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June 2002 Amtrak Empire Builder Photographs

This picture is of Amtrak #7, The Westbound Empire Builder as it departs Chicago Union Station in June 2002.The builder takes the turn that will head it to Milwaukee and points north, before finally reaching its destination in Seattle, Washington 2 days later. #7 has departed 5 minutes late today. This picture was taken from my sleeper, which was the 3rd car in the consist. Note: the Metra engine passing overhead.


This is a photogrpah of our Sleeper Car upon arrival in Milwaukee. #7 lost time while stopped in Glenview, IL for reasons not clearly understood on my scanner.
Note: #7 left Milwaukee running 13 minutes behind schedule.



This photo shows #7 Stopped in St.Paul. Rain finally stopped after a light rain had persisted throughout the day. The train arrived into St. Paul 46 minutes late.
Bright lights, mixed with the wetness left from the rain, gave a perfect opportunity for this picture.



This photograph shows the Empire Builder stopped here in Minot, ND. The morning started out cloudy and cool, but as the day wore on, the clouds would give way to bright sunny skies and hot temperatures. #7 is currently 48 minutes late.


This picture was taken out of the side window of the lower level on a Superliner sleeper. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED, as it is against Amtrak regulations and could result in penalties. #7 is seen here descending from the summit at Marias, Pass on its way down to Essex. The train had stopped at Glacier Park, Montana a few minutes prior to this picture.
You can see the magnificent snow covered mountains in the background, hard to believe its June!


This picture of #7 is once again took out of the lower level window of a superliner. As I said before, please do not attempt this.
7 Is about 30 minutes from Essex, Montana. It is currently running 30 minutes behind schedule. This is the last picture I have of this trip, as a computer problem caused me to loose 50% of my photographs.
7 Arrived into Seattle, Washington 3 minutes early.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my photographs of this amazing trip. Please sign the guest book and let me know what you think. Please check back this summer as I will be taking many Amtrak trips and will have even more photos. Thanks again!

-These photographs are copyright of Todds Amtrak Photos,2003 and may not be recopied or reused without express written consent from me-