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My train riding in Canada has been extremely limited, consisting primarily of an overnight run between Toronto and Montreal. And this despite the fact that I lived in Buffalo, New York, for many years. Nor have I had the opportunity to do much in the way of rail photography in this beautiful country over the past twenty years, though I have visited many times. Here are some photos that provide a window into the Canadian past. 

We begin with
CN's daily Montreal and Quebec via Hervey train parked at its final station at Cochrane, in northern Ontario. Cochrane was a major junction, serving the Polar Bear Express up to Moosonee, and the Northland train to Toronto.


Next is an example of remote rural railroading, also from 1969 Here, in Cadillac, Quebec, is CN's Senneterre - Noranda-Rouyn run Senneterre was a major northern junction point, serving trains to Chibougamau and Cochrane-Montreal-Quebec. It is still served by VIA.


Here is the Northland, with coach and sleeper on its way out of Cochrane. It would pick up a diner and additional sleepers and coaches on its way to Toronto via North Bay.

The following photos are of the Polar Bear Express, which ran from Cochrane up to Moosonee. The day I rode it there were approximately 20 coaches, lounges and food service cars that were jam packed.              


The train on the right is The Chaleur, photographed in Levis, Quebec (just across the river from Quebec City), on its way from Montreal to Campbellton, in 1981.


Below are photos of Canadian Pacific's Windsor Station, in Montreal, photographed, I believe, in the late 1970s.


The photo below is Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo's connection to Toronto, photographed in Buffalo's Central Terminal in 1971.


Below is Canadian Pacific's #428, just out of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, on its way to Sudbury and main line connections, in 1964.

The next two photographs are of CN's Panorama, shot in Portage La Prarie, Manitoba, in 1969. In that year the Panorama was a summer only train, accompanying CN's Super Continental across the continent. It carried a full complement of sleepers, diners, lounges, and on some occasions a dome.

The two photos below are of VIA's Calgary-South Edmonton local, photographed at Red Deer in the winter of 1984. This train is long gone.

Below are two photographs of VIA's Prince Rupert to Jasper train, photographed in 1983

The incompreable Canadian Rockies share center stage with Canadian Pacific's The Canadian near Banff in 1969.

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