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RENFE Spain (España)
Red Nacional de Ferrocarriles Espanoles

RENFE-English HP

RENFE English Timetable
High Speed Train AVE & Talgo

Click on a small Union Jack in intermediate right wth flags of Castilla, Cataluna and Basco..
Origen (Origin) and Destino (Destination) from pull down menu. After input of the date, Realizar Consulta (Make an Enquiry). If you cannot find appropriate staion name from pull down menu, go to "Other Stations" and input at least top three letters of the station name. Then Make an Enquiry.
Make an Enquiry without fulfil the spaces, input of initial letter of origin and destination stations will be requested. Take care to running schedule depending on the day. Anyway, it is rather difficult when there are no direct trains. In such a case it is better to refer German rail page.
English pages are so far.
In spanish page, there are pictographs below the flag. The pictograpghs imply
Cercanías (Suburban)CAVE CRegionalCGrand Lineos (Express) and Estaciones (Stations) from the left.
Cercanías is for suburban trains of major cities. But it is faster to select from pull down menu below
Te acercamos in the upper right of the opening page.

AVE Alta Velocidad España links to the followings;
AVE Larga Distancia Madrid-Sevilla
AVE Larga Distancia Madrid-Zaragoza-LLeida
AVE Lanzadera Madrid-Puertollano
Talgo 200 Madrid-Malaga
Clicking on each of them, the phrase "Horarios y Precios por trayectos y clase" appears at the top. This is for timetable and fares by class. you may input origin, destination, date, month, year. In the pulldown menu of Mes(month), sin fijar means without fixation. Next step is to click on "Realizar Consulta".
Salida is for departure, Lligada is for arrival,
Período de Circulación is running peroode.
Diario is for every day, LMXJVS is for Mon,Tues,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat, running not on Sunday.

Regional Select a region from the map.

Grand Lineos Click one from the followings;

Alaris, Altalia, Euromed, Arco, Diurino, Intercity, Talgo, Estrella andTrenhotel . The running sections are shown on the map. . Selection of Barcelona and Madrid is requested for Talgo and Estrella. Explanations are only in spanish.
horarios y precios with orange color below the lady's face is to find trains going back to the opening page.

Estaciones is for explanations of stations.

International Hotel Trains
Espana - Portugal Lusitania Night Trains to & from Portugal
Madrid-Chamartin - Lisboa-Santa apolonia,
Irún - Lisboa-Santa apolonia (Surex)
See Elipsos for course & Timetables.
Espana - Francia Elipsos Night Trains to & from France
Espana - Suiza Elipsos Night Trains to & from Swiss
Espana - Italia Elipsos Night Trains to & from Italy

Previous English pagesare still working.

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