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Here is a collection of timetable covers. Timetables are interesting historical documents, and as time goes on we'll post examples of their content. They provide a fascinating window on how railroads present themselves to the public as well as the last years of US and Canadian private railroading, Amtrak throughout much of its history, and the privatization of the British railway system. Look at some of those from the late 1960s, such as the Southern Pacific 1969, and Penn Central East-West 1970, and you can see, well before Amtrak's arrival in 1971, that, as dull or cheap timetables show, once great passenger carriers were giving up the ghost. You can also see a couple of US railroads, the Southern and Rio Grande, that tried to keep service alive post Amtrak.  Check back often because we'll be adding more timetables as our file boxes empty and travels continue.

Alaska Railroad 1962
Amtrak National 1972
Amtrak National 1974
Amtrak Chicago-St.Louis Turbo 1973
Amtrak East Coast 1974
Amtrak Sunset Route 1975
Amtrak West Coast 1975
Amtrak National January 1978
Amtrak National July 1978
Amtrak National Oct 1978
Amtrak National 1983
Amtrak Northeast 1996-7
Amtrak Northeast Summer 2001
Amtrak Capitol Corridor 2000
Amtrak Capital Corridor 2001

Amtrak San Joaquin Service 1974
Amtrak San Joaquin Service 2002
British Rail 1983
British Rail London Schedules 1967
Canadian Pacific National  1974
C&O-B&O 1965

Canadian National 1975
Coaster 1998
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western 1955
Erie Lackawanna 1963
Frisco 1963
Illinois Central 1962

Midland Mainline (UK) 2000-01
Missouri Pacific 1960
New Haven 1960

New York Central 1942
New York Central 1960
New York Central 1965
Norfolk and Western System 1965
Northern Pacific 1961
Pacific Great Eastern 1962
Penn Central East-West 1970
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Local 1961
RhB (Switz) 1983
Rio Grande 1965
Rio Grande 1974
ScotRail Northern Highlands 2001
Southern Pacific 1969
Southern Railway 1977
Union Pacific 1966
Via Rail Canada Ontario-Quebec Svcs 1978
Via Rail Canada National 1981
Via Rail Canada 1983
Virgin Rail Brighton-Portsmouth Scotland 2002

You'll find more timetables on our Rock Island, Upper New England, Conway, and  Wolfeboro RR pages.