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We'll regularly post photos which we think combine our interest in railroading and photography and share some information on both. If nothing
else perhaps we can make a case that trains make good subjects.


This photo is of Amtrak train 147 departing Worcester's refurbished Union Station on its way to Springfield, Hartford, New Haven, and stops from New York to Washington in early February 2004. It was a bitterly cold day and I was putting a new Olympus D-560 3.2megapix camera through its very first paces. I purchased the camera as an alternative to much larger cameras that I do not always want to lug around when I am traveling. The photo was a difficult challenge because I had to shoot directly into the sun and there was a lot of reflective light thanks to the snow.  Train 147 and its northbound counterpart ran on Saturdays and Sundays only, with a consist of Amfleet coaches, food service car and business car on the rear. Amtrak ended it later in the year.

Next is a photo taken in March, 2005, in Haverhill, Massachusetts. It shows Amtrak's DownEaster on its way (running right to left in the picture) from Boston to Portland, Maine. The wide angle photo was taken with an Olympus 5060 5 megapix camera with a wide angle conversion lens.


Here is a classic railroad shot if ever there was one. Its the Napa Valley Wine Train heading north on a beautiful California day in 2009. My camera was a very small Panasonic Lumix ZS1 with a 25-300mm lens. A perfect travel companion.


Next is an Boston bound Acela passing a southbound regional train at the Kingston, RI, station in late July, 2013. The camera for this hair raising shots
was a new Olympus XZ-1 with a fine and fast Zuiko lens.


Below is the Boston section of the Lake Shore Ltd heading west through Westborough, Mass, on a cold day in January 2014. Camera was the little
Panasonic mentioned above.

This shot of a BNSF business train cruising through Emeryville, California, in September, 2010, is just what any railway photographer would love to see. And,
from his or her hotel room no less. This is one train worth photographing coming and going. Imagine being in that last car. My camera was my little Lumix