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Croatian Railways (HZ)

HZ-Croatian Railways
HZ Home Page in English

above the HRVATSKE ZELJENICE at the left corner an entrance to english home-page appears. Without inputting to "from" and "to", clicking on "search" or clicking on timetable directly leads into the HZ-Croatian Railways Information about trains, that works easily with pull down menu. After inputting to "Departure station" and other spaces, click on "Show trains which operate on relation" to see timetable of domestic trains.
To see international timetable, in croatinan page click on lower small letters of vozni red. At the fourth line below vozni red, medunarodni is entrance to the german rail timetable.
besides izvod iz voznog reda at the secondline is to see station timetables; depature (Dolazak) or arrival (Odlazak) trains. izvod iz voznog reda below on-line vozni red is also for station timetable.

Polazni kolodvor: = from
Odredisni kolodvor: = to
VIA: = via, not obligatory
Vrijeme polaska: and Vrijeme dolaska = approprate time interval
Za datum: = Date
Clicking on "Prikazi vlakove koji voze na relaciji" shows timetable according to your request. Vlak is train number, clicking a train number leads to details.
Relacija = starting station
Vlaka = terminal station
Dol = Dolazak = arrival time
Odl = Odlazak = depature time
Naziv Naziv vlaka = notes
Cekanje = waiting
Broj presjedanja: change of train
Trajanje vo~nje:
time of onboad
Vrijeme ekanja:
time of waiting
Ukupno trajanje putovanja:
total travelling time

Dolazak = arrival time
Odlazak = depature time
Vlak = Train Number, clicking on the train number introduces details of the respective trains.
pregledna karta is for map of croatian railwayD
Relacija = starting station of the train
Vlaka = train
Dol = abreviation of Dolazak, arrival time
Odl = abreviation of Odlazak, timedepature time
Naziv Naziv vlaka = notes
The notes are:
P Prometni rang vlaka: (type of train) IC=Inter city, EC=Euro city, P=Poslovni(official),
Ex=Express, B=brzi(rapid), Ub=Ubrzani, Pu=Putnicki(touristic)
K Razred (class) (1= prvi, 2= drugi, 12= prvi i drugi)
S Tarifni rang vlaka: (tarif)
R Rezervacija(reservation) (O= obvezna(obligatory), M= moguca(possibly))
E Vagon restoran
X= u sastavu vlaka(composition of train)
' '= nije u sastavu vlaka
F Buffet vagon W Vagon za spavanje X= u sastavu vlaka ' '= nije u sastavu vlaka
C Kuset vagon(couchette)
B Prijevoz bicikla vlakom
T Telefon u vlaku
A Vagon za prijevoz automobila(car train)



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