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Belgium National Railways (SNCB)

International journey planner 
Ticket on line
Eurostar and the Brussels-France TGV
Under this logo, following messages are seen in a belt-line;
Flamand - spoken in Flandre
similar to Dutch

If you choose english, following comment will appear;

Don't back out, you've reached We've completely overhauled our website, which is now up and running in French and Dutch. But we're still working on adapting the English and German pages, which are unavailable at the moment.

However, you can already:

For other information, please take a look at the site in French or Dutch

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience.

for trains in Belgium and for trains throughout Europe to find timetables.

is to choose French.
HORAIRES(Timetable)will open. After checking National or International, input to DE(from),A(to). DATE (dd/mm/yyy) and HEURE(appropriate time) after selecting Départ(Depature)or Arrivée(Arrival). Clicking on RECHERCHER shows appropriate trains. In some cases, precise station name s are requested from pull down menu.
Click on
MONTRER for details, and for further details as intermediate station time click on DETAIL DE L'ITINERAIRE COMPLE
ALLER ET RETOUR means a round trip..
C.F. a Vapeur des 3 Vallees - (CFV3V)



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