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Chemins de fer Luxembourgeois (CFL)

Luxemburg Railways(CFL)-Luxembourg

At the begining click on the square that include Bienvenue sur le site Chemin de Fer Luxembourgeois,then the next page comes out..
Click on the blinking alternatively Nouveau , Horaiees des trains nationaux et internationax and
Cliquez ici! at the right of shema of a clock
1) L'indicateur de poche (version electronique)
Click on "indicateur national luxembourgeois " then, the railway map of the domestic line is seen. Clicking on the appropriate line derives serected timetable.
les meilleures relations internationales vers Belgique, France, l'
Allemagne is for international connections.

2) Recherche Express

informations horaires (en langue anglaise) is an entrance of the german railroads (DB) timetable in english.



Saturday, February 05, 2005