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T.J.'s Railroad Webpage (TJRRWP)


This website is a collection of my railroad photos to share with the world.   It is a a good way to spend my spare time (spare time..what spare time?) without spending a lot of money (ha) and to give reasoning behind my frequent trips to go train watching. Thanks for the free web space TRAINWEB.ORG!!!!!!
I, T.J.. am a 100% genuine railfan, some people like  baseball cards, some like airplanes, and some people like old cars, but I have to be different than the norm! I LIKE TRAINS!!..this horrible affliction started when my grandparents took me (not forcibly) at an early mind warping age of 8 on a train ride in 1986 from Lexington, KY to Chattanooga, TN behind the N&W steam engine # 611, now retired to museum exhibit :-( .  Since this  "traumatic" event I read about trains, talk about trains, and even use to work on trains at CSX.  I worked for CSX during 1998 as a freight train conductor out of Louisville Osborne Yard, I hired on at an early age of 19,  after 7 months with CSX, I decided to return to college. Now that I am in college, taking a break from work and studying (partying),  I usually grab my camera, and  radio scanner and head to the nearest tracks.  Also I am a member of the Kentucky railway museum (not as active as I should be) and a member of  the Kentucky Chapter of Operation Lifesaver.
 Most of my photos are taken with my inherited Minolta XG-1 and variable lenses (thanks dad!).  Film is either Fuji 200 Super HQ or Kodak Royal Gold 200. I usually get them developed at the local Walgreen's 1 hour photo (hmm free advertisement for Walgreen's).