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Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy

Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy
Agents, Operators, Dispatchers
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Railway Senority Booklets
These are Official Railway Senority Booklets I have scanned and worked out an XML object coding to show them ... Flash MacroMedia is NOT needed, however, you may be required to upgrade your browser and set a higher screen resolution.
  • CPR Ontario-Quebec Senority 1965 System Division No.7
  • CPR Senority 1970 Ontario-Quebec System Division No.7
  • CPR Senority 1971 Ontario-Quebec System Division No.7
  • CNR Senority 1944 Atlantic/Central/GTW
  • ort / ORT = Order of Railroad Telegraphers
  • sd / SD = Seniority Date
  • TD / Dis = Train Dispatcher
  • CTD = Chief Train Disptacher
  • ACTD = Assistant Chief Train Dispatcher
  • agt / AGT = Agent
  • opr / OPR = Operator
  • swg / Swg = swg
  • rlf / RLF Relief
  • mvt / MVT = Movement
  • dir / DIR = Director
  • mgr / MGR = Manager
  • Superv = Supervisor
  • var / VAR = Various
  • stn(s) / STNS = station(s)
  • Asst = Assistant
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    LAST NAME, First Name (Initials)Canadian Railway - Known Stations and Years
    Adair ALCNR agt 1917sd ORT605
    Adair EACNR Moncton TD 1952sd
    Aiton HJCPR agt Canterbury SD1910
    Albert ClaudeCNR Edmundston div 1939sd ORT4003
    Alexander TECPR agt Brownville Jct Me SD1912
    Alexander CMCPR asst agt Minto 1951sd, agt Woodstock 1956sd ORT5027,4818
    Allen FWCPR agt St Stephen 1918sd ORT3191
    Anderson FECPR agt Debec Jct SD1913

    Anderson, John F
    CPR Wire Chief Saint John - started 1939, moved to the office Sydney NS & returned to Saint John in1951 /r 1971 /passed away Mar 1981
    Annett HWCPR agt Woodstock SD1902
    Anthony RWDAR Agt Truro NS THen TD Saint John NB SD1953
    Appleby HFCNR agt Campbellton div 1937sd ORT3925
    Atkinson BACNR agt Moncton div 1929sd ORT960
    Armstrong ERCPR asst agt St George 1950sd, agt Brownville Jct(ME), Perth Jct 1955sd ORT5381
    Armstrong JI MissCPR spr agt Brownville Jct ME 1945 sd ORT4161
    Arnold JACNR Marysville yrs? /d67
    Artes TMCPR agt Brownville Jct(Me) 1938sd, TD St John 1945sd ORT1638
    Astle NWCNR agt Edmundston 1942sd, TD1965 ORT4273
    Astle SNHCNR agt Boiestown 1938/72 ORT4387
    Atkinson BACNR agt 1929sd ORT960
    Badeau PRCPR sp agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1944sd ORT2324
    Baker AMCPR asst agt Aroostook 1925sd ORT1489
    Baker LWCPR asst agt Fredericton 1945sd ORT2283
    Bailey Mrs ERCPR sp agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1956sd

    Baird G C Trudy Ms
    CPR agt Brownville Jct ME SD 1976-84
    . stayed away from railroading from 1984-90 when she was hired as a crew dispatcher Roseville CA for Southern Pacific
    . worked that position & Chief Crew Dispatcher until she became TD 1992
    . holds first trick on a single track-TWC job from west of Stockton CA to Richmond (San Francisco) CA
    . (see husband below, William)

    Baird William M
    CPR agt Brownville Jct ME TD Saint John
    . worked for CPR until 1984 when replaced with MBS
    . went to Southern Pacific in Tucson AZ as TD & ACTD 1984-89
    . CTD & Asst Manager Transportation 1989-94
    . took off for the Santa Fe in Chicago - the BNSF merger then took us to Fort Worth TX then to BNSF office In San Bernardino CA
    . currently hold first trick on the Needles Sub (CTC) from Needles Ca to just outside of Barstow CA
    . SD10973 (see wife above, Trudy - see fa, CM Baird) on Quebec page)
    Ballie FJCPR agt Longh Pond SD1907
    Bardsley WTCPR agt Brownville Jct Me SD1907
    Barth ELCPR agt Greenville Me SD1916
    Bartlett WCPR agt Benson SD1915
    Barton Miss ALCPR caretaker agt New Brunswick Dist Cumberland Bay 1947sd ORT4821
    Beaulieu, RFCNR agt Edmundston div 1917sd ORT251
    Bedford ACPR agt Greenville Maine SD1911
    Belcher CSDAR Agt Middleton NS SD11943
    Bell RNCPR agt Hartland 1952sd ORT3465
    Belliveau JFUCNR Campbellton TD 1951
    Belliveau OscarCNR Moncton TD 1990
    Best SJ CNR ACD St John's 1983
    Billingsley RJCNR Campbellton TD 1948
    Blagdon DJCPR agt/t St John 1964sd ORT6867
    Blagdon GDCPR sp agt Brownville Jct(ME), Jackman 1952sd ORT4731
    BlairCNR agt Campbellton Div 1942sd ORT4147
    Blanchard GMCPR agt Jackmen Maine SD1908
    Blanchard OMCPR agt Greenville 1919sd ORT4340
    Blizzard ACCPR agt Fredericton Jct 1945sd ORT2553
    Blizzard MACPR agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1952sd ORT4960
    Blizzard TECPR agt Fredericton 1948sd, RTD New Brunswick Dist Woodstock 1954sd ORT3130
    Bolger TCCPR agt Canterbury 1940sd ORT1447
    Boone DWCPR agt Perth, Aroostook, Upper Kent 1954sd ORT2697
    Borque JCPR agt Holeb SD1886
    Boucher AWCNR agt Campbellton div 1940sd ORT3425
    Boucher JVCNR opr Edmunston "H" office, relief TD Edmunston 1955
    Boudreau Joseph CleophasMy dad, Joseph Cleophas Boudreau, was a telegrapher in Petit Rocher, NB in 1943 and more. Then we lived in Capreol, Ont in 1945 and more and then we lived in Campbellton, NB in 1949 and more. He terminated his telegraphy career there in 1952.

    Prior to 1943, he was a telegrapher for various railroads on the US coastal lines from Massachusetts and south to Drifton, Florida.

    He also had a brother named Emery Boudreau that was a CNR telegrapher, but I know not where.

    I believe my grandparents, John and Elizabeth Jane Boudreau were station agents at Beaver Brook Station, NB during that era also. I cannot find any proof of that either, but I visited that water stop myself in 1943 and John was not there, but Elizabeth Jane was. (Notes from Ray Boudreau)

    Boulay RGCNR agt Campbellton Div 1943sd ORT4777
    Boulet GRCNR Campbellton TD 1965 1942sd
    Boyles EFCNR opr Salisbury, TD Moncton 1956
    Bowering RCNR CD St John's 1979
    Breau JACNR agt Edmundston div 1914sd ORT231
    Brennan CWCPR sp agt/t St John 1964sd ORT7052
    Breton PECNR Edmunston TD 1951
    Brewer CFCPR agt Greenville 1916sd ORT655
    Brewer FECPR agt Jackman SD1912
    Britt HPCPR agt Brownville Jct (ME) 1915, TD New Brunswick Dist 1937sd ORT759
    Brock WCPR asst agt Minto 1943sd ORT4556
    Brown RossCNR agt Sussex, Rothesay 1930s?, Shediac 1940s?
    Buckley BJCNR agt Campbellton div 1941sd ORT4384
    Buckley JGCNR agt Campbellton div 1940sd ORT3256
    Bulmer RFCNR Edmundston div agt 1917sd, Relief TD Edmundston only 1939sd, ORT869
    Bureaux AlfredCNR Moncton yrs? /r87
    Burnett CACPR agt Brownville Jct Me SD1909
    Burpee FJCPR agt Brownville Jct Me SD1900
    Caines JLCPR sp agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1958sd
    Caldwell PWCNR agt Campbellton div 1916sd ORT466
    Caldwell RJCPR agt Jackman sd 1917
    Calhoun GMLCNR agt Campbellton Div 1943sd
    Camp FHCPR Agt Benton SD1915
    Campbell NeilCNR TD Moncton 1977
    Carr CFCPR Agt Woodstock SD 1973
    Carr EH CPR agt Woodstock 1910 sd TD Woodstock 1920sd CTD Woodstock 1944sd
    Carr FHCPR agt Watt sd1913 ORT 1040
    Carr HECPRAgt Harvey SD1910
    Carr HRCPR agt Fort Fairfield (ME) 1926sd ORT1223
    Carrier GCNR agt Edmunston TD 1947
    Carrier JACNR agt Edmundston div 1929sd ORT2077
    Carriere JR CNR ACD Edmundston 1977
    Carroll GeoCPR agt Woodstock 1902 SD 1902
    Carter Botsford CNR Deersdale TO office on Napadogan Sub (during WWII) / Port Elgin 1959-65(?)
    Caulfield DDCPR agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1931sd, TD 1947sd, sp TD St John 1965 ORT4119
    Caulfield GRCPR agt Westfield, Lancaster 1938sd ORT5327
    Caulfield GRCPR agt Saint John sd1938
    Caulfield UVCPR Agt Westfield SD 1901
    Chase GCPR Agt Fredericton Jct SD1915
    Chase Royden GCPR throughout NB stns? yrs? /d86
    Chandler C E CPR agt Edmundston sd 1942 ORT 3525
    Chisholm DDCNR agt-opr Coldbrook, relief TD Moncton 1961
    Chouinard JACNR TD Campbellton 1964
    Christie AGCPR agt Canterbury SD1908
    Clark CACPR sp agt Woodstock 1958sd
    Clark CFCPR asst agt Woodstock 1953sd ORT4973
    Clark GECPR TD Saint John SD1970 Ex DAR
    Clark GHCNR Moncton div 1913sd ORT124
    Clark MRCPR Agt McAdam SD1904
    Clark WBCPR agt Hartland sd 1909
    Clark WFDAR Agt Windsor NS SD1953
    Clarke RACNR agt Edmundston div 1936sd ORT1612
    Clifford VJCPR Agt Moosehead sd1917
    Clinch BCCPR asst agt St Andrews 1952sd, agt Woodstock 1958sd ORT5356
    Colpitts SLCPR Agt Canterbury sd1016
    Colter JACPR spr agt Brownville Jct Me 1945sd
    Comeau JMCNR Campbellton TD 1948
    Connell EDCPR agt St Andrews, St John 1948sd ORT2779
    Connell GHCPR caretaker agt Cody 1946sd ORT4832
    Connell J RCPR agt Saint John sd 1908
    Connors JECPR agt Hartland, St Andrews 1951sd ORT4113
    Cormier JAHCNR opr "RW" Moncton, rlf TD Moncton 1961
    Cosman ARCPR sp asst agt Woodstock 1958sd
    Cosman ARCPR agt Minto 1929sd ORT1431
    Cosman RHCPR asst agt Lancaster 1920sd ORT899
    Couglan TLCPR Agt Fredericton SD 1912
    Cougle LCCPR Agt Perth NB SD1909
    Cougle PMCPR agt Woodstock, St John 1925sd, TD St John, Woodstock 1943sd ORT1034
    Counter JCPR Agt Brownville SD1915
    Crandall JRCPR agt Onawa(ME), Greenville(ME), Brownville Jct(ME) 1948sd ORT5185
    Crawford CACPR TD Saint John sd1974
    Crouse JECPR agt Burtt's Corner 1925sd ORT1311
    Crozier TJCPR agt Greenville sd1916
    Curran TCPR Agt Fort Fairfield sd1916
    Currie CECPR agt Brownville Jct (ME) 1918sd ORT4338
    Cusack RBCNR opr Newcastle, relief TD Campbellton 1964
    D'Anjou J AlbertCNR Campbellton div 1937sd ORT1351
    Daggett BLCPR Agt hartland sd 1901
    Darrah WRCPR asst agt Woodstock 1956sd ORT5804
    Davis Geo TCPR Agt Andover sd1904
    Davis HLCNR TD 1965 1941sd
    Deakin OFCPR Agt St Andrews sd1905
    Debeck Kenneth ECPR agt Mattawamkeak Me SD1974 EX Mec
    Dee JFCPR asst agt Grand Falls 1952, Agt Perth, Aroostook 1952sd ORT4152
    . passed away 09 Mar 2012
    Delano CWCPR agt Bath sd1917 ORT3728
    Demers EJCPR agt Jackman 1917sd ORT585
    Demmings BLCPR agt Spare Saint John SD1975
    Demmings MCCPR sp agt Woodstock 1958sd
    Densmore GHCPR Agt Brownville sd 1913
    Dick, DGCPR asst agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1956sd, agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1958sd ORT5932
    Dickinson, ANCPR agt Chipman 1951sd ORT4227
    Doherty MJCPR sp asst agt Woodstock 1957sd
    Donavan DWCPR Agt Canterbury sd1912
    Doucet DJCNR agt-opr New Denmark, relief TD Edmunston 1955
    Dow FCPR Agt Debec sd1891
    Dow JamesCPR Agt Debec sd1893
    Drillo AGCNR agt Moncton div 1939sd ORT3684

    Duncan William WW
    ICR Edmundston 1913-17 (may have worked in Salisbury or Moncton also?)
    Dunham, WLCPR agt Plaster Rock 1930sd ORT1454
    Duplisea DACPR agt Fredericton Jct 1947sd ORT2622
    Duplisea GWCPR agt Lancaster 1925sd ORT1329
    Duplisea WNCPR Agt Harvey sd1907
    Edwards CTCPR agt McAdam 1951sd, TD St John 1964 ORT5532
    Edwards GeorgeCPR Agt Hartland sd1911
    Edwards GECPR agt Agt Mattawamkeag SD1974 EX MEC
    Edwards GGCPR agt Barnard sd1915
    Edwards RMCPR agt Edmundston 1942sd ORT4133
    Esson AMCNR agt Campbellton div 1928sd ORT687
    Esson JACPR Agt Brownville sd1912

    Everett, Floyd E
    CPR 1952, CNR wire chief Moncton, Snr Plant Tech, Moncton, Retired CNCP Telecommunications. (Parent Company CN Telegraphs) /r 1987 (sine RH Cdn circuit)
    Ettinger VNDAR Agt Yarmouth SD 1951
    Fahey JMCPR Agt Watt sd1911
    Fairfax GCPR agt St Stephen sd1917
    Farmer JOCPR agt Perth sd1912
    Farnham Mrs JICPR agt Aroostook 1951sd ORT9590
    Faulkner DouglasCPR Asst Agt Woodstock sd 1909

    Fearon Gord
    CNR spr opr & agt
    . started Moncton Div Aug 291957 to May 1963
    . worked out of Moncton NB & Island Div
    . also Allandale & Hornepayne Div
    Flemming CWCPR sp asst agt Woodstock 1955sd ORT4335
    Fletcher FGCPR TD Woodstock 1960sd ORT2074
    Fletcher JECPR agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1944sd, TD 1954sd, sp TD St John 1965 ORT2074
    Foley JLCPR agt Jackman(ME) 1944sd ORT2113
    Fortin LCNR agt Edmundston div 1915sd ORT471
    Fox JACPR asst agt Lancaster 1925sd ORT5537
    Fulton RGCPR TD St John, Woodstock 1946sd ORT1916
    Francis WCCNR agt Moncton yrs?
    Frigon OCNR agt Campbellton div 1941sd
    Fullerton WVCNR agt Moncton div 1939sd ORT3882
    Fulton RGCPR agt New Brunswick Dist Woodstock 1943sd ORT1916
    Gage LeonaCNR opr St Leonard, relief TD Edmunston 1962
    Gagne GHCNR swing 3 Pacific Jct, relief TD Moncton 1964

    Gaines Aubrey
    CPR Agt Aroostook SD1896 (see brother below - grtgrd uncle to BCorreia)

    Gaines CS
    CPR Agt Aroostook SD1907 (see brother above grtgrd uncle to BCorreia)
    Gallagher GHCPR Spr Agt Brownville SD1909
    Gamache JECNR agt Campbellton div 1940sd ORT1430
    Garret EACNR agt Edmundston TD 1965 1941sd
    Giberson DDCPR agt Perth Jct 1940sd ORT4150
    Giberson DRCPR Spr Agt Saint John sd1973
    Gibson BCCPR Agt Jackman SD1974
    Gibson HCPR Asst Agt Woodstock SD1908
    Giles HTCPR agt Upper Kent 1916sd Ort 1209
    Gillispie JoeCPR agt Saint John sd1915 ORT3856(wife below)
    Gillespie, Margret G (Mrs)CPR agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1941sd ORT5330 (husband above)
    Gillett FCCPR sp agt/t St John 1963sd ORT6907
    Gillilard JRCPR agt Edmunston 1926sd ORT1143
    Gillis CFCNR agt Moncton Div 1942sd ORT4380
    Gillis PACNR agt Moncton div 1916sd ORT673
    Glenn CCCNR agt Edmunston Div 1943sd ORT4700
    Godreau JACNR agt Edmundston div 1917sd ORT2160
    Gove ArthurCPR Agt StAndrews SD1908
    Graham GFCPR sp agt/t St John 1964sd ORT6995
    Graham GLCPR agt Brownville Jct(ME), Harvey, Perth Jct 1953sd ORT4748
    Graham RBCNR agt Campbellton div 1917sd ORT655
    Grant CLCPR agt Woodstock 1959sd
    Grant HACPR asst agt Edmundston 1955sd, sp agt Woodstock 1957sd ORT5553
    Grant HLCPR agt/t Edmundston 1964sd ORT6933
    Grant JLCNR Northern 1938, Hornpayne, Oba ON
    Graves JLCPR Agt Greenville SD 1904
    Graves SACNR agt Moncton Div 1943sd
    Gray KACPR agt Mattawamkeag SD1974 EX MEC
    Greer JDCPR agt Woodstock 1959sd
    Guay APCPR agt Jackman(ME), Brownville Jct(ME) 1950sd ORT4035
    Guay JACPR Agt Jackman SD1913
    Guerette FGCPR Agt Holeb SD1913
    Hagerman RBCPR Agt Woodstock SD 1908
    Hallett GBCPR Agt Canterbury SD1911
    Hatchette LMCPR agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1943sd, TD St John 1951sd ORT2221

    Hallett Helen W (Miss)
    "... a well know former resident of Grand Fall, occurred at Moncton City Hospital at the age of 93. She was the only daugther of the late Robert A. and Emily (Day) Hallett. Miss Hallett served as manger of the Canadian National Telegraph Company in Grand Falls for 37 years. She was also employed for a time in Woodstock, Saint John, and Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Alberta." Helen was born 1 July 1880, Grand Falls, NB, died 06 April 1974, Moncton, NB, buried Grand Falls, NB. ..."
    Harris ACCPR Agt Benson SD 1908
    Harris ALCPR agt Woodstock 1927sd, TD St John, Woodstock 1947sd ORT1393
    Harris JMCPR TD Brownville SD1900
    Harris LTCPR asst agt Lancaster 1954sd ORT5533
    Harten RACPR agt Fredericton 1946sd ORT3852
    Hartin DJCPR spare agt St John SD1977
    Hartin FCCPR Spare Agt St John SD1977

    Hartt Byron C
    CPR agt-telegrapher sp, Brownville Jct (ME) 1956sd ORT5745
    Harvey HMCPR Agt Hoyt SD1912
    Harvie DEDAR Agt Kentville SD1956
    Hatchette LMCPR agt St John, TD Brownville Jct Me 1943sd ORT1219, 2221
    Haughn RHCPR agt Woodstock 1959sd
    Hawkins JNCPR asst agt Lancaster 1951sd ORT4818
    Hayes JLCPR Agt Debec SD1916
    Hazel Charles JCPR agt Fairville SD1909
    Hebert Alphonse JCPR Asst Agt Edmundston SD 1918
    Hebert MLCNR agt Edmunston Div 1943sd ORT4437
    Heenan AHCPR Asst Agt Fredericton Jct SD1910
    Heenan DFCPR Asst agt Fredericton SD1910
    Heenan FACPR agt Fredericton Jct 1941sd, sp TD St John 1965sd ORT1868
    Hegarty GBCPR agt Brownville Jct (ME) 1918sd ORT1292
    Hendry ELCPR Agt Greenville SD1916
    Hetherington ACNR Fredericton yrs? /d67
    Hickey JACNR Campbellton TD 1965, 1944sd
    Hickey LJCNR Edmundston TD 1965, 1941sd
    Hillman DonaldCNR sp opr Frederickton 1966
    Hobbs VWCPR Agt Jackman SD1917
    Holden HLCPR agt Welsford sd 1915
    Hooser WSCPR agt Grand Falls 1914sd Ort1070
    Horncastle JRDAR Agt Windsor ns SD1955
    Horne EGCPR sp agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1957sd
    Howard GACPR TD Brownville sd1907
    Howard GaecdiCPR Brownville sd 1898
    Howard WRCPR TD Brownville SD1890
    Howatt MACNR agt Island div 1924sd ORT3369
    Hoyt LACPR agt 1913sd, TD Woodstock 1926sd ORT496
    Hoyt JPCPR sp asst agt Woodstock 1951sd ORT5027
    Hoyt RBCPR agt McAdam 1951sd ORT3920
    Hughey JFCPR agt Jackman(ME) 1940sd ORT1725
    Hunt EADAR Agt Windsor NS SD1951
    Hunter CBCPR Agt Debec SD1910
    Hutchinson JCPR agt Chipman, Bristol 1954sd ORT5077
    Irvine ERCPR Agt Plaster Rock SD1911
    Inman DRCPR Spr Agt Saint John SD1970
    Jardine EECNR agt Island div 1931sd ORT1225
    Jarvis OKCPR agt St Stephen, Chipman 1951sd ORT3930
    Jay StewartCPR Asst Agt Saint John sd1970
    Jeffrey GRCPR caretaker agt Young's Cove Rd 1941sd ORT4846
    Jewett DBCPR agt, Aroostook 1914sd ORT481
    Jones AECPR sp agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1958sd
    Johnson RRCPR Agt Holeb sd1895
    Journay WJCPR Agt Brownville sd1912
    Kane JCPR Agt Hoyt SD1886
    Kelly RDCPR agt Bay Shore 1948sd, sp TD St John 1965 ORT4732
    Kennedy GMCPR Spr Agt Saint John SD1973
    Ketch JACPR agt Presque Isle(ME) 1943sd ORT1219
    King DLCNR agt-opr Harcourt, relief TD Moncton 1961
    King HWCPR Agt Woodstock sd 1902
    King WACPR Agt Greenville SD1917
    Kingdom HMCPR Agt Brownville SD1917
    Kingston CLCPR agt St Andrews sd1945
    Kingston KJCPR agt Fort Fairfield Me 1944sd
    Kingston LCCPR agt Hoyt, Harvey 1943sd ORT2886
    Kinney CRDAR Spr Agt DAR SD1952
    Kirkpatrick EJCPR agt Woodstock 1907 sd
    Laidlaw WHCPR agt-opr St John sd1920, TD St John SD1943 ORT/CERT#4098
    Laine JACNR Edmunston TD 1953
    Lamontagne W L CPR agt Jackman Maine 1939sd Ort 3909
    Lauzier XJECNR TD Campbellton Div 1940sd
    Lawrence ALCPR asst agt Woodstock 1960sd
    Lebans RCCNR Moncton TD 1965 1945sd
    LeBel RACNR opr "H" Edmunston, relief TD Edmunston 1962
    Le Blanc JCDAR Spr Agt DAR SD1959
    LeBlanc HCPR agt Bristol, Florenceville 1947sd ORT4120
    LeBlanc HVCNR opr Moncton, relief TD Moncton 1964
    LeBlanc JECNR ACD Moncton 1977sd
    LeBlanc JEFCNR Moncton TD 1947sd
    LeBlanc JLPCNR Campbellton TD 1952sd
    Levasseur RGCNR agt, TD Moncton Div 1941sd ORT3388
    Levasseur TGCNR agt Moncton TD1965 1941sd
    Lemieux RCNR Edmundston div 1937sd ORT1630
    Lewis SACNR agt Moncton div TD 1965 1939sd ORT3427
    Lewis THCNR Moncton TD 1965, 1941sd
    Lindsay MLCPR sp agt/t st John 1964sd ORT7068
    Little GECNR agt Campbellton div 1916sd ORT936
    Long FDCNR agt Edmundston div 1929sd ORT1979
    Lozier JECNR agt Campbellton div 1940sd ORT2061
    Lyon JWCNR agt Campbellton div 1940sd ORT1078
    Lyon LCCPR spr agt Brownville Me 1940sd
    MacEwen JERCNR Island div 1911sd
    MacFawn GACPR asst agt Woodstock 1928sd ORT5078
    MacGregor JACNR TD 1965 Moncton 1940sd
    MacKinnon CADAR Spr Agt DAR SD 1964
    MacLennan ADCNR agt Island div 1930sd ORT1711
    MacPherson CWCPR agt McAdam, Burtts Corner 1951sd, sp TD St John 1965 ORT4065
    Manzer CWCPRAgt Woodstock sd1886
    Marshall LFCPR agt Welsford 1923sd ORT998
    Marson GDCPR Agt Brownville sd1973
    Matthews RSCNR agt Edmunston Div 1942sd ORT4424
    McAllister DWCPR agt Grand Falls, Fort Fairfield(ME) 1947sd ORT2651
    McCabe AWCNR agt Moncton div 1936sd ORT1218
    McCarthy CNCPR Agt Holeg SD1898
    McCarthy FWCPR Agt Green River sd1917
    McCormack GJCNR Island div 1915sd ORT234
    McCracken JCCPR agt McAdam 1941sd ORT1919
    McCrea GJCPR asst agt Grand Falls 1953sd ORT5083
    McCrea JDCPR sp asst agt Woodstock 1957sd
    McEachery JVCPR sp agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1954sd ORT5352
    McEwen JERCNR agt Island Div 1911sd
    McGuiggan MRCPR TD Brownville sd1912
    McInerney EJCNR agt Moncton div TD 1965 1928sd ORT1948
    McIntosh GECPR Agt McAdam SD1910
    McIntosh DRCPR agt Brownville Jct, St Andrews 1959sd
    McIntyre CLCPR asst agt Woodstock 1941sd ORT4274
    McIver PJCPR agt Vanceboro SD1974 EX MEC
    McKay HRCPR agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1945sd, TD 1954sd ORT2361
    McKenzie GCCPR agt North Devon 1924sd ORT974
    McKinnon RJCPR agt Vanceboro SD1974 ex MEC
    McLardy FECPR Agt Bristol SD1913
    McLaughlin WTCNR Saint John yrs? /d66

    McLeod, John Irvine
    ICR Ferris Stn 1877, Dalhousie Jct 1880, Penobsquis 1903, Seoesis ME 1909-10
    McLeod RCCNR CD Moncton 1979
    McNeil GregoryCNR agt-opr Little Bras d'Or, relief TD New Glasgow NS 1956
    McNeish JWCNR agt Campbellton div TD 1965 1941sd ORT4239
    McQuarrie GHCNR agt Moncton div 1918sd ORT663
    McWilliam RFCNR Moncton TD sd1948
    Meating BRCPR asst agt 1960sd
    Mercer HCPR Agt Harvey SD1917
    Merriman IBCPR TD Brownville sd 1878
    Mersereau ACPR TD Brownville SD1900
    Mersereau PCCPR agt Fredericton Jct 1923sd ORT959
    Mersereau PCCPR agt FrederictonJct 1923 ORT 2007
    Michael ELDAR Spr Agt DAR SD1959
    Michaud CYCPR sp agt/t St John 1966sd ORT7237
    Michaud JACPR Agt Jackman SD1906
    Michaud John MauriceCPR agt Caribou(ME) 1946sd ORT2135 (passed away peacefully at the age of 86, Saturday Nov 2, 2013 - Born Dec 16, 1926, employed as a Station Agent & Telegrapher with the CPR in 1946. He worked in various locations in the Eastern Division including Caribou, Presque Isle and North Devon, NB. He married Claire Kirby of Brownville Junction in 1948. Claire was also employed as a telegrapher in Hardy Pond after the war and their first date was arranged over the telegraph. He retired as Agent/Operator in Greenville, in 1984)
    Michaud JPCPR agt Jackman SD1972, SprAgt Saint John SD1973
    Michaud PECPR asst agt Woodstock 1940sd ORT1755
    Miller JWCNR opr Newcastle, relfTD Campbellton 1964
    Miller LICPR agt Watt, Millville 1950sd ORT2995
    Miller RJCNR agt Campbellton TD1965 1942sd
    Mockler CWCPR Agt Minto sd 1916
    Mockler WDCPR asst agt Perth 1946sd ORT2959
    Mooers DLCPR asst agt Edmundston 1920sd ORT1224
    Moore NWCPR sp agt Bornwville Jct(ME) 1958sd
    Moran FV CNR ACD Edmundston 1983
    Morgan ECCPR Agt Florenceville sd1912
    Morrell JRCPR Agt Aroostook SD1969
    Morrisey JKCPR Agt Saint John SD1917
    Morrison AFCPR Agt Holeb SD1912
    Mosher EBCPR TD Woodstock sd1909
    Mulherin Harry FCPR Agt Edmundston sd1910
    Murray WLCPR asst agt Chipman 1953sd, agt Woodstock 1956sd ORT5719
    Myers SACNR TD 1965 Moncton 1939sd
    Narrowmore DHCPR Spare Agt Saint John SD1973
    Nason ALCPR agt Harvey SD1910
    Nason CFCPR sp agt Brownville Jct(ME), Watt 1952sd ORT4749
    Nason DACPR agt Harvey, Woodstock. St John 1949sd, TD St John 1962 ORT3139
    Nason EWCPR asst agt Brownville Jct Me 1960sd
    Nason KDCPR agt Woodstock, Millville 1951sd ORT4288
    Nason LMCPR agt St George 1928sd ORT1075
    Nason NECPR sp agt Brownville Jct(ME), Aroostook 1955sd ORT5313
    Nason PACPR agt McAdam SD1898
    Nason RECPR sp agt Brownville Jct(ME), St John 1955sd ORT5332
    Nason WMCPR agt New Brunswick Dist Brownville Jct(ME) 1954sd ORT5365
    Nason WWCPR agt Harvey 1915sd ORT530
    Never Ross EugeneCPR agt St Andrews, Hartland 1953sd ORT4112 (Central Blissville, NB. After a long hard battle with cancer, Ross passed away peacefully surrounded by his family at the Oromocto Public Hospital on Dec 11 2013 - For 35 years, Ross worked as a Telegrapher for CP Rail until his retirement)
    Nicholson HHCNR agt Island div 1927sd ORT1761
    Nickerson PACNR Salisbury yrs? /r67
    Nixon DECPR agt Houlton 1923sd ORT1220
    Nixon FBCNR Woodstock 1949 / relf Stratford Div ON ?-1955
    Nixon LVCPR spr agt Saint John 1972sd

    Nixon RV
    CPR agt Aroostook, Woodstock, St Andrews 1949sd, TD Saint John sd1969
    . retired 1985
    Noble WFCPR agt Brownville Jct Me
    Nutter ALCPR agt Kirby SD1891
    O'Blenis, GLCNR Moncton TD 1965 1945sd
    Oliver BWCPR agt Canterbury 1907 sd
    Oliver CECPR asst agt Grand Falls 1918sd ORT1289
    Oliver WECPR TD Woodstock SD1914
    Oulton Charles Renwick DAR stns? 1907 / CPR Estevan(?) 1917 / Port Elgin NB 1920-59 / during WWII Sackville / after retires AG-CARE meeting Island Mixed & express truck
    Owens RBCPR agt Florenceville SD1887
    Owens John ACPR agt Brownville Me SD1974 (majority of his career at CPR as a telegrapher/operator and finally as a supervisor at Bangor & Aroostook Railroad, retiring in 1998)
    Page FRCNR Moncton div 1916sd ORT657
    Parker C L CPR agt Brownville Jct Me 1909 sd TD Woodstock sd 1954
    Parker GSCPR agt St Andrews 1916sd
    Parker Martin LCPR Spare Agt Saint John SD1917
    Perry RCCPR asst agt Hartland 1948sd ORT3841
    Phillips JACPR sp agt Brownville Jct(ME), McAdam 1958sd
    Phillips NLCPR asst agt Woodstock 1952sd ORT4948
    Picard JACNR Edmunston TD 1965 1945sd
    Pitarys GeorgeCPR agt Jackman SD1977
    Poitras JGCNR Grand Falls 1953/d72
    Pothier HMDAR Agt Yarmouth NS SD1941
    Potter ASCPR Asst Agt Harvey SD1915
    Potter BACPR agt Brownville Jct Me. TD SD1896
    Potter RBCPR Asst Agent Woodstock SD1916
    Potter RLCPR asst agt Andover 1955sd, Woodstock, sp st John 1958sd ORT5889
    Powell LCCNR Moncton div 1918sd ORT2240
    Proux FCNR agt Edmunston Div 1915sd ORT471
    Proulx JHCNR TD 1965 81941sd
    Purves JRCNR Red Rock 1935/72
    Quigg JECPR agt Greenville 1929sd ORT1736
    Quigg JHCPR agt Lancaster, ST John 1948sd, RTD New Brunswick Dist Brownville Jct(ME) 1957sd, TD st John 1962 ORT3609
    Tapp JACPR sp agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1954sd ORT5331
    Terris HJCNR agt Campbellton Div 1942sd ORT4380
    Thibeault ARCNR TD Campbellton 1952, CD Campbellton 1979
    Thompson GOCNR Moncton div 1919sd ORT948
    Tompkins RJCPR agt/t Hartland 1940sd ORT1778
    Tracy EACPR agt Fredericton 1927sd ORT1168
    Tracy EACPR agt/t Cullerton 1958sd ORT5933
    Turner JWCPR agt Lancaster 1943sd ORT2777
    Rand EHCPR Agt Fredericton Jct SD 1908
    Raymond LOCNR Edmundston div 1913sd ORT452
    Record EVCPR asst agt Lancaster 1946sd ORT5416
    Redstone WACPR agt Florenceville, McAdam 1928sd ORT1727
    Reed CFCPR Agt Greenville Me SD1901
    Richard FLCNR agt Campbellton div 1940sd ORT1467
    Richardson RHCPR Agt McAdam NB SD1967
    Richardson TPCPR Agt Blissville NB SD 1906
    Ricker NJCPR sp agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1954sd ORT5312
    Rioux HDCPR agt Jackman (ME) 1927sd ORT1390
    Roberts RLCPR Agt Jackman SD1916
    Roberts WHCNR agt Moncton Div 1943sd ORT4237
    Robertson GDCPR Agt Hoyt SD1900
    Robertson Joel TCPR Agt McAdam NB SD1971
    Rockwell AWCPR Agt Brownville Jct Me SD1895
    Rogers WHCNR Campbellton div 1917sd ORT821
    Ross JACPR Agt Brownville Jct Me SD 1910
    Rowley AECPR Agt Greenville Me sd 1894
    Rowley RAECPR agt McAdam 1916sd ORT905,1886
    Roy ADCNR agt-opr Estcourt, ref TD Edmunston 1959
    Roy JACNR Moncton TD 1951
    Roy JYCNR agt Campbellton Div 1942sd ORT4602
    Ryder GGCPR Agt Hoyt NB SD1916
    Salley Meylon LCPR agt Mattawamkeag SD1974 ex MEC
    Sanderson VRCPR sp asst agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1956sd ORT5943
    Sansom CarlCNR agt Edmundston div 1939sd ORT3753
    Saunders VRCPR sp agt/t St John 1963sd ORT6868
    Schriver Berry LCPR Agt Woodstock NB Retired as chief of Police there
    Scott FACPR asst agt Edmundston 1956sd ORT5859
    Shannon PMCNR agt Moncton div 1918sd ORT3358
    Sharber JCNR Edmundston TD 1965 1941sd ORT5200
    Shaw JECNR agt Edmundston 1941sd, TD 1965 ORT4569
    Shaw RVCPR TD Brownville Jct SD1909
    Shay DJCPR agt anceboro SD1974 EX MEC
    Shepard HFCPR Agt Westfield Beach SD1912
    Shideler RLCPR spr agt Sydney 1951sd
    Simard JLPCNR Campbellton 1947
    Simpson EACPR sp agt Woodstock 1958sd
    Simpson GHCPR agt St Stephen 1902sd ORT 3898
    Sinstadt DVCPR agt Aroostook 1946sd ORT2375
    Skinner GKDAR Agt Digby SD1951
    Slattery FGCPR agt Woodstock 1945sd, RTD 1952sd, TD St John 1960 ORT5421
    Smith CCCPR agt Bath 1915sd ORT782
    Smith CGAgt Musquash 1915sd Ort 1648
    Smith CECPR agt Upper Kent, Edmundston 1951sd ORT4244
    Small ELCPR Agt Brownville Jct SD1909
    Smith GACPR Agt Kentville NS TD Saint John SD 1971
    Smith GCCPR Spr Agt Saint John SD1971
    Smith GECPR agt Andover, Kent 1943sd ORT3781
    Smith HLCNR agt Moncton div 1936sd ORT1241
    Smith HTCPR agt Pennfield 1943sd ORT2125
    Smith HRCPR asst agt Minto 1945sd ORT5103
    Smith RBCPR agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1959sd
    Smith RCCPR agt Chipman 1947sd ORT2551
    Snarr LECNR Petitcodiac yrs? /r67
    Soucy FECNR Edmunston TD 1947
    Sparks CJCPR agt Debec Jct 1926sd ORT1326
    Spear JMCPR agt Burtts Corner 1919sd Ort 1976
    Spencer BCPR Agt Hardy Pond SD 1916
    Spencer JECNR agt Campbellton div 1937sd ORT3348
    Spencer SECNR agt Campbellton TD1965 1942sd
    Stark MACPR Spr Agt Saint John SD1974
    Steeves HRCNR agt Campbellton div 1918sd ORT1113
    Stevens RTCPR agt Woodstock 1919sd, TD New Brunswick Dist Woodstock 1947sd ORT896
    Stevens WCCPR agt Lancaster 1945sd ORT5333
    Stewart LFCNR TD 1965 Moncton 1939sd
    Stillwell ABCPR agt Millville 1922sd ORT704
    Stillwell RFCPR agt Canterbury 1924sd ORT1086
    Street ABCPR Agt Green River SD1889
    Street HDCPR Agt Edmundston NB SD1913
    Strout DL Ms.CPR Spr Agt Saint John

    Strout Ken
    CPR MEC CNR spr agt-opr in joint facilities betn MC Railroad & CPR 1971-5 when CP bought the track betwn Vanceboro, Maine & Mattawamkeag from MEC
    . work agt-opr Vanceboro & Mattawamkeag
    . qualified CP rules & delivered orders to CP trains Vanceboro & Keag
    . Danville Jct, Maine as a CN joint agt-opr 1979-85
    Sullivan LFCPR agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1944sd ORT2494
    Sullivan JRCNR opr Moncton Yd, swing TD Moncton 1956
    Sullivan WVCNR Newcastle 1934-5?, 14 stns? yrs?
    Swift FSCNR Moncton yrs? /d67
    Swim DECPR sp asst agt Woodstock 1958sd
    Tapp JACPR agt Brownville Jct(ME), Mcadam 1954sd ORT5331
    Taylor JHCPR Spr agt Saint John SD1974
    Taylor RSDAR agt Hanstport NS SD 1948

    Thibault Carl
    CNR agt-opr Edmundston Div 1951-64 working all along the Edmudston Div
    Thomas ABCPR sp agt Brownville Jct(ME) 1958sd ORT5956
    Thomas ABCPR sp agt/t St John 1966sd
    Tomlinson TBCPR Agt Upper Kent sd 1913
    Tompkins HWCPR Agt Upper Kent SD1906
    Tompkins RJCPR agt Hartland 1940sd ORT1778
    Thompson GOCNR agt 1919sd ORT948
    Titus RWCNR agt Moncton Div 1941sd ORT4081
    Toomey DJCPR TD Saint John SD 1970 EX DAR
    Townsley CPCPR sp asst agt Woodstock 1957sd ORT6249
    Tracy EACPR agt/t Fredericton Jct 1927sd ORT1168
    Tracy EACPR asst agt Woodstock 1957sd, sp agt Woodstock 1958sd ORT5933
    Turner JWCPR agt Lancaster 1943sd, sp TD St John 1965 ORT2777
    Vallie LNCPR agt Hoyt SD1917
    Van Blarcom MLDAR Agt Kentville NS SD 1951
    Vaughn WJCPR agt Welsfod SD1908

    Verret G
    CNR Edmunston Div, opr, rlf agt, Moncton 'NY' 1962-72 SD Aug 10 1951-72
    . 1972-89 promoted to Car Management field of car distribution
    . retired mid1989
    Waldon CWCPR agt McAdam SD1915
    Walker LRCPR Spare Agt Saint John SD1975
    Walsh WJCPR agt Brownville Jct me. TD SD1908
    Walter AWCNR agt Campbellton TD 1965 1942sd
    Ward FMCNR agt Campbellton div 1913sd ORT568
    Ward GeorgeCNR agt Moncton div 1939sd ORT2361
    Ward HPCNR Campbellton div 1929sd

    Ward, Parlee ('Pearl') Hector
    CPR agt Sackville 1923-41, Moncton 1941-54 veteran WWI /r 1954
    Ward RACNR Moncton TD 1945
    Warden MDCPR agt Greenville SD1911
    Warman RWCPR sp asst agt Woodstock 1957sd ORT5986
    Webb James ACPR agt Lancaster 1942sd, RTD Brownville Jct (ME) 1953sd, sp TD St John 1965 ORT2085 (started work with CPR 1942 at age of 16 and lasted 42 years until his retirement in 1984. During this period he enlisted into the armed forces to assist in the war effort but was refused entry due to his work with the railroad being considered an essential service)
    West, DGCPR agt Fredericton, North Devon 1946sd ORT2626
    Whetmore RWCNR Moncton /d67
    White M?CPR Moncton T/Wire Chf
    White RDCPR sp agt/t St John, agt Aroostook TD Saint John 1966sd
    Wilcox JHCPR agt Brownville Jct(ME) Lancaster 1945sd, RelfTD 1957sd, TD St John 1961 ORT4998
    Wiley WFCPR sp agt/t St John 1964sd ORT7132
    Wilson HACPR agt Woodstock 1946sd ORT2222
    Wood JECNR agt Campbellton div 1917sd ORT1555
    Wood RHCNR agt Campbellton TD 1951

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