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Garden Railway-Climax pictures
May 10th,1999
This page compiled with assistance
from my good friend and Climax expert
New Jersey Jack Lazyacre
AKA George Thomas,
Manager of the Lazy Acre Lumber Co.
McNitt-Huyett Lumber Company, Waddle, Centre County, Pennsylvania operated this 22 Ton Class A Climax, built in 1922.

The locomotive has a steel frame, improved square tee boiler and large capacity square water tank. The smoke stack on this locomotive is very unusual and was possibly a home-made replacement done by the owner.

This photo was taken from Ed Vasser's definitive page on the evolution of the Climax Locomotive.
Visit his mine of information here

This is the Toenail Ridge Shortline's version of this locomotive.

This Class A Climax was scratchbuilt from a toy bump&go engine and balsa wood. It rides on a Plexiglass (Perspex) frame. Power is 2 D cell batteries in the water tank. The brake wheel behind the right cab door is the on/off switch

The loco started life as a 6-coupled steamer powered by 4 AA cells.It had a working h/light, marker lights and sound system.
The rear 2 axles were powered by gears from the motor, and a spur gear drove a small pair of wheels that sat between the front drivers, causing the loco to pivot, swivel etc, typical of that sort of kids toy.
I bought it from the throw-out table at a local discount store, it had been the demo model and the batteries had corroded inside it, causing the usual havoc with the battery box and wiring.
Paid $14, normal price $50+.
I cut off the chassis in front of the middle axle, dumped the front drivers and pivot mechanism. Had to narrow the frames of the motor block to narrow the gauge by a couple of mm.
Motor Block
The stock wheels were too coarse in the flange so I salvaged some Bachmann freight-car wheels and drilled their centers out to fit the existing axles.
Shortened the boiler by about 2 inches, added junk all over it to make it look busy and cluttered, and then mounted it in a long slot cut into a plexiglass frame. The whole motor unit pivots on a couple of elongated slots to allow a bit of cornering sideplay. Rear truck is standard MDC but the mounting hole is now an elongated slot 1 inch long to allow LOTS of sideplay. The engine will just make it around a 4 ft radius.
It is geared so low that running on 2 D-cells it will pull 10 Bachmann freight cars. I've made no provision as yet for a reversing switch but now that I've got rid of most of the teething troubles I'll add one, also hook up the h/lite and redo the sound system.
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