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Garden Railway-The Toenail Ridge Shortline Depot.

Built from plans in Feb,'99 Finescale Railroader

Written March 3rd, 1999
Updated September 15th, 2001
The Selbyville depot, as anyone will know who has followed with interest the adventures portrayed in the book "The Saga of the Toenail Ridge Shortline", is the haunt of that surly station-master Joe Dempsey.
The original station on the Ridge succumbed to the weather and the wrong choice of glue so this replacement was built in late February, 99, and completed on March 1st,'99.
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The building is constructed of plywood with a balsa-wood veneer. The roof is made of individual balsa shingles, stained with Mahogany wood-stain by my clever wife Kathy.

I carved the chimney from a piece of 20mm square pine.

The roof brackets visible under the rafters
are slices cut from a 35mm film canister

Window mullions are made of 1/16th inch drafting tape applied directly onto clear acetate

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