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Connecticut Valley
                     The Springfield Line

Amtrak's Springfield  line runs between Springfield, Massachusetts, and the coastal city of New Haven, Connecticut. Today's schedule includes eight daily trains in each direction, with the addition of a Boston train which stops in Worcester on the weekend. Most trains provide for connections in New Haven to Boston or New York and Washington. Two daily trains, one of which is the Vermonter, run to and from Washington.

Some stations along the line, including Windsor and Hartford, have been rennovated. Increased interest in commuter service on the route is leading to talk of vastly increased frequencies, though single-tracking several years ago may make that difficult. I lived just north of Hartford for several years in the late 1970s and early 80s and frequently rode the line to and from New York. In those days ancient rail-diesel-cars provided highly unreliable service and it was not uncommon for trains to break down in the middle of nowhere.

Our photos begin with one of the Springfield station taken in 2000 from my Washington bound train.  Springfield is also served by the Boston section of the Lake Shore Limited.


The photos immediately below were taken in 1999 at the small station serving Windsor Locks, Ct., a few miles down the line.


The following were at Windsor Locks in 2002.

The photos below were taken in the early 1980s in and near Windsor, Ct., which is just north of Hartford.



The photo on the right below, and several that follow, were taken of the Hartford station in 2000.



The station on the right below is in Berlin, Ct. 

                                                   The following were taken in New Haven, at the southern end of the line.