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The Toenail Ridge Shortline
Page written March 11th, 2003
Well, Phil's been busy again, this time making a little logging tool car/caboose. I admit I stole the idea from a review in Garden Railways magazine.
The tool car is completely scratch-built, the only commercial parts being the LGB steel wheels and brass journals which are made by a member of our local garden railway club. Plus, of course, a handful of Ozark Miniature bits and pieces, including the brake-wheel, hand rails and steps.
The car features complete and operating brake gear. The brake shoes are pieces of 1/2in PVC conduit
Just for fun I decided to make a complete and detailed interior, complete with work-bench and tools.
The car is all board-by-board construction using 1/32nd " aircraft plywood over cedar framing. The floor and chassis is constructed of cedar ripped down to size. The side doors slide open and shut on scratch-built running tracks made from styrene sheet.
The work-bench is cluttered with a variety of bits & pieces, including Bachmann tools and some miniature hand tools found on a craft stall.
Note also that the door is hinged, using dolls-house brass hinges.
Now I'm going to have to make up a bunch of 4-wheel log cars to go in front of this thing!

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