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Serving the HO Model Scale Enthusiast since 1982

Club membership benefits:

·         Member of North Texas Council of Railroad Clubs.

·         24x7 Unrestricted access to the Club layout.  Run on your time.

·         Flexibility-The ability to run DCC and DC simultaneously.

·         Two independent main line tracks, each 246 feet long, with 28” minimum radius, 3/4 scale mile sidings.

·         Multiple wireless throttle system.

·         Permanent, non-modular layout.

·         Speed matching table for DCC decoder equipped engines.



Feb. 7th – Monthly Club Membership Meeting- Train Club @ 8pm


Mar 7th -  Monthly Club Membership Meeting- Train Club @ 8pm


We offer something for everyone…

…Old School!


IMG_2545If you are a purist at heart we can help you. No need to spend money on new equipment.  Our layout is designed to allow you to run your DC powered trains. A good portion of our members still prefer to run their trains this way. Feel free to use one of our throttles if you don’t have one. 



…Good with Your Hands?


We are always growing our layout and need people good with their hands that like to get down and dirty.  Our layout is divided into several different landscapes/scenes.  If you like to build models or create landscapes then give us a try. We have cityscapes, landscapes, industrial and historical layouts to name a few.


…There’s an App for That!


We offer our members with the latest technology for using Digital Command Control (DCC).  Using DCC, it is possible to run multiple trains on the same track at the same time, while controlling them independently! If you prefer not to use a throttle (ours or yours) we have a wireless system that allows our members to use any Apple or Android enabled device to control their trains. It’s okay if you’re not a technical expert we have several members that are more than happy to teach you.



...Tech Geeks are Welcome!


Our club offers state-of-the-art electronic control panels and computer software systems to make running the trains more enjoyable.  In order to make this happen we are always looking for members to jump in behind the scenes whether to repair a defective relay or upgrade a new control board.


Texas Northern Model Railroad Club, Inc. operates as a Tax-Exempt Social and Recreational Club, as defined by IRS Section 501(c)(7). All policies, rules, and activities of the club shall conform to the requirements of 501(c)(7), to maintain tax-exempt status.

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