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Here are photos of the City of Portland - City of Denver. The first two were taken in Portland c. 1965-6, the third a year or so later. Notable in third shot is the lack of dome diner, always the first car in the train, located near the sleepers.

Below are two night time shots taken in Portland in 1968. I believe the trains include the Portland Rose.

Here's the Portland Rose on a wintery day arriving in Shoshone, Idaho, where passengers could do a bus transfer to Sun Valley.

The next photos are of Train 19, a mixed run, on its way to Hinkle Idaho, from Spokane, in Wallula, Washington.

UP trains served good, wholesome food and beverages. Nothing too fancy, but good value for the money in very pleasant surroundings. I particularly enjoyed the dome diners, as seen in the photos below.

Beverage Menu Cover
Beverage Menu
City of Portland Breakfast Menu 1964 (1)
City of Portland Breakfast Menu 1964 (2)

I hope you have enjoyed this page. I continue to go through old photos and boxes of stuff and so will continue to post new material as I find it. I conclude with a couple of images taken from UP publicity brochures for its City of Los Angels. Sure looks like a nice way to travel.