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The Toenail Ridge Shortline
The Buckboard
Page Written March 20th, 2004

A buckboard was a farmers utility truck, or pickup, based on the chassis of the Model T Ford car. This was about two feet shorter in the wheelbase than the Model TT truck and had a gross load capacity of about half a ton.
Following a request from one Clay Shay (see the Book!) the Toenail Ridge Truck Assembly Plant took it upon themselves to modify a 1918 Model T flivver ( 2-seater with turtle-deck) into a small buckboard.
This is the result....


The Buckboard is built from the same GR plans as all of the rest of the TRSL Model T trucks but the wheelbase has been shortened by two feet to match that of the passenger car. Also the fenders now extend to the rear and include the splash shield running along the chassis and merging with the running boards. Typical of these modified passenger cars up until the early 20s, no provision was made for weather protection for the driver, passenger, or cargo.

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