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Moskow Railways English Timetable
Russian Railways
Russian High-Speed Railways Sokol (St. Peterburg <-> Moskva)
CIS railway timetable (English)
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Russian, C.I.S. and Baltic Railway Timetables
Collection of Railway Timetables
Russian Railroad, Subway, and Tram Maps
Sakhalin Railroads

JSC Russian Railways: Railways shows people of important position. Passenger Operations shows List of International Destinations without linking. In Ticket Sale Offices, addresses of agents are described, not E-mail address. Web-resources shows linkage to railway companies home pages written by cyrillic. There seemed to be very difficult to find English pages.
Moskow Railways Timetables is written by cyrillic. Beneath the picture of steam locomotive at the right side, you can find the word English to click into Moskow Railways English Timetable. There are suggestion to see recent timetable in though, this page is still demonstraration stage now.
In Moskow Railways English Timetables page, input of Name or 7-digit Code of departure and destination Stations, I could not find any code list. Although, input of alphabetical name is also accepted. In these cases, take care to the spelling to input the name of city (Name of the city is enough, exact station name is not requested.) Moskva, Sankt-PeterburgCVladivostok & Kiev are correct while Moscow is not accepted. For Beijing, the capital of the people's republic of China, Pekin is good as in Japanese. (Name Pekin appears in anthropology, that is, Sinanthropus pekinensis as a scientific name for one of homo erectus.) Input date and then click on OK. After the timetable is insight, clicking of the train number leads to detailed timetable of the respective train, even for a long distance train from Moskva to Vladivostok, that needs at least 6days and 4hours 59 minutes.

Russian Railways is written in Russian Cyrillic.

Russian High-Speed Railways Sokol is for new express trains between St. Peterburg and Moskva.

CIS railway timetable (English)
is very useful. The UK flag at the left shoulder is he gate way to english.
CIS railway timetable (English)

There are two way to seek the timetable.
"Station/city search" or "Get trains for route".
Station/city search
You can find the city or station name from pull down menu and click on "Search".. ‚`fter that, you will be requested to select station name though, city name is suffcient if you do not know exact station name.
Trains will be shown matched for your request. Clicking on train number at the head of respective trains show detailed schedule of the train.
Get trains for route
If you fulfil the spaces in Route that follow "from:" and "to:", Matched trains will be shown.
Take care to spelling of city name,
for example Moskva, Sankt-Peterburg, Kiev, Minsk or Vladivostok.
Clicking train number at the head of the train is to see details.
For example train from Moskva to Vladivostok, total schedule of 9 days will be shown.

Russian, C.I.S. and Baltic Railway Timetables
The former name was Collection of Railway Timetables .and it is true, many linkage programs are written in Russian that is difficult to understand for ordinary travellars from outside.

Russia Travel Official Guide
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informational guide to visas, hotels, tours, history, and more.



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