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Lithunian Railways

Lietuvos gelezinkeliai-Lithania

Home-page of Lithuanian railroads Lietuvos gelezinkeliai is
You can find flags of Lithuania, UK & Russia at the right upper corner. Clicking on Union Jack reveals english pages and then select Passenger transportation ( if english page is not visible, click on Keleivis vezimas in lithuanian.),which appears very slowly. The map of Lithuanian railways appeares and clicking of City or Station name shows the trains departing and arriving to respective station. Some of the stations are not available yet. At the right column, you can choose (Stoties paieaka) stations in the upper space or fill starting station and destination in the two lower spaces titled Traukinio paieaka (Search for train) from pull down menu and clicking on Ieskok/Search reveals timetables in accordance.
Clicking on train number (Traukino Nr.) or running section (Marsrutas) shows detailed timetable.

If English pages are not avalable, under Keleiviai at the right column of top page,
Below Lithania explanation "Lietuvos traukinis tvarkaraa is paieaka Pasirinkite traukinio iavykimo ir atvykimo stotis
departure station to Is: and destination to  I: .respectively from pull down menues and click on Ieskok/Search, train timetable will be seen.
If you select Oro transportas from the left column of lithanian page (not english)., under "Nuorodos /// Oro transportas" , "Lietuvos avialinijos" is to search flight schedule from north european map. Aviakompanija "Lietuva".
is for Air Lithuania.  Tarptautinis Vilniaus oro uostas is for vilnius airport.



Saturday, February 05, 2005