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Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy

Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy
Agents, Operators, Dispatchers
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LAST NAME, First Name (Initials)Canadian Railway - Known Stations and Years
Burge, JGCNR Royalty Jct agt-opr, relief TD Charlottetown 1960sd
Cameron, JHCNR Charlottetown TD 1949sd
Dingwell, CSPEIRwy (pre CNR) Cardigan 1900
Matheson, BICNR Charlottetown TD 1954sd
McQuaid, HBCNR Beford agt-opr, Charlottetown relief TD 1964sd
Morrison, GR CNR & Marine Service 1943 / Ontario 1946
Munsey, LS PEIRwy (pre CNR) Cardigan 1900
Nicholson, MSCNR Charlottetown TD 1954sd
Pierce, KennethCNR agent operator, first on PEI, then Nova Scotia
completed the dispatcher course in Halifax, spent time in Hornepayne, ON before returning to operator status in the Toronto area
1952-57 Emerald Junction, PEI
1957-1959 Breadalbane, PEI
1959-63 Royalty Junction, PEI
1963-1966 New Glasgow, NS
training at Elmira, PEI
swing shift work in St. Peter's prior to 1952
died summer 1999 Orillia ON.
Proude, FBCNR Charlottetown TD 1949sd

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