jobs with track crews
    . stns include Atikokan, Conmee, Rainy River, Neebing
    . was day shift opr Neebing Yrd when retired
    . passed away in Woodstock, ON Sep 30 1990 - He was a prime mover in the founding of the CN Pensioners Ass'n Thunder Bay
    . 1926sd ORT1361
    Bigelow EM CPR Poplar Point 1895
    Birch EACNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1937sd ORT1414
    Birch WCNR 1911sd ORT224
    Black DHCNR opr 1950sd
    Blackwell JBCNR 1915sd ORT352
    Blair CMCNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis ORT 1910sd ORT274, Local chairman Portage-Brandon-Oakville 1945
    Bloudoff WBCNR 1923sd ORT866
    Blow PACNR 1916sd
    Boivin WACNR 1914sd ORT328
    Bolton JHCPR agt Oak River 1952sd ORT4613
    Bonot JRCNR TD Winnipeg 1950
    Borden BM Cranberry Portage 1945
    Borden SMCNR 1919sd ORT1132
    Boretski JCNR opr Baudette (abol Apr 30/85) 1944sd ORT1962
    Boreyko BWCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd ORT2021
    Bosc RGCNR 1928sd ORT1355
    Boucher JHCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1915sd ORT476
    Boucher JHORT local chairman Winnipeg 1945sd
    Boughen JECNR opr spr 1978sd
    Bourrett JBCNR 1916sd ORT1235
    Bouvier EdouardCNR opr early 1970s MB, BC & Northern ON - stns incl Prince Rupert, Boston Bar BC, Valora ON, & Churchill, Morris & Gillam MB (Jean, Pierre, Richard in SK - bro below)
    Bouvier RaymondCNR opr early 1970s-79 in MB & AB - stns incl Edson Grand Center, & Wainwright AB, Flin Flon, Woodridge, Sprague, & Churchill MB & others (Jean, Pierre, Richard in SK - bro below / wife below Smith, Jan)
    Bouvier RobertCNR opr early 1970s Thomson (see also Bouvier (Jean, Pierre, Richard in SK - bro above)
    Bowers VRCNR 1928sd * ORT1486

    Bowman, WJ(Bill)
    CNR 1945-47 Tower Manitoba opr Leverman opr Pacific Junction, opr Vivian, opr Millage
    . ON agt/opr 1948-9 Ochre River
    . MB Agt opr 1950-52 Grandview, Agt opr Camp Shilo, Agt opr Jones
    . ON Agt opr Umphreville, Agt opr 1953 Homefield
    . MB Agt opr 1954 Alonsa, Agt opr 1955 Sherridan, Agt opr Kipling
    . SK Agt opr 1956 Pinewood
    . ON CNR/DWP 3rd trick opr 1957-66 Fort Frances, 2nd trick opr 1967-71 Blue River, opr Millage, opr Jones, agt opr Pinewood
    . BC 1967-71 2nd trick opr Vavenby, 2nd trick opr Telkwa, agt opr Fort Langley, Agt opr Hope, Agt opr 1973-82 Port Mann, Thornton Yd, Surrey, B.C. Service Rep
    . 1945sd /r1982

    Bowiec John
    CPR telegrapher Rennie
    . worked spr board at almost every stn on Kenora Div to Oct 1957
    . bid on swing job at Portage La Prairie
    . agt East Hawk Lake, ON to 3 June 1960
    . 18 May 1952sd (also in ON)
    Boyle JCPR Morris 1888
    Boyle Steven WCPR morse op 1953, Dryden wchf 1958, Thunder Bay ON Virden Winnipeg /q74
    Bradford JTCNR 1917sd ORT493
    Bradley Leonard JCNR agt
    . started 1945 after WWII in RCAF
    . Roblin last stn
    . Sadly, Len passed away at age 89 in Prince Albert 09 MAr 2008
    . Click here to open comprehensive study of railway career
    Brasher JRCNR 1942sd ORT1761
    Brasher SMCNR 1919sd ORT517
    Bray GHCNR 1926sd ORT961
    Brewster NHCPR
    Brisbin HS CPR Lauder 1895
    Brisson LJCNR 1927sd ORT1546
    Bristow SWCNR 1928sd ORT1338
    Bromley PG CPR Boissevain 1896
    Broomfield CRCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd ORT2012
    Brosnyak GCNR TD Winnipeg 1967sd
    Brown BWDauphin Div 1962-7, Kamsack 1967-70 1962sd
    Brown GHCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1918sd
    Brown HACNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1942sd ORT1771
    Brown HDCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1923sd
    Brown HJCNR 1923sd ORT1192
    Brown JRCNR 1917sd ORT1529
    Brown RTCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1941sd ORT1699
    Bruce DR CPR Holland 1890
    Brundson NRCNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1909sd ORT168
    Brunet JECNR 1925sd ORT973
    Bruyere DDCNR 1942sd ORT1770
    Bruyere HECNR 1914sd ORT324
    Bruyere JLCNR 1913sd ORT330
    Buananan DA CPR winnipeg 1927
    Buchanan GBCPR agt Brandon 1961sd ORT6864
    Buehrer SRCNR 1916sd ORT162
    Bulloch WRCNR opr Winnipeg (hotbox) 1967sd
    Burdenuk ECNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd
    Burr MPCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd * ORT1968
    Burtniak WHCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd ORT2027

    Busby Cecil Boyd
    CNR/CPR agt
    . started in 1946 as a relief agent across MB & SK, Reston MB was his first station. He was 17 years old.
    . Settled in Brandon MB as a train dispatcher in 1951. Transferred into Winnipeg Office in 1974. Retired in 1986TD Brandon 1951sd ORT2321 (passed Oct 18th/2015)
    Bush JS CPR Clearwater 1891

    Busler JW
    CNR asst agt Manitoba Dist Flin Flon / possibly also in SK & BC / 1944sd ORT1990
    Busselle GACNR 1924sd
    Butler AGCNR 1936sd ORT1458
    Butler AWCNR 1912sd ORT98
    Butler FJCPR agt Austin 1955sd ORT6768
    Cairns CWCNR 1927sd ORT1412
    Cairns GACNR * 1911sd
    Cameron CACNR 1918sd ORT1265
    Cameron RCCNR 1941sd ORT1500
    Campbell AnsonGTP/CNR 1915-54, Winnipeg 1954 /r54
    Campbell ABCNR 1915sd ORT906
    Campbell CCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1937sd ORT1651

    Campbell George
    CPR Commercial Opr 1941-61
    . com Agt/operator Portage la Prairie July 1 1943-Oct 1943
    . com opr WN Winnipeg Oct 1943 until called to RCNVR Apr 17 1944
    . com opr WN Winnipeg Nov 17 1945 - transferred DQ Dryden ON Sep 27 1947
    . T Chief (Wire Chief) DQ Dryden Sep 27 1947-Jun 30 1957
    . Broadcast Controller WO Winnipeg July 1 1957-Sep 30 1961
    . Resigned Sep 30 1961
    Campbell RHCNR opr 1980sd
    Campbell WHCPR agt Brandon 1943sd ORT1959
    Campbell WRCNR 1913sd ORT1100
    Cann WJ CPR Deloraine 1897
    Cannon FHCNR 1926sd ORT1502
    Carey NT CPR LaSalle 1897

    Carlson Glenn
    CNR July 1948 asst agt Fairlight Sk
    . opr Emo & Quibell, Red Lake Road ON
    . July 1950 many places east of Wpeg to Armstrong, & on South Line Wpeg to Lakehead
    . Ptge Brandon Division for short while
    . Winnipeg to Armstrong & Wpeg to Lakehead (south line}
    . 1952 moved from Niddrie ON. to Brandon Shilo Swing
    . 1953 to East Tower & stayed at East tower & Portage Depot until resigning Aug. 1969
    . approximately 35 moves
    . Industrial Arts teacher in Portage la Prairie until retirement 1989
    1948sd (see also SK)

    Carlson R Charles
    CNR telegrapher - working approx 60 places various positions retiring 1988 as supvr CN headquarters Winnipeg - Aug 03 1951sd, /r 1988
    Caron LGCNR Montreal TD /d67
    Carroll GWCNR 1913sd ORT329
    Carroll JACNR 1942sd ORT1690
    Carson FE CPR Teulon 1898
    Casemore RSCPR agt Neepawa 1956sd ORT5497
    Caspell RWCNR opr spr 1978sd
    Cassie FCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1915sd ORT477
    Caughill GACPR agt Treherne 1939sd ORT1739
    Caven JW CPR Holmfield 1895
    Cawley RMCNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1908sd ORT971
    Chanway PCNR 1943sd *
    Chapman EICNR 1925sd ORT2001
    Chapman FACNR 1920sd ORT1143
    Chapman FRCNR 1923sd * ORT914
    Chapman OWCNR 1911sd ORT33
    Charlton RJCNR 1926sd ORT1522
    Charron JJCNR 1915sd ORT1545
    Charron JRR CNR Gypsumville, Terminal op 1951-3 / CPR Terminal op 'UN' & 'Q' office 1953 / 'R' office Port Arthur ON, 'RS' office Kenora
    Charron ? CNR Gypsumville (fa of above)
    Chartrand JMCNR TD Winnipeg 1968sd
    Christoffersen MRCPR agt spr 1964sd ORT7034
    Church JACNR 1916sd ORT283
    Clarkin ECNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1907sd ORT96
    Claridge WHCPR agt Minnedosa 1957sd ORT5723
    Clayton BBCNR opr Winnipeg 1951sd
    Clayton MCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1921sd ORT1790
    Clement GKCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd
    Code ECCNR RTD Winnipeg 1972sd
    Code GCCNR 1922sd ORT1941
    Code GWCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Coffey ECCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1928sd ORT1165
    Cole ACCPR relief opr before holding down Forrest, 1943-62 (fa of below) /r62

    Cole G Deane
    CPR relief agt-opr Rapid City, Strathclair, Shoal Lake, Birtle, Oak Lake, Alexander, Virden, Elkhorn, Bienfait, Antler, Austin, Holland, Trehern, Brandon Yd Office, Kenton on Lenore Sub /r1990 (ham opr VE7GDC)
    Coleman AE CPR Crystal City 1891
    Coleman JCCPR agt spre Man Dis 1951sd ORT3572
    Collen GLCPR agt spr 1965sd ORT7113
    Collins FECNR opr 1966sd
    Colloton RE CPR Portage La Prairie 1896

    Connelly, Cornelius Constance 'Connie'
    CNR 1913sd Ste. Agathe ORT292
    . Sometime after 'Connie' secured his rail station assignment in Ste. Agathe, he sent for my Grandma to travel from Ireland (they were both born on Arranmore Island, Co. Donegal, Ireland) to join him in Manitoba. As per his detailed letter to her, following her sea-passage, she was to travel by train, of course, to Manitoba. I believe they married somewhere in Manitoba, though I'm unsure of the year or town where they married.
    . During the depression, my Mom saw men riding the railcars (boxcars?). They'd knock on the door asking my Grandma for a sandwich in exchange for work. Mom also mentioned the train was sometime referred to as 'the carpet-cutter'. I'd guess someone forgot to bring in the rug after cleaning it on the rails! (A few notes from his granddaughter's email that are neat.)
    Coombs CWCNR 1920sd ORT753
    Coombs PHCNR 1915sd ORT1400
    Cook WWCNR swing opr Portage La Prairie 1948
    Cook KMCPR agt Altona 1960sd ORT6264
    Cooke JWCNR 1919sd ORT699
    Cooke LACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd *
    Cooper CRCNR 1943sd ORT1777
    Copeland DCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Corbett AECPR agt Napinka 1948sd ORT2641
    Corbett, JJ 1. Grdfa: CORBETT WB, b1885, CPR agt in Snowflake, Holmfield, Clearwater, Crystal City; ret 1950

    2. Son: CORBETT WJ, b1916, CPR op/agt CPR Portage La Prairie, Winnipeg Beach, Poplar Point, Snowflake, Clearwater, Napinka, Wapella,Sk., & back to Portage. Promoted CSC Supr. 1972; ret 1977. After retirement, made a 27 year comittment to the Fort la Reine Museum in Portage involved in railroad exhibits. A part of the area was named after him, Corbett's Crossing!

    3. Son: CORBETT CE(Bud), b1918, CPR op/agt Meadows, Tilston, Stockholm(Sk), Bienfait(Sk) promoted CSC Supr. Oxbow(Sk) 1972; ret 1982

    4. Son: CORBETT AE(the Kid), b1925, CPR op/agt for CPR Snowflake, Rosenfeld, Napinka(Agt) then opr when CSC arrived; ret 1984

    5. Grdson/Son: (WJ); CORBETT JJ, b1950, CPR Asst.Agt/Op/Relief; Asst agt Winkler, Wapella, relief agt, Wapella, Macgregor, Kenton, Inglis, Darlingford, Whitewood; Relief opr, Neepawa, Bienfait and Portage La Prairie; Regional Tranportation Dept, Wpg, 1971/73. Member BRAC; Resigned to join RCMP.

    6. Grdson/Son(CE): CORBETT WC, b1948, Maintainance of Way/Relief /perm.Op, Sk/BC/Ab; Bienfait, Nelson, Nakusp, Gleichen, Bassano, Brooks, Gull Lake, Aldersyde, (perm) Suffield, Dunmore, Medicine Hat, and Calgary. Member BRAC/RCTC; Ret 2004

    Details kindly provided by JJC - email contact in column

    Cormier FACNR 1916sd ORT1547
    Costello CCNR 1917sd ORT1326
    Costello JCNR 1927sd ORT1510
    Costello PACNR 1918sd ORT1016
    Coughlin JTCNR 1918sd ORT1147
    Coutts RJCNR 1926sd ORT1049
    Cox JECNR 1915sd ORT199
    Cox WHCNR 1941sd ORT1723
    Crabb WGCNR 1929sd ORT1817
    Craig MACNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1930sd ORT1241
    Cramer EECNR Emerson 1951sd (abol Apr1985)
    Crane WGCNR 1917sd ORT467
    Craven ERCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd * ORT1730
    Crearer RWGCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Crinks FLCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1942sd ORT1956
    Christian WHCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1935sd ORT1212
    Cullen GBCNR 1919sd
    Cullen GDFBCNR 1941sd
    Curle CRCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd * ORT2023
    Curll HE Carman 1897
    Curry MLCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd
    Curry WWCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1926sd ORT1993
    Cutts E CNR stations? 44 years on CN years?
    Dake JCNR 1920sd
    Dalinger ACPR agt Winnipeg 1945sd ORT2096
    Dallas HCNR 1915sd ORT1009

    Dalton Lloyd J
    CNR call-boy-car checker, yard clerk 1950-1 at Fort Rouge yds 1950-1
    . asst agt 1951-2 Victoria Beach, Churchill & Red Lake Road
    . relief telegrapher & yrd clerk Port Arthur Div, Churchill & BC
    . Jones BC swg opr 1957-60
    . graduated U of Manitoba 1962
    . federal gov't Ottawa as analytical chemist in mining labratory 1962-92
    . sd Sep 1950/q May 60
    Dambly GACNR 1953sd
    Daniel AICNR 1918sd ORT536
    Davidson ACNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1938sd ORT1657
    Davidson HN CNR Winnipeg 1926-1927 / SK, MB, ON yrs?
    Davies GGCNR Minitonas sd1922 ORT1887 /d72
    Davis DICPR agt Gretna 1950sd ORT3853
    Davis JM CPR Napiuka 1891
    Davis VM CPR Napinka 1893
    Dawson RKCNR 1919sd ORT1053
    Dawyduk WDCNR opr Hudson Bay 1950sd
    Deacon JECPR agt Minnedosa 1918sd ORT705
    Deacon RJCPR TD Brandon 1949sd ORT2851
    Deconick ECNR 1929sd ORT788
    Delwo FJCNR 1943sd ORT1820
    Demoissac GPCPR agt Ste Cloud 1951sd ORT4054
    Dempsey RMCNR 1925sd ORT1243
    Denbeigh WATCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1928sd ORT2025
    Denker ECNR 1917sd ORT1180
    Denker RDCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd * ORT1911
    Deschenes JECNR 1916sd
    Despins George JCNR Thunder Bay 1955, Port Arthur, Rennie, Gimli
    Devins JFCPR agt Boissevain 1948sd ORT2741
    Dickinson AJCNR 1916sd ORT246
    Diamond MVCNR 1918sd ORT587
    DiNicola MCNR 1921sd ORT757
    Dixon RECNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd
    Docking MSCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1935sd ORT1422
    Donaldson WDCNR opr The Pas 1957sd(abol Jun85)
    Dorset JTCNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1911sd ORT191
    Douglas RGCNR 1929sd ORT1028
    Drake TRCPR agt McAuley 1965sd ORT6918
    Dressler ECNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd ORT1906
    Dressler HCNR opr Thicket Portage 1954sd (abol Jun85)
    Duncanson JFCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd ORT2020
    Ducklow CCCNR opr 1969sd
    Duff WJCNR 1918sd ORT544
    Dunford LGCNR opr spr 1959sd
    Dunn HACNR 1924sd ORT1385
    Dunsmore RACNR opr Winnipeg 1951sd
    Dutch WGCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1942sd ORT1845
    Duthie GCCPR agt Brandon 1949sd ORT1461
    Duthie JRCPR agt Minnedosa 1952sd ORT3134
    Dwyer WFCNR 1915sd ORT1047
    Dyck BRCPR agt spr 1966sd
    Easterbrook FECNR 1927sd ORT1388
    Easterbrook WJCNR 1920sd * ORT706
    Eastluke JCPR agt Miniota 1949sd ORT2896
    Eccles JECNR 1921sd ORT828
    Eddy JWCNR 1912sd ORT147
    Elder RGCNR asst agt Manitoba dist 1941sd, agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd * ORT1712
    Ellard MJORT local chairman Dauphin 1945
    Ellis ACNR 1938sd ORT863
    Ellis EACPR Carnduff 1896
    Ellis RECNR opr Rivers 1952sd
    Embury ACCPR agt Kenton 1944sd ORT2119
    Emery WLCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1916sd
    Epps JCCNR 1922sd ORT813
    Ewasiuk JSCNR opr spr 1967sd
    Eyford BFCNR 1916sd ORT427
    Ezowske LCNR TD Winnipeg 1952sd
    Fairfax GCNR 1944sd ORT1991
    Falloon EMCPR agt Foxwarren 1949sd ORT2748
    Ferguson MCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1936sd ORT1720
    Ferrier RBCNR 1942sd * ORT1794
    Fielding WFCNR 1916sd ORT1547
    Fingland EBCPR agt Winnipeg 1949sd ORT1833
    Fisher ERCNR opr Gladstone 1956sd
    Fitzsimmons GECNR 1915sd ORT379
    Flynn MMCNR TD Winnipeg 1956sd
    Foley JECNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1941sd ORT1731

    Folkett Lyle M
    CPR agt Tilston (last agt here, closed 1968) 1965sd
    Fontaine PECPR agt Brandon 1956sd, TD Brandon 1964sd ORT5462
    Ford DDCPR agt Brandon 1949sd ORT2615
    Forster CarlCNR 1939sd ORT1461
    Forsythe ICCPR TD Brandon 1951sd ORT2650
    Forsyth ICCPR Lauder 1948
    Foster GCCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1923sd ORT1096
    Foster JJCNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1908sd ORT133
    Fostey BLCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd ORT2022
    Fox AG CPR (spr/relief op) 1894
    Fox JR CPR Burnside 1886
    Fox RL CPR Bagot 1892
    Franklin AVCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1913sd
    Franks AACNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1944sd
    Frase WG CPR Austin 1892
    Frazer H CPR Carberry 1894
    Freeburg DWCNR 1939sd ORT1780

    Froome ED(Ted)
    CPR agt
    . Dominion City 1918, Wapella, SK (last stn)
    . 12 years with CPR then resigned & took agt position with NAR at Hines Creek, AB (most northern point at the end of the line). He traveled to his new job on the very first passenger train to that station, got off the train & immediately had to start handling the baggage and express
    . family at Hines Creek 1930-44
    . he bid & rec'd agt position at Spirit River
    . retired from NAR 1965 after 47 yrs of service with the two railway's (Born Feb 9 1901)
    . ORT 802 /r 1965
    . notes: Glen D. Froome (see also AB)
    Frost DACPR agt Souris 1966sd
    Fulmes LVCNR opr spr 1979sd
    Furneaux BHCNR 1915sd ORT1816
    Gallagher DF CNR Portage-Brandon Division / North Line
    Galletti SCNR opr Gillam 1981sd
    Gallimore ACNR 1944sd
    Galvin RKCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd
    Gardner (Clark) HazelCNT Winnipeg route aide 1951
    . Saskatoon as Clerk 1
    . clerk Port Arthur ON
    . took mux training & returned to Saskatoon as mux opr until married 1964
    . Note: at that time married women were not allowed to work at cnt
    . Hazel's fa was H A Gardner, CNR rly opr
    Gatey Edward J? Oak Lake 1951, Moosomin, 'DI' office Brandon 1984-9, Bredenbury YD, North Bend BC, Oxbow SK, Dyment, Dryden 1974-84, Eagle River, Current River Tower ON, Tantallon SK, Domain, Tilston MAN, Storthoaks, Wapella SK, Vermillion Bay ON 1972 / rover swing op Lakehead Div 1951sd ORT 4189
    Geddis JH CNR Ryler 1938 / CPR after 1945
    Geddis ? CNR Ryler (fa of above) years?
    Gerolomy JBCPR agt Emerson 1951sd ORT3076
    Gerrie WJCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1922sd
    Gerrish RRCPR agt Dryden 1960sd ORT6458
    Gibb WSCNR 1950sd
    Giffin H CPR Altona 1892
    Gilbert CPCPR agt Shoal Lake 1927sd ORT1749
    Gilbert FJCNT/CNR telegr 1906sd ORT89
    Giles DECNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd ORT1828
    Giles TWCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1941sd *
    Gill TLCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1941sd *
    Gillam WB CPR MacGregor 1890
    Gillespie WCNR 1917sd ORT393
    Gillis RWCNR opr Rivers 1957sd
    Gillis WRCPR agt spr 1966sd
    Glenn DPCNR 1913sd ORT276
    Godfrey RGCNR Winnipeg 1930?/72
    Goertzen KLCNR TD Winnipeg 1969sd
    Godin ECCNR 1938sd ORT1463
    Gogal EACNR opr Rivers 1957sd
    Gomez GDCNR opr Thicket Portage, TD Winnipeg 1957sd
    Goodwin CWCNR 1917sd ORT518
    Goodwin OWCNR 1918sd ORT767
    Gosselin JGRCNR TD Winnipeg 1953sd
    Govenlock WSCPR agt Birtle 1928sd ORT1194
    Gow DHCPR agt Killatney 1948sd ORT6431
    Gozda JECNR TD Winnipeg 1958sd
    Graham ELCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Graham LACNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1909sd ORT235
    Graham LWCNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1911sd ORT356
    Grant GJCNR 1941sd ORT1162
    Gray GHCPR Plum Coulee 1896
    Gray JCPR Cartwright 1888
    Graystone RCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1918sd
    Greenan JHCNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1908sd ORT341
    Greenway ETCPR Crystal City 1895
    Greenway NHCPR Deloraine 1891
    Greenway WNCPR Souris 1898
    Grieve WCNR 1912sd
    Grignard LeoCNR 1938sd ORT1564
    Grouette AEJCNR swing-opr 'WI' Office Winnipeg 1951sd
    Guay JTECNR 1916sd ORT449
    Gustafson EGCPR agt Cartwright 1942sd ORT1748
    Gustaw JSCPR agt Whitemouth 1953sd ORT4766
    Haggstrom GACNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1917sd
    Hall DJCNR opr spr 1979sd
    Hall LECNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd ORT1863
    Hall MACNR opr spr 1979sd
    Ham MWCPR agt Elm Creek 1942sd ORT1779
    Hamilton FJCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1941sd *
    Hamilton GWCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1940sd *
    Hamilton HJCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1942sd
    Hamilton PHCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1922sd ORT1374
    Hamilton ROBCNR 1938sd
    Hamlen JTCNR 1926sd ORT818
    Hammond RLCNR 1921sd ORT806
    Hand HCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1912sd ORT1081
    Hanks WGCNR 1942sd ORT1826
    Harmeling HNCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1930sd ORT1665

    Harms Leland A
    CNR Relief Operator Assiniboine Area
    . est'd Agent's rights June 11, 1968
    . relieved 18 stations during first 15 months
    . held Lynn Lake Operator 1969
    . Portage la Prairie 1970-72
    . got relief Dispatching rights Oct 1974 Winnipeg Office
    . Kamloops Office 1979-83
    . when not Dispatching was Operator at Grand Center, Edson, Calgary & Thornton Yd
    . am RCTC's founding General Chairman 1981-1982
    . Rules & Training Instructor Kamloops 1983-1984
    . Technological Development Montreal 1984-87
    . Labour Relations 1988-92 Montreal & Toronto
    . Chief RTC 1993-97 Toronto
    . Power Control 1997-2000 Montreal & Edmonton
    . Retired Sept 30, 2000 S/N 613
    Harrington WGCNR 1939sd ORT1461
    Harris ASCPR agt Brandon 1949sd, TD Brandon * 1955sd ORT2936
    Harrison HMCNR TD Winnipeg 1951sd
    Harron BECCNR 1927sd ORT1029
    Hart JamesCNR TM Dauphin (fa Dalton, SK)
    Harvey CCNR Winnipeg, TM /d72
    Hay JMCNR 1923sd ORT730
    Hay LGCPR agt Carberry 1942sd ORT2195
    Hay NCPR Marquette 1887
    Hay RWCPR agt Arborg 1948sd ORT2618
    Hayes TWCNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1910sd ORT165

    Hayes WH (Bill)
    CNR asst agt
    . Sprague, & Swan River MB
    . Red Lake Road, Hudson, & Atikokan ON
    . Kelvington SK
    . Williams & Baudette Minn (worked after he went out as opr on Sept 18,1953)
    . Sprague, Marchand, Ste Anne, Vivian, Elma, & Decimal MB
    . Malachi, Minaki, Niddrie, Savant Lake, Jacobs & Ycliff ON
    . sent on loan to British Columbia District for nine months & worked at Tete Jaune Cache, The Nechako ditcher work train on the Nechako Sub., Terrace & Prince Rupert, B.C
    . returned to Manitoba District & eventually terminated employment Feb 1957
    . Jun 7 1951sd /q Feb 1957 ORT # 2619
    . died Jan 2003 in his sleep at Victoria Hospital, Winnipeg
    Hawkins SJCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1918sd ORT1626
    Hawrysh DMCNR TD Winnipeg 1967sd
    Hazel HCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1912sd ORT1436
    Heaps HCNR agt - retired as Agt Neepawa MB. Seniority date 23 Aug 1926. ORT701, 1065 (bro to KW & RR Heaps)

    Heaps Jim K
    CNR opr 24 Aug 1946
    . TD 1 Jan 1950, Winnipeg
    . ORT1535 / Retired 1988 (Son of KW Heaps)
    Heaps KWCNR agt - retired as Agt Canora SK Seniority date 19 June 1915. ORT215, 351 (bro to H & RR Heaps)
    Heaps RRCNR agt - retired as Agt Yorkton SK Seniority date 7 May 1937, ORT932, 1448 (bro to H & KW Heaps)
    Hearn ACPR Otterburne 1897
    Hearn JCPR St Boniface 1886
    Hebert JA (Eddy)CNR opr Wabowden (abol Jun85) 1968sd - Hudsons Bay, SK
    Hedberg AECNR 1911sd ORT220
    Hedley RHCPR Winnipeg 1950 / CNR Baldur / CPR Glenboro / 1951-? Manitoba & Kipling SK
    Helgeson EWCNR 1916sd ORT447
    Helgeson WJCNR opr Rivers 1951sd
    Helman EACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd
    Helston GHCNR 1919sd ORT744
    Helston WECNR opr Hudson Bay 1952sd (abol Jun85)
    Henderson RSCNR 1913sd ORT67
    Henry GGCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1942sd ORT1929
    Henry JHCNR Shellmouth
    Herritt JGWCNR 1944sd
    Hewitt RTCPR Stony Mountain 1889
    Hiatt GACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Hicks KSCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd * ORT1875
    Hicks TSCNR 1919sd ORT621
    Hicks WCCPR Treherne 1888
    Hill ACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1911sd ORT631
    Hintz AGCNR TD Winnipeg 1957sd
    Hlady HCNR 1938sd ORT1497
    Hoadley LWCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1938sd
    Hoath JKCPR agt Arden 1944sd ORT2137
    Hobbs JGCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd ORT1949
    Hodges EBCNR 1919sd ORT1348
    Hogg EDCPR Reaburn 1897
    Hogle FGCPR Rosenfeld 1895
    Hogle Stanley TCNR TD 1946-82 /r82
    Hogle THCNR 1918sd * ORT871
    Holloway CCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1937sd ORT1389
    Holmes JWCNR 1924sd ORT860
    Holowachuk RMCNR opr The Pas 1953sd (abol Jun85)
    Hooper GSCPR agt 1922sd ORT941
    Hooper LHCNR 1944sd
    Hooper JHCPR agt Winnipeg 1953sd ORT2412
    Hooper MECNR TD Winniepg 1956sd
    Horne HBCNR opr spr 1978sd
    House WCPR Rosser 1890

    Houston William K
    CPR Winnipeg - telegram delivery boy on bicycles
    . telegrapher Winkler, Minnedosa
    . Oak Lake (as Station Master), Moosomin, Neepawa, Virden all as Station Master
    . retired with 49 yrs in 1963
    .sd1914 approx
    . Deceased 1979
    . From his daughter Esther Paul
    Hrushowy TCNR Sifton 1941 / Capreol Division 1941-1943, Hornpayne 'HN' Office, Armstrong 'RA' Office, Capreol, Gogama, Beardmore 1950, Stratford 1953
    Hrycay JNCPR agt Dryden 1959sd ORT5915
    Hughes FRCNR 1923sd ORT858
    Hughes SFCNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1910sd ORT167
    Hughes WFCNR 1916sd ORT401
    Humeniuk TCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd ORT1947
    Hunter CACNR TD Winnipeg 1950sd
    Hunter JCCNR 1917sd ORT917

    Hunter William Edward
    CNR Telegraph Opr May 1966
    . Train Dispatcher 1972
    . Assistant Chief Dispatcher 1980
    . Chief Train Dispatcher Winnipeg 1985-88
    . Manager Rules and Training, Director Operating Practices, Director Transportation Services, General Manager
    . Retired in Detroit on CN Grand Trunk Division in 1999
    . Transport Canada 2000-08
    . retired in Ottawa as National Manager Railway Operations
    Hurst CECNR 1928sd ORT1404
    Hutchinson AAORT agt Oak Lake 1947sd, General Chairman 1945 ORT 2534
    Hutchinson TSCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd
    Huycke ECCPR agt Winnipeg 1928sd ORT4286
    Hyde GW CPR Oxbow 1892

    Iwanoczko Karl
    CNR -began as water boy with extra gangs, July-August 1944
    . May 6,1946 to Sept 15 1948 worked as extra gang labourer - section forces - track gang timekeeper & air compressor opr
    . Learned telegraphy at Elma under guidance of Agt-Opr Archie McKinnon & commenced working as nght opr Elma Sept 161948
    . Worked in Manitoba District at: Pelican Ontario, Elma & Decimal Manitoba, Jones, Minaki & Malachi Ontario, Decimal, Sprague swing & Collins & Niddrie (agn) Ontario
    . Laid off April 9,1949 on loan to Alberta District as Agt Opr Entrance, Opr Jasper, Niton, Edson, Brule, Jasper & Edson Swing, RedwaterLeyland, Obed & Landis
    . Transferred back to Manitoba District on exchange bulletin March 23,1951
    . worked at Ste Anne Manitoba, Sperry car, Jelly, Conmee Jct & Niddrie Ontario, Elma, Agt Opr Cardale, Bradwell, Barwick & Redditt Ontario, Swing opr "wi" office Winnipeg Jul 141975 to Feb 15 1978
    . Then worked the staff opr position "Di" office Winnipeg until Sept 301985
    . Retired with 39 years 5 months service - ORT#1973
    Jackson KB (Bev)CNR asst agt 1951, (Port Arthur Sub 1950s) opr, TD 1960, ACD 1980, 1987-8 Regional Operation Control Officer Winnipeg
    . sd CNR 1950, Retired 1988
    Jakubec FJCNR 1916sd ORT378
    Jakubec MDCNR 1917sd ORT768
    James DCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1940sd ORT1658
    Jamieson JLCPR agt Brandon 1947sd, TD Brandon 1951sd ORT2416
    Jay LMCNR 1920sd ORT745
    Jelly Earle RCPR 'VD' & 'K' offices Winnipeg, Winnipeg Terminal, Souris, 'DI' office 1950sd ORT 3123
    Jerylo WJCNR 1943sd ORT1847
    Jobb HWCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Johnson ABCNR 1916sd
    Johnson BJCPR agt Brandon 1951sd ORT3669
    Johnson BKCPR TD Brandon 1961sd ORT3669
    Johnson CACNR 1920sd ORT1627
    Johnson DFCNR opr Rivers 1958sd
    Johnson LACPR Whittier 1944sd ORT2204
    Johnson NACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd * ORT1843
    Johnson OGCNR 1916sd ORT397
    Johnson PCCPR leverman Rugby 1949sd ORT3562
    Johnson RGCNR opr spr 1976sd
    Johnson WSCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1919sd ORT639
    Johnston ACNR 1918sd ORT565
    Johnston WSCNR 1919sd ORT648
    Jonasson KCNR opr Thompson 1976sd (abol Jun85)
    Jones FRCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1920sd ORT1026
    Jones GCNR 1926sd ORT1195
    Judge LCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1914sd ORT1441
    Kakko RCPR agt |Dryden 1966sd
    Kane TCNR opr 1949
    Kashak JCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd ORT1997
    Keays EJCPR agt Crystal City 1941sd ORT2298
    Keene AHCPR agt Binscarth 1947sd ORT2563
    Kellet GCPR Sewell 1892
    Kellett RCPR Carman 1891
    Kelly JJORT Gen'l Counsel Winnipeg 1945

    Keith LR "KY"
    CN CP Telegraphs 1950 / Western Union, Great Northern, SP&S, United Press to 1971 - sine "KY" on Cdn telegraph circuit
    Lendrick KMCPR agt Pierson 1945sd ORT2122
    Kennedy ACPR Roblin 1957
    Kennedy AJCNR 1938sd ORT1553
    Kerby EDCPR Morden 1898
    Kereluk DACNR RTD Winnipeg 1970sd
    Kerr BCPR Boissevain 1898
    Kerr SWCNR 1923sd ORT868
    Kilpatrick WGCPR agt Brandon * 1943sd ORT1914
    Kilworth LCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1916sd ORT943
    King DCPR Balmoral 1897
    Kitteringham AMCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1919sd ORT1233
    Kleven RCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1916sd ORT1329

    Kollesavich Dan G
    CNR 1953 Sectionman Canyon, Ont. on Quibell Sub (now Redditt Sub)
    . CPR 1953 Opr/Agt ON & MB at: "BU" Current River - "R" Port Arthur - "Q" yad office Fort William - "UN" depot Fort William - "RU" Murillo - "KI" Kaministiquia - "RK" Finmark - Buda - "DE" Raith - Savanne - "VA" Upsala - Niblock - "GN" Ignace - "DN" Dryden - "GA" Eagle River - Edison - Pine - "RS" yard office Kenora - "DA" depot Kenora - "RH" Rennie - "MH" Molson - "VD" yard office Winnipeg - "BH" Birds Hill - "ON" Teulon - "GI" Gimli - "F" Portage la Prairie - "RT" Cartwright - "RY" Carberry - "DI" yard office Brandon - "UN" depot Brandon - "UR" yard office Souris - "D" depot Souris - "WA" Neepawa - "GD" Goodlands - "MS" Minnedosa - "WH" Wheatland - "MA" Hamiota - "MI" Miniota - "SY" Rapid City
    . 1966 Train Dispatcher - Kenora Division, Brandon Division, Moose Jaw Division & Saskatoon Division at Brandon, Kenora & Winnipeg
    . retired 1991, O.R.T. No. 4680-7, Canadian Association of Train Dispatchers 1966, President "WG" Winnipeg Chapter of Morse Telegraph Club Inc. 1994 -
    . see wife (Janet Ruth Kollesavich & sons JD, GD, DJ, RW also) ORT 4680
    Kollesavich David John CPR 1979 Opr - 1980 TD, CTD (son of DGK & JRK)
    Kollesavich Gerald DanielCNR 1980 Opr - 1983 TD, Rules Instructor, Mgr, CTD (son of DGK & JRK)
    Kollesavich James DouglasCPR 1976 Opr - 1978 TD, CTD, Mgr (son of DGK & JRK)
    Kollesavich Janet RuthCPR 1966 Agent Rapid City, MB - 1971 stn closed (wife of DGK above, sons DJK, GDK, JDK, RWK)
    Kollesavich Robert WilliamCPR 1987 Opr - 1993 TD (son of DGK & JRK above)
    Kolodrubsky JCNR 1943sd * ORT1837
    Koralewicz PCNR Elma 1947, TD Winnipeg
    Korzinski MJCPR agt Dryden 1964sd
    Kosteck MWCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Kowaluk JCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist sd1944
    Kowalyk PWCPR Plumas 1957sd, The Pas, Churchill Line, Dauphin 1960, Brandon (abol Jun85)
    Kowaluk RCNR TD Winnipeg 1962sd

    Krauter Ab N
    CNR Transferred from Manitoba District July 1949, Dispatcher 1953 ACD 1972 1943sd * ORT1710/1110 Retired Jan 31, 1986
    Kuzenko WCPR agt Niverville 1946sd ORT2213
    Labossiere NJCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1918sd ORT1931
    LaChappelle MACNR 1918sd ORT1115
    Lafreniere AJCCNR 1927sd ORT1728
    Lake RCNR 1914sd ORT834
    Lalonde JBCNR 1914sd ORT362
    Lamb ATCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1941sd * ORT1709
    Lamb OJCNR 1928sd ORT1105

    Lamb T Ray
    CNR agt
    started CNR 1941 slugging freight after school- first paycheque (20 hours@.30/hr was $6.00
    asst agt Apr 30, 1942 Hudson Bay Jct SK, later Roosevelt, Minn asst agt 1942-45 except for WWII
    started opr Apr 5,1945 3rd trick Warroad, Minn
    next 3 yrs rlf agt/opr on Port Arthur Div except for temp winter block jobs-during those 3 yrs worked Dugald, Vivian, Elma, Malachi, Minaki, Jones, Niddrie, St.Anne, Giroux, Woodridge, Sprague, Beaudette
    194851 nghts Superior Jct
    1951-53 swing Paddington
    Mar-Jun agt-opr Margaret, MB
    Jun 1953-May 1959 agtopr Cardale, Man
    May 1959-July 1968 agt-opr Fisher Branch, Man
    transferred to BC 1968, 2 months rlf agt-opr Ashcroft
    Sep 1968 bid joint CN/CP agency Lumby, BC
    retired Aug 24,1984
    1942sd * ORT1957

    Ray passed away 07 Feb 2002

    Lange ECNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1925sd ORT1295
    Latour EDCPR agt Carey 1946sd ORT2599
    Laughton EB CPR Melita 1887
    Lavallee JDCPR opr Brandon, Portage La Prairie 1976
    . opr Kenora, ON, Thunder Bay, ON 1976
    . TD, CTD, Mgr, 1978
    Lavery J CPR Stockton 1886
    Lawson AHCPR agt Brandon 1951sd ORT3577
    Lawson JHCNT/CNR telegr Dominion City (see Froome) MAN Dis 1903sd
    Lawton RDCNR 1920sd ORT657
    LeBlanc ABCPR Sidney 1887
    LeBlanc GCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1942sd ORT1953
    Lee RJCPR Rapid City 1952 / all over MAN, SASK, ON / TD Winnipeg 1965, Brandon & Moose Jaw 1970-6 sd1965, 1952sd ORT 3872
    Lennox RHCPR leverman Whittier 1946sd ORT2681
    Leonard RTCNR 1938sd ORT1632
    Leslie MECPR Winnipeg, Nelson, Revelstoke, Grand Forks, Toronto 1937-1967
    Leschasin ELMCNR opr spr 1966sd
    Letain EJCNR TD Winnipeg 1957sd
    Lever ECNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1937sd ORT1648
    Lewis CT CPR Stonewall 1895
    Lindsay JHCNR 1921sd ORT1071
    Link SHCNR 1919sd ORT349
    Linnen CECNR 1951sd
    Linnen CNCNR Nut Mountain 1951 / TD Winnipeg
    Little CACNR 1920sd ORT756
    Longmuir AACNR 1923sd
    Longworth JH CPR Brandon 1886
    Loochuk GDCNR TD Winnipeg 1951sd
    Long RHJCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1913sd ORT1021
    Lovell RJCNR 1923sd ORT1371
    Lucas ADGTR CNR 1915sd ORT1971
    Lucas CWCNR 1920sd ORT752
    Luke CR CNR yrs? (fa of below)
    Luke DE CNR yrs? (bro of below)
    Luke DW CNR Welby 1941, Biggar 1943-56 / TD Touchwood Sub
    Lulashnyk JCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd ORT1950
    Lundale AACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Luptak EMCPR agt Winkler 1944sd ORT1975
    Lussier RJCNR 1918sd ORT596
    Lynds ALCNR 1918sd ORT622
    Lynds HRCNR Miami 1923 ORT972 d/67
    Lyons CRGTR CNR 1916sd ORT438
    Lyons RECPR Rugby 1945sd ORT2284
    MacDonald GDCNR opr Gillam 1974sd (abol Jun85)
    MacLeod JRCNR 1915sd ORT116

    MacLeod Malcolm Norman
    CNR Durbin & Swan River
    . married 1919 - started railway yrs prior to 1919 as he was 30
    . stn agt in SK also / believe retired 1952

    MacLise John (Jack) E
    CNR opr or agt-opr at Quill Lake, Pelly, Wadena, Fairlight, Cromer, Kipling SK
    . Sifton, Ethelbert, Swan River, Plumas, The Pas, Kelso, Rapid City, Brunkild, Alonsa, McCreary, Ste Rose, Virden, Neepawa, Emerson Jct, Altamont, Miami, Ste Agathe, Lundar, Kelwood, Terence, North Elie, Beaudry, Calvin, Pleasant Point, Paddington, Victoria Beach, Oakburn, Erickson, Shilo, Transcona, Morris, Pacific Jct, Fort Rouge, Stornaway, Beaconia MB
    . 1970-82 Service Rep in Winnipeg
    . Aug 7,1948sd, ORT 1733 (see also SK)
    Mader RMCNR 1924sd ORT1888

    Mains D Ivan
    CPR agt Snowflake (I believe it was 1952 to some time in 1953. He was not there long as he applied for the job at Frobisher, Sk and got it in about May of 1953, or thereabouts.)
    Major E CPR Dryden 1929, Winnipeg, Moose Jaw yrs ?-1965
    Maki ERCNR 1926sd ORT1397
    Malazdrewich FCCNR Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario
    Malazdrewicz AACNR opr Brandon 1948
    Malazdrewicz ECCNR opr Brandon 1948
    Malcovitch LCNR 1938sd ORT1474
    Malone RJCPR agt spr 1965sd ORT7236
    Manchulenko GCPR Rugby 1948sd ORT3037
    Mann GeorgeGTR CNR 1911sd ORT203
    Manning TBCNR RTD Winnipeg 1971sd
    Mansfield PBCNR 1917sd ORT727
    Marchand ACNR 1916sd ORT1452
    Marchand GACNR 1953sd
    Marcotte AACNR 1951sd
    Marshall CCPR Manitou sd1896
    Marshall RGCPR TD Brandon 1951sd ORT1461
    Mathews AMCPR agt Inglis 1951sd ORT3269
    Martin JCNR 1944sd
    Martin JRCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1916sd
    Martin RECNR 1921sd ORT790
    Martin WELCNR 1942sd ORT1818
    Morton ETHCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd
    Mashowski TLCNR Minitonas 1951sd, TD Winnipeg
    Maslo VNCNR opr spr 1981sd
    Mason JCPR Cartwright 1888
    Mason JEGTR CNR 1919sd ORT675
    Mason JMHCNR 1928sd ORT1277
    Mason KRCNR 1944sd ORT1986
    Mason RECNR 1921sd ORT765
    Masonchon GCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd
    McAmmond RACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd * ORT1778
    McAmmond RJCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd ORT2028
    McAuley William ACPR Brandon Div / Saskatoon (Supv Bulk)1968-81 /r81 1949 sd ORT 2993
    McBurney GWCPR agt spr 1964sd ORT7016
    McCallum DACNR 1912sd ORT255
    McCarthy DWCNR 1914sd ORT373
    McClarty EJCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd * ORT1764
    McClarty HJCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1918sd

    McClement David
    CNR agt Langbank 1913-41 / after retirement & during war worked for short period in Northern Alberta because of shortage of telegraphers 1911sd ORT48 /r 1941 (see also McClement, Robert Stuart & John R in SK)
    McCormick CWCPR agt Souris 1957sd ORT5835
    McCready EACNR 1942sd ORT1737
    McCuaig KCNR 1923sd
    McCullough GHWCNR 1921sd
    McCullough WJCPR agt Teulon 1946sd ORT2083
    McDonals ARCPR agt Manitou 1943sd ORT5881
    McDonald DJCNR 1922sd ORT774
    McDonald Kenneth GCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist Sifton 1943, MAN 1943-8, TD 1948-57, CTD 1957-63 stn? 1943sd ORT 1952/r90
    McDonald JCNR 1920sd ORT1056
    McDonald NHCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd
    McDonald RCNR 1916sd
    McDonald WECNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1910sd ORT1511
    McDonald WJGTR CNR 1918sd ORT1330
    McDougall AECNR 1943sd
    McDougall RHCPR agt Virden 1961sd ORT6614
    McFarlane JPCNR 1921sd ORT1173
    McFarlane TMCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1918sd ORT931
    McFarlane WACPR agt Birtle 1941sd ORT1837
    McGregor PCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1913sd ORT1678
    McGuinness F CPR Brandon 1935, Winnipeg 1942-1945, Thunder Bay
    McIntosh GFCPR agt Morris 1950sd ORT2951
    McKay ACNR 1920sd
    McKay JGCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd *
    McKay NCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1926sd ORT1110
    Mckellar DACPR leverman Whittier 1937sd ORT1761
    McKellar KACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd *
    McKellar EDCNR 1942sd ORT1719
    McKenzie JCNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1910sd ORT175
    McKenzie THCNR 1928sd ORT1052
    McKinlay SM CPR Ninga 1890
    McKinnon ACNR Elma
    McKinnon ANGTR CNR 1918sd ORT566
    McLaren RA CPR Chater 1890
    McLaughlin JBCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1935sd ORT1237
    McLean GBCNR opr spr 1979sd
    McLean JDCNR 1918sd ORT559
    McLean SCNR 1943sd
    McLeish GCNR 1911sd ORT 217
    McLennan KFCNR 1912sd ORT223
    McLennan WECNR 1920sd ORT760
    McLeod ACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1926sd, agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd ORT1459

    McLeod Herb
    GTR agt Roblin 1904 (grt uncle to J LaBrier in AB)
    McMann CLCNT/CNR telegr 1906sd ORT79
    McMillan JACNR 1921sd
    McMillian WACNR 1921sd ORT794
    McNabb JSCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1912sd ORT623
    McNair MCCPR agt Wheatland 1946sd ORT2363
    McPhedrain AlexCNR Manitoba Divn 1935

    McPhedrain Willard S
    CNR agt/opr Sifton 1927-58 1919sd ORT615 /d 1971 (see daughter, Lavina Shaw below, her husband in SK)
    McQueen HHCNR 1942sd ORT1926
    McShane RFCNR 1927sd ORT1013
    McTaggart LCNR 1941sd
    McTaggart MECNR London, St Thomas, Capreol, Hornepayne
    McVeigh WJCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1919sd ORT640
    Meade DCCNR 1943sd
    Meehan JPCNR 1943sd ORT1891
    Mein JMCPR Morden 1893
    Meise ARCNR opr spr 1978sd
    Melanson CGCNR 1942sd * ORT1897
    Melanson JBCNR 1926sd ORT1537
    Menzies VACNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1907sd ORT83
    Metcalf RTCPR agt spr 1966sd
    Metcalf WMCPR agt Cypress River 1947sd ORT2359
    Michaels JCNR 1943sd ORT1884
    Middleditch RJCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1938sd *
    Miller RWCPR agt Minnedosa 1960sd ORT6924
    Miller TECNR 1942sd ORT1727
    Mills J MrsCPR agt spr 1964sd
    Mills JACPR agt Carman 1931sd ORT1653
    Mills RGCNR 1912sd
    Milner CWCPR Portage la Prairie 1897
    Milner JHCPR Glenboro 1886
    Milner SACPR Elm Creek 1898
    Mitchell DLCNR 1915sd ORT709
    Montgomery HGCPR Winnipeg 1937-41, Toronto
    Moore FHCNR 1922sd
    Morgan ANCNR 1927sd ORT1492
    Morton ACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1922sd ORT1398
    Morton JRCPR agt spr 1966sd
    Morton WACNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1910sd ORT140
    Morton WRNCNR 1938sd ORT1559
    Mortson NECNR 1943sd
    Moshenko WMCNR opr Wabowden 1953sd
    Mosher Henry P CNR all stns E & S of Winnipeg, W of Armstrong, Thunder Bay / Kiplings, Reserve SK
    Morgan Evan WalesCNoR, CNR 1919sd, 1919-1961, Neepawa ORT663 /r61, d97
    Morris AWCNR opr spr 1980sd
    Morrow EACPR agt Holland 1952sd ORT6447
    Morscrip WRCNR TD Winnipeg 1955sd
    Morton RCNR 1916sd ORT428
    Mousseau GLCPR Winnipeg 1945 / CNR TD
    Muirhead SECNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1918sd ORT924
    Mullen AECNR 1921sd ORT2009
    Mulligan Don ECNR telegrapher, mainly Prairie Regn, SK & MB 1962-91, 1962sd
    Murdoch JTCNR 1918sd ORT322
    Murphy TJCNR 1912sd
    Murray ACPR agt Brandon 1948sd, TD Brandon 1951sd ORT2512
    Murray DACPR commercial op 1943-5
    Musgrave FCNR Touchwood Sub TD
    Mutala VCPR agt Portage La Prairie 1949sd ORT2916
    Nelson FLCNR 1919sd ORT624
    Nevin LVCNR opr spr 1979sd
    Nicholson KECPR leverman Rugby 1937sd ORT1809
    Nixon RICNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1939sd *
    Northcut GDCPR TD Brandon 1949sd ORT2049
    O'Brien JCPR Portage la Prairie 1892
    O'Connell GWHCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1920sd ORT1443
    O'Rourke CCCNR Biggar 1932 / dispatcher 1952-63
    O'Toole BFCPR Brandon 1898
    O'Connel MJCNR 1912sd ORT548
    O'Connell FEACNR Ashem 1913sd ORT238 /d74
    O'Neill EHCNR 1918sd ORT562
    Oakes HRCNR 1920sd ORT748
    Oliver JGCNR 1911sd
    Olson HPCNR 1913sd ORT298
    Omah HE CNR Winnipeg 1930
    Oman HECNR 1952sd
    Ormrod SHCNR 1914sd ORT1914
    Orser MJCPR agt Brandon 1946sd, TD Brandon 1951sd ORT2052
    Osborne FACNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1915sd

    Paetsch RG (Bob)
    . CPR at Lanigan in 1944 as Asst Agt worked at numerous points then
    . NAR 1946 as Asst Agt & Opr at many points
    . then started with CNR in Saskatoon as opr 1948, TD 1951 in most of the points on the Prairie & Mountain regions.
    . was ACTD & CD Winnipeg, The Pas & Winnipeg
    . Retired 1986 Transportation Officer

    Pankoski Victor H
    CNR agt - studied Telegraphy Fenwood Sk Feb-Oct 14 1952 under agt Cliff Charlton
    . hired out Oct 14/52 under CTD RC Brown, Winnipeg
    . CNR First job 3rd trick Savant Lake
    . relieved Oprs Webster, Jones St Anne, Fort Frances, Mine Centre, Minaki, Red Lake Road, Redditt, Superior Jct, Williams Minn
    . on loan to BC Jun-Aug '54 Kelowna Red Pass Jct, Sperry Car Opr SRS 118 Red Pass to Endako, Pyramid BC then transferred back to SK District
    . Nokomis-Hubbard Swing, Touchwood, Welby, Quadra, Uno, Melville-Hubbard Swing Relieve Agts summer '59 Asquith, Wiseton, White Bear, Glidden, Goodeve
    . back to 2nd trick Melville, Tisdale
    . resigned 3rd trick Kamsack Apr '64 to returned to school & Industrial Sales Career (currently active member KN Chapter MTC Saskatoon)
    Parks HRCPR agt Molson 1950sd ORT5385

    Paul WE
    CPR Telegraph Dept Portage la Prairie Sept 1943
    . asst agt 1945
    . opr 1946
    . relief train dispatcher 1949
    . TD Kenora, ON Sept 1950
    . retired May 1st, 1987 from Lakehead Division CTC desk Winnipeg, MB
    ORT 4875-5 (1948)
    Parks WICNR 1920sd ORT1117
    Partridge FSCNR 1914sd ORT766
    Pasiuk GCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1917sd ORT963
    Paterson ERCPR agt Pilot Mound 1951sd ORT2240
    Patry JMCNR 1920sd ORT775
    Patterson DJCNR 1921sd *
    Patterson OLCPR agt Hamiota 1931sd ORT1595
    Paullus JLCNR opr The Pas 1966sd (abol Jun85)
    Paulson SSCNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1911sd ORT1290
    Paulson WJCNR 1915sd ORT415
    Pawlinsky SCNR opr 1948
    Paxton RMCPR agt Minnedosa 1960sd ORT6656
    Payment ARCNR 1924sd ORT1525
    Payment EJCNR TD Winnipeg 1949
    Payment LACNR opr (hotbox) Winnipeg 1948
    Peck HWCNR 1912sd ORT281
    PelechatyPCNR 1943sd ORT1705
    Pelletier Bernie RCNR Winnipeg 'WI' office / 1951-62 relief 'D' office Port Arthur ON
    Pelletier GJCNR 1938sd ORT1564
    Penman BRCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd ORT1951
    Penner BCPR agt Emerson 1964sd
    Penoff JNCNR 1921sd ORT532
    Peppard HBCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1921sd ORT908
    Perchaluk AMCNR opr The Pas 1951sd
    Peterson Carl ECNR 1916sd ORT460
    Peterson Cleveland ECNR 1918sd ORT1130
    Peterson DLCPR TD Brandon * 1948sd ORT1965
    Peterson SCNR 1927sd ORT944
    Phelan J CPR Manitou 1886
    Phelps GE CPR Winnipeg 'WN' Office, T&R Dryden(ON), Fort William(ON), Virden(MAN)
    Philbin GHCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1928sd
    Phillips FSCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd
    Phillips Gord G CPR Lauder(?) 1950
    Phillips IBCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Phillips SACNR 1923sd
    Phillips WHCNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1907sd ORT51
    Pich WSCNR TD Winnipeg 1965sd
    Pitcher RBCNR opr 1948
    Poirier JACNR 1923sd
    Pollock DKCNR opr spr 1981sd
    Pollon HCCNR opr spr bd stns 1956sd
    Porter FWCNR opr Winnipeg 'WI' office 1949
    Porter WTCNR 1920sd ORT1332
    Poulin YFCNR 1944sd ORT2024
    Preece WHCNR 1911sd ORT 214
    Pressling JCNR 1927sd ORT911
    Primeau WACNR 1912sd
    Prior GWCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1920sd ORT1163
    Prokop Walter WCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist Red Lake Road 1948, TD Dauphin, Winnipeg 1943sd ORT1940
    Pronovost JNCNR opr Lynn Lake 1945
    Prusak DCNR TD Winnipeg 1955sd
    Pulak TECNR opr Dauphin 1951sd
    Purvis JRCNR 1938sd ORT1408
    Pypka JRCNR TD Winnipeg 1968sd
    Rae JJCPR agt Portage la Prairie 1953sd ORT4489
    Raginski OWCNR opr spr 1968sd
    Ralston WTCNR 1917sd ORT161
    Ramsey GGCNR opr spr 1979sd
    Ramsey HCNR Winnipeg 1946-73
    Ramsey JACNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1911sd ORT107
    Ratushniak OECNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd ORT1928
    Ray GDCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1917sd ORT629
    Ray RJCPR agt Russell 1939sd ORT2076
    Redpath C CPR Hartney 1894
    Rees RE CNR Winnipeg 1928
    Regal JWCNR 1927sd ORT1020
    Reid HCCNR 1939sd ORT1536
    Renwick NTCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1928sd ORT1075
    Rey RCCPR agt Alida 1945sd ORT5066

    Richardson Bob
    CNR opr 15 Aug 1945sd Port Arthur (Thunder Bay), relief TD Winnipeg "H" office Sept 1949 (RNR)
    Rickards, HBDCNR 1920sd ORT1004
    Richardson RTCPR agt Darlingford 1957sd ORT5450
    Riddell AW CPR Pierson 1895
    Riddell JS CPR Alameda 1893
    Riddick RWCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1941sd *
    Riesberry WFCNR 1918sd ORT552
    Robertson JACNR 1911sd ORT 239
    Robinson G CPR Emerson 1891
    Robinson GW CPR Brandon Division 1948
    Robinson RACNR 1917sd ORT821
    Robson WCCPR agt Neepawa 1926sd ORT1498
    Rollings BRCPR agt Brandon 1949sd ORT3150
    Rollo Henry JCNR asst agt, agt, agt-opr Winnipeg, Sprague, Supvr of Agencies, 1940sd * /r75 /d1999
    Rolston LM MrsCPR agt spr 1966sd
    Rolston William ACPR 'every stn Brandon Div,' Lyleton (bough it 1971) 1952-71 1952sd ORT4449
    Romalis MCNR 1923sd ORT856
    Romaniuk DJCNR TD Winnipeg 1967sd
    Rose ALCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1937sd
    Rose JWCPR agt Hartney 1945sd ORT2275
    Rosenbloom FWCNR 1921sd ORT1804
    Roski NLCNR TD Winnipeg 1953sd
    Rosnoski JWCPR agt Selkirk 1944sd ORT1926
    Ross AECNR 1927sd * ORT1267
    Ross BCCNR 1919sd ORT1544
    Rossington JWCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1917sd ORT763
    Routley KCCPR agt MacGregor 1943sd ORT1869
    Roy RRCNR 1922sd ORT962
    Ruest JHCNR 1942sd ORT1831
    Rurak ADCNR 1930sd ORT1333
    Rush JMCPR agt Portage La Prairie 1927sd ORT1671
    Rush RLCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1918sd ORT1282
    Rusnak DECNR opr Atitkokan 1975sd
    Rusnak MGCNR RTD Winnipeg 1972sd
    Russell CharlesCPR TD Brandon 1930s (fa at Zorra, ON)
    Russell WJCNR Rivers 1941

    Ryan Bill 'Q'
    CNR asst agt Grand Beach 1947
    . telegraph opr winter block jobs at North Elie, Beaudry, Oakville, Calrin, relief agt Virden, Maryfield, Fairlight, Plumas 1949
    . terminal opr Transcona, Fort Rouge, Paddington, Pacific Jct, Rivers, East Tower, St James Jct, 'UN' Winnipeg 1950
    . '999' opr at 'WI' telegraph office Winnipeg 1952
    . relief TD 'H' office Winnipeg 1955
    . 1957 TD 'H' & 'DI' office Winnipeg & The Pas
    . /r 1986 - founded 'KN' Chapter of MTC in Saskatoon SK
    Ryan Ted CCNR TD Winnipeg 1920, most stns in MB, TD Winnipeg until 1960 (see son Bill)
    Ryan RAHCNR 1917sd ORT1380
    Sadler SJCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd
    Saggs WHCNR opr Churchill 1945
    Sainsbury FJCNR 1920sd ORT1057
    Salay JJ CNR opr 1951sd ACD Winnipeg 1979-85
    Sargeant PARCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1938sd *
    Sargeant WHCNR 1921sd ORT1245
    Saults GH CPR Boissevain 1897
    Scandrett RMCNR 1941sd ORT1557
    Schappert VCNR 1918sd ORT508
    Schultz RMCNR 1928sd ORT1540
    Scobie FRCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1922sd ORT934
    Scott WJCNR opr Winnipeg 'WI' office 1952sd
    Scott William TCNR Swan Lake 1951
    Scott WWCNR 1924sd ORT632
    Scott WWCNR 1943sd ORT1824
    Scotten EHCNR Durban sd1920 ORT726 /d73
    Sechman LCNR Winnipeg /r67
    Seddon PVCPR agt Arden 1949, TD Brandon 1950-65 ORT 3755
    Semenchuk BMCNR opr Gillam 1953sd
    Shannon GTCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1938sd ORT1460
    Shannon WCCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd *
    Sharpe WMCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1938sd ORT1538

    Shaw (McPhedrain), Lavina
    CNT CPT started out in Winnipeg, worked in ON & SK for CNT then CPT in Vancouver 1946-54 (aka MAISIE when worked for CN/CP - see husband Earl SK, Lavina's fa (McPhedrain) above)
    Shenton SGCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1941sd ORT1691
    Shepherd PAK CNR St Mary's 1930 - Winnipeg 1930-53
    Sherlock PJ CPR Killarney 1886
    Sherwood AHCNR 1928sd ORT1466
    Shields JACNR 1912sd ORT1577
    Shipley AACNR TD Winnipeg 1948
    Shipley HRCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd ORT1945
    Shire RECNR 1913sd ORT263
    Shuman OMHCPR Gainsboro 1892
    Shumsky DCNR opr spr 1958sd
    Silver GWCNR 1941sd ORT1729
    Simmons BCNR 1916sd ORT194
    Simpson FLCNR 1921sd ORT884
    Sinclair KCPR CD Winnipeg
    Skinner AWCNR 1939sd ORT1224
    Sklanka WCNR Winnipeg 'WI' Office 1942 / CPR MB, Sask, ON 1944-69 1944sd ORT1920
    Skogstad AGCPR TD Brandon 1949sd ORT2008
    Slick DonOak Lake 1951
    Sliwa PPCNR Winnipeg
    Sloane TACNR 1912sd ORT280
    Smith ACPR Methven 1892
    Smith ACPR agt Elkhorn 1942sd ORT2269
    Smith AFCNR 1925sd

    Smith Frank
    CNR - student telegrapher Carberry March 1951
    . went out as an asst agt June 4,1951, working jobs at Minaki,ON, Red Lake Road, ON, Quibell, ON, Atikokan, ON
    . May 10,1952 first trick as opr Marchand, MB
    . between start in 1952 until my resignation in May 1959, worked at - Vivian, Decimal, Malachi, Minaki, Redditt, Jones, McIntosh, Niddrie, Webster, Hudson, Sioux Lookout, Superior Jct, Savant Lake & Jacobs on the north line
    . work trains at Canyon, Staunton, Ghost River
    . working Ste Anne, Rainy River, Emo, Fort Frances, Atikokan, Mabella, & Neebing on the South Line
    . west of Winnipeg North Elie & Gregg, MB and Morris on the south line to Emerson
    . last couple of years as opr in Winnipeg Terminals at Paddington, Transcona, Fort Rouge & Pacific Jct ORT2576

    Note: Frank passed away 05 July 2004 - he was a regular contributor to the Telegraph Website Lists helping to update names ... he will be missed.

    Smith JECNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1929sd
    Smith Jan (Mrs)CNR opr 1970s Woodridge (husband Raymond Bouvier above)
    Smith KCCNR TD Winnipeg 1967sd
    Smyth WSCPR Cypress River 1890
    Snider WFCNR opr Dauphin 1950sd
    Sobkowich TWCNR opr Winnipeg 'WI' office / also many yrs in SK / 1952sd
    Sobkowicz AMCNR 1964sd
    Sobkowicz CMCNR Winnipeg 1953sd
    Somers JCNR opr Dauphin 1948
    Spencer EICNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1943sd
    Spiess Lawrence FCPR 1948-50
    Sproule FHCPR Elva 1892
    Spurr EWCPR agt Winnipeg 1950sd ORT2143
    Staines ARCNR 1941sd * ORT1689
    Staines HLCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1939sd, agt Manitoba Dist 1940sd * ORT1633
    Stanger AECNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1920sd ORT1419
    Stanley LCCNR 1926sd ORT1255
    Starkell CCPR leverman Whittier 1940sd ORT1787
    Steele RWCNR telegraph opr CNR rooms on 151 Furby St Winnipeg
    Stensing PHCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1913sd
    Stephanson PFCNR opr 1948
    Stephen GRCNR 1918sd ORT561
    Stephens FCPR (relief op) 1898
    Stephenson Philip FCNR op, ag, TD MAN, SK, BC, ON
    Stevens FLCPR agt Glenboro 1946sd ORT2376
    Stevens WMCPR agt Morden 1944sd ORT2046
    Stevenson RRCPR agt Souris 1955sd ORT6116
    Stewart AATCNR 1941sd ORT1746
    Stewart AJCPR Sourie 1886
    Stewart HF CPR Starbuck 1895
    Stickle TD CPR Carberry 1886
    Stites JCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1941sd *
    Stodgell PSCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Stone WSCNR 1920sd ORT895
    Storrie TRCNR 1918sd ORT535
    Strong CA MrsCPR agt spr 1966sd
    Strony EDCPR agt Waskada 1950sd ORT2429
    Stuart AB CPR Reston 1892
    Stuart RTCPR agt Souris 1927sd ORT1156
    Stutter FECNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1935sd ORT921
    Stuvrud JACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1938sd *
    Sutherland WA CPR High Bluff 1896
    Swabuk SCPR agt Portage La Prairie 1952sd ORT4613
    Swanson MGCNR 1924sd ORT805
    Sylvester AC CPR Thornhill 1888
    Symonds EECNR 1952sd
    Symonds WCCNR 1918sd ORT578
    Taylor ?CPR Manitoba District (fa of JL Taylor below)
    Taylor AECNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd ORT2014
    Taylor ECCNR 1919sd ORT358
    Taylor FRCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1920sd ORT1930
    Taylor JLCPR agt Nimmedosa, Portage La Prairie / Upsala ON / Windthorst, Wawota SK / Gimli MB 1941sd ORT 1743
    Taylor SGCPR agt Brandon 1948sd ORT2272
    Taylor DECPR agt Stoney Mountain 1950sd ORT4026
    Tedlie DFCNR asst agt MB Dis 1944sd
    Tessier JHCPR agt La Riviere 1949sd ORT2990
    Thatcher NCPR agt Riverton 1952sd ORT4631
    Thom CWCPR West Selkirk 1890
    Thom DHCNR 1912sd ORT219
    Thomas Walter ReginaldCNR Sioux Lookout 1946, asst ag, op, agt-op, TD, CTD
    Thompkins JD CPR Gretna 1893
    Thompson EACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Thompson JECNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1911sd ORT216
    Thompson KRCPR agt Melita 1938sd ORT2245
    Thomson BJCPR Douglas 1887
    Thomson RACNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1938sd
    Thompson BCPR agt spr 1966sd
    Thorne HHS CPR Winnipeg
    Till GBCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd * ORT1736
    Tokaruk WCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd
    Tomlin EKCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1940sd * ORT1570
    Toutant JCECNR 1916sd ORT402
    Trach EACNR opr Wabowden (abol Jun85) 1968sd
    Treble WBCPR agt Beausejour 1941sd ORT2056
    Tremblay JLCNR 1927sd ORT1519
    Trottier JARCNR 1926sd ORT1878
    Trump EG CPR Brandon 1893
    Turley ELCNR 1915sd ORT403
    Turner RW CPR Schreiber 1947
    Turner TWCPR agt Newdale 1939sd ORT1546
    Tyndall JDCNR 1938sd ORT1432
    Uhrich DKCNR opr spr 1974sd
    Uhrich DLCNR opr spr 1977sd
    Uhrich RWCNR opr spr 1974sd
    Ullberg ER CNR Kipling 1950-56

    Urbanovitch Timothy S (TSU)
    CNR Opr May 31 1972sd Prairie Region, Dauphin Manitoba
    . Train Dispatcher Aug 1 1982
    . Presently CNR Manager Operating Practices Edmonton
    . Opr: Dauphin, Swan River, Canora, Churchill (Opr-Cashier), Cormorant (agt-opr), Regular Relief Agent - Hudson Bay Railway, Agt Ilford, Churchill, Shell Lake, Carragana-Weeks, Operator Kamloops, Agt Scott, Ethelbert, Veregin-Togo, Opr Hudson Bay, WI Winnipeg, Kamloops, Kelowna, Clearwater, DI Vancouver, 2nd Narrows, Jasper, Grande Prairie
    . Train Dispatcher, Edmonton, Roma Jct
    . Regional Rules Instructor, Edmon, Prince George
    . Trainmaster, Edmonton
    . Regional Rules & Training Officer, Edmonton
    . Coordinator Rules Mountain Region
    . Assistant Manager Rules Montreal
    . Assistant System Director Operating Practices Montreal
    Van Alstyne ES CPR Pilot Mound 1891
    Veregin CCCNR opr Hudson Bay 1960sd (abol Jun85)
    Verville LRCNR 1941sd
    Verville PWCNR 1928sd ORT1484
    Virtue CWCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1926sd ORT1623
    Wade CACNR 1922sd ORT1359

    Wade Fletcher R
    . employed on the spr board out of WG 1971-72 & summers 73-75
    . Went on to be a naval officer and then a pilot - Retired from the Canadian Air Force as a Major in National Defence Headquarters, Mar 2006. I now fly in the Special Operations Division of an airline.

    The Wade family has an interesting railway history. Chester started on DAR in Nova Scotia, then CPR in SW Sask, SE Alberta until 1914, then out of railroading until 1922 when he returned west from his home in NS and hired on the CNR. He worked CNR in Fort Rouge, Somerset, Kipling, Lowe Farm, and retired from Verigin, Sask. He was on spr board much of the 1930s barely making ends meet. When he retired he moved home to the Annapolis Valley and died in 1987 at age 100.

    Neil Wade was the agent in Buchnanan, Sask when he left the railway. He then became a chef and was the head of the cooking department at Keewatin College in The Pas, MB when he retired. He died in the late 80s, early 90s of cancer.

    Grant Wade worked much of his career in Sask, and lived for years in Kipling, Sask, where he lived in the hotel and then he went to places like Ninette, MB, Fort Qu'Appelle, then lastly to Cranberry Portage. He lived in Winnipeg in retirement in an apartment in Fort Rouge, close to the Union Station. He was a bachelor and died in 1993 of complications of diabetes. He is buried next to Chester in the family cemetery in Granville Centre, NS.

    Chester Wade's brothers had been involved in the surveying and construction of the National Transcontinental Railway, and the GTP. His uncle Alfred was on the CNR out of Winnipeg and his other uncle, Fletcher Bath Wade had been an MP in Laurier's government and for a brief time before his death in 1905, had been the Commisioner of Railways for Laurier's government. At one time he had owned the railway from Bridgewater to Middleton NS, and the branchline from New Germany to Caledonia. This became part of the CNR system eventually.

    Wade Kenneth AllenMy brother, Kenneth Allen Wade was on the WG sprboard & in 1976 was opr in Jellicoe, Ont
    . died there in the late evening 19 Dec 1976 from a snowmobile accident after his shift. (See Wade, Robert Allen below)
    Wade Grant WCNR opr Cranberry Portage (abol June 85) (See Wade, Robert Allen below)
    Wade Neil GCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1938sd * ORT1871 (See Wade, Robert Allen below)
    Wade Robert Allenretired in 1980 as agt in Rainy River, Ont
    . Although he was in Ont when he retired he was mainly in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Other than his spr board postings, he was in the following locations: Portage la Paririe (West and East Tower, 8th Street), The Pas, MB; Englefeld, Sask; Rossendale, MB; Lowe Farm, MB; Englefeld, Sask; Wekusko, MB; Fairlight, Sask; Raymore, Sask; Virden, MB; then Rainy River, ON.
    . living in Qualicum Beach, BC (See Wade, Fletcher, Grant & Neil above)
    Walker AMCNR 1920sd ORT1273
    Wallace RCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1940sd ORT1637
    Wallis CCCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1942sd ORT1738
    Walmsley CWCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd, swing opr Dauphin 1950sd *
    Walsh PJCNR 1915sd ORT369
    Walsh William PCPR Brandon div, Ignace, Winnipeg, 1947-82 1947sd ORT 2668
    Ward TM CPR Hathwell 1892
    Watson WCCNR 1920sd ORT505
    Watters HECNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1919sd ORT958
    Watters WSCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1913sd ORT959
    Wattis AMCNR Prairie Region 1951sd / Winnipeg
    Watts NECPR agt Strathclair 1936sd ORT1728
    Weibe BCPR agt spr 1966sd
    Wellman CJCNR 1938sd * ORT1449
    Wellman RCCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Wells RCCPR Carroll 1893
    Wells LMCNR 1912sd ORT267
    Werboweski SCPR leverman Whittier 1959sd ORT4620
    West HVCPR? 1915 - CPR Regina - to CNR Winnipeg?
    West HGCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd *
    Whall JRCPR agt Stonewall 1946sd ORT2345
    Wheatley LCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1928sd ORT1339
    Whitwell CLCPR agt Emerson 1943sd ORT4002
    Whitwell LMCPR agt Deloraine 1938sd ORT1699
    White DACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd * ORT1860
    White FHCNT/CNR telegr MAN Dis 1909sd ORT150
    White LBCPR opr MB SK ON BC 10 Aug 1951sd ORT B267
    Whitelaw JT CPR Gretna 1894
    Wickstead RACNR opr Gladstone 1948
    Wickstrom AJCPR agt spr 1966sd
    Widdifeld LRCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd
    Wiebe JCNR 1963sd
    Wiffen RCNR 1924sd ORT1453
    Wiggins ECNR 1944sd ORT1921
    Wilcox AHCPR agt Lac Du Bonnet 1943sd ORT1922
    Wildeman PBCNR SK
    Wilson RBCPR agt Churchbridge 1950sd ORT3059

    Willdey Thomas William
    CNR 1929sd ORT1717
    Willetts GECNR TD Winnipeg 1967sd
    Williams CTCNR 1917sd ORT472
    Williams ECNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1913sd
    Williams FCNR 1941sd ORT1644
    Williams HGCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Williams SSCNR Winnipeg TM 1944-72
    Wilson CBCPR agt Starbuck 1960sd ORT6625
    Wilson JCNR 1913sd ORT245
    Wilson JHCNR 1920sd ORT693
    Wilson Stan BCNR The Pas 1949 / Wadena SK 1952-60 / CD op
    Wilson TNCNR opr 1966sd
    Wilson WBCNR 1922sd ORT685
    Wiwczaruk JCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1944sd
    Wolk MikeCNT messenger 1930, Saskatoon 1941-4, Winnipeg 1944-75 (CNT)
    Woltie LRCNR 1915sd ORT376

    Wood Al W
    . started Regina yrd clerk
    . went out as asst agt 1942 working Vanderhoof, BC., Davidson, Humboldt, Crooked River, Turtleford, Medstead, SK / Ochre River, Emerson Jct, Flin Flon, MB / Hudson Bay Jct SK / Roblin, Gilbert Plains, Pine Falls, MB
    . telegraph opr spring 1951 Kipling SK, Pine Falls, Grand Beach, Piney, Virden, Ninette, St Jean Baptiste (see pix), Isabella, Kelso, Emerson, Emerson Jct, Somerset, Belmont, Lowe Farm, Glenella, Justice, McConnell, Roland, Brandon, Lynn Lake, Warren MB, Langbank SK, Lundar, Elgin, Dunrae, Eden, Fisher Branch, Shilo MB, Fairlight SK, McCreary, Kelwood, Plumas, Winnipeg / 1943sd ORT1366 (son Tom also opr)

    Wood Ray A
    CNR Asst-Agt Dauphin Divn 1946
    . Asst-Agt & Opr Dauphin Divn
    . Dauphin 1950-2; Snr Rlf Agt 1953-7
    . agt-Opr Nut Mountain 1957-1960
    . Agt-Opr Endeavour 1960-72
    . Norquay 1972-7
    . Davidson 1977-82
    . /r 1982
    Woodhouse WPCNR 1912sd ORT242
    Woods JCNR towerman Manitoba Dist 1937sd ORT1624
    Wooster PCNR block opr Winnipeg Terminals 1914sd ORT625
    Wright GTCNR 1917sd ORT917
    Wynes JECNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1941sd, agt Manitoba Dist 1942sd * ORT1680
    Wynes WACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd *
    Wynne ACNR Touchwood Sub TD
    Yacula MCCNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1939sd * ORT1633

    Yagilashek Edward
    CNR Asst Agt Swan River June1949
    . Telegrapher -The Pas Jul 1950
    . Train Dispatcher - The Pas Jan 1953
    . Retired Chief Rail Traffic Controller Saskatoon, SK Jun 30 1991
    . worked over 60 loacations in MB, SK, ON & PQ
    Yerek StevenCPR Carrick?
    Yerex JHCNR 1920sd ORT679
    Youd ECNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1920sd
    Young CACNR asst agt Manitoba Dist 1943sd

    Young Donald H
    CNR Asst Agt Pelly Sk Jun 29 1950
    . worked Hudson Bay, Sk, The Pas MB, Ilford MB, Flin Flon MB
    . first job as Relief Agt Wekusko Mb May 21, 1951
    . worked Herchemer MB, Churchill MB, Birch River MB
    . Flanders ON, Huronian ON, Kashabowie ON, Kawene, ON
    . Mafeking MB, Minitonas MB, Hudson Bay SK, Flin Flon MB , Yorkton SK, The Pas MB, WI office Winnipeg, Opr Towerman ST James MB , Dauphin MB, Swan River MB
    . Edmonton MO Office, Calder Yard, East Edmonton, North Edmonton - Towerman Opr, Strathcona AB
    . Resigned Dec 1963 to take position as teacher
    . worked summer months for CNR at Calgary Depot, and Sarcee Yard
    Zomber SMCNR opr spr 1975sd

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