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New Jersey Transit 3 I spent a year attending Dover High School, awaiting the opening of my brand new school. A town with a highly diverse population and great location near beautiful countryside, it features a yard for the trains, and frequent service to the Hoboken and New York via the Boonton and Morristown lines.  It was pretty quiet on the Sunday I was there, but there was some good action to shoot. Pretty hard to beat the colors.



I drove down from Dover to Bernardsville, on the bucolic Gladstone Branch.

We hope to return to New Jersey again and run down the Port Jervis and other lines.

For photographers the Towaco and Morristown photos were taken with a small 25-300mm Lumix ZS1 digital camera. The Dover and Bernardsville shots were taken with an Olympus E-510 dslr and assorted lenses.