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Serving the HO Model Scale Enthusiast since 1982



Our Club got its start in 1982 when the North Dallas Modular Railroad Club was formed by Pat Coughlin, Mike Caldwell, Steele Craver, Jim Kurtz, Bill Sumner and Ed Kaiser.


For the first two years the Club operated out the member's homes. Over the next seven years the Club occupied five different locations around the Dallas Metroplex before settling at our current location in 2001. Today we have over 40 active members.




The layout covers an area of 3000 square feet. There are two independent main line tracks, each 246 feet long, with 28 minimum radius. At scale speed a train takes almost four minutes to complete the loop.

Each of the four track systems may be selected for DC or DCC power. You can run a vintage DC engine on one track while running a modern sound decoder equipped DCC engine on another track.

The DC and DCC systems both utilize wireless throttles. Additionally we offer wireless connectivity to operate your DCC equipped trains using a tablet or smartphone.


In order to properly configure multiple DCC decoder equipped engines we have a speed matching table that members can use.




Once accepted to the Club, new members will have unrestricted access to the layout. Unlike other clubs that limit the amount of time that members can spend running trains you will have 24x7x365 access. Depending upon space availability members can have their own personal 72hx36wx24d storage locker. This means that you can spend more time enjoying your trains less time hauling them. Members also have access to the Club sales tables at local shows when the club participates in the show. Use of Club owned throttles. All members are required to pay a small monthly membership fee.


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Contact us:


President: Mike Cook 972-245-8620

Vice President: Ashton Scott 214-930-1509

Treasurer: James Kropp 972-864-0732

Secretary: Charles Brown 972-612-0440



Texas Northern Model Railroad Club, Inc. operates as a Tax-Exempt Social and Recreational Club, as defined by IRS Section 501(c)(7). All policies, rules, and activities of the club shall conform to the requirements of 501(c)(7), to maintain tax-exempt status.

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