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The Toenail Ridge Shortline
A town car for New Jersey Jack
Page written July 30th, 2003

As his fortunes grew, New Jersey Jack Lazyacre thought that he might be deserving of a means of transportation more befitting his standing in the community in the Valley of the Toenail Ridge. (If you haven't been following the adventures of New Jersey Jack and the folk who inhabit the Valley of the Toenail Ridge..  click here to read the Book )
Accordingly he placed an order with that car dealer in Portland who specialized in custom coachwork, and in the fullness of time his towncar was delivered on one of the flatcars of the Toenail Ridge Shortline.

The towncar is based on a Model TT truck chassis. It features full upholstery (although the seats in the back are rich and thick polished pigskin while the poor driver {one Chilly John...see chapter 16 in the book..} has to place his buttocks on thin cowhide...), carpeting and wooden inserts in the doors and inner panels.

A number of view of New Jersey Jack's latest aquisition are shown below (click on the thumbnails for an enlarged view...)

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