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Layout Features:

The layout covers an area of 3000 square feet. There are 2 independent main line tracks, each 246 feet long, with 28 minimum radius. At scale speed a train takes almost 4 minutes to complete the loop. A separate mountain route passes through tunnels and across bridges. A network of industrial tracks serves the spurs and sidings.




Layout Areas:


City of Springfield with cemetery

- Suburban passenger station

- Steam locomotive servicing facility

- Steel mill with separate coke facility

- Industrial park (new)

- Refinery with lights and burn-off tube

- Grass fire

- Caterpillar dealer

- Roadway warehouse

- Grain elevator complex

- Diesel locomotive servicing facility

- Intermodal yard full of containers

- Mountain town with logging operation

- Route 66 rural town

- Meat packing facility

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