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Favorite Places to Visit
Updated January 24th., 2002

Click on the links in blue below to visit some of my favorite Largescale sites.

If you find a bad link, E-mail me so I can fix it.

For a country with a small population, Australia is well served in the Model Railway press by

The Ridge was featured in a great Oz magazine called Narrowgauge Downunder. It's published right here in Sth Australia and features Oz & overseas narrow gauge layouts. Bob Reid is its publisher and editor and is a good friend (even if he does model in On30 instead of LargeScale!) You can visit his mag website by clicking on the logo:

My good friend in Wellington,New Zealand- Grant Alexander's Squirrel Valley

George Schreyer is the Oracle of G-scale technical information. His packed site
has the answer to

Mac McCalla is the Airbrush Guru, the weathering wizard!

My pal Ken Brunt in Pennsylvania runs the Rio Grande Southern

New Jersey Jack from Selbyville is really George Thomas from NJ
and his basement LS empire is The Lazy Acre Lumber Co.

Tiny in Nevada has built an empire in the desert. His great work is here.

Another Australian Garden railway, Ian Crook's in Queensland

Karl in Utah has more L-S Links than you can shake a stick at!

Marc Horovitz is the editor of Garden Railways magazine and also runs his own
SideStreet BannerWorks website,
with emphasis on live-steam. Lots and lots of information here!

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